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  1. I went with an Atomos flame because I shoot video outdoors and the 1500 nits of brightness allows me to view the monitor in sunlight.
  2. When zoomed in for focusing, the BM recorder is not capable of panning to another section of the screen.
  3. I ended up purchasing lucabutera's lens and I love it. It works great with my Samsung NX1 and 50-150 S lens.
  4. Having a truncated MP4 file recovery utility running on the camera would be really cool. To avoid complicated menus, the utility when executed could automatically scan the SD card for truncated files and automatically recover them.
  5. One of the forked untrunc projects has a patch to run it on Mac OSX. That patch mostly fixes compilation and endian issues on the Mac. https://github.com/jensp/untrunc/tree/osx_support
  6. Recovering a truncated HEVC MP4 file would not require re-encoding since the data is already encoded. I would require finalizing the file and making sure all the MP4 box atoms are correct.
  7. I tried a couple of the recovery tools that has the user specifying a reference good video file and a corrupted video file and they do not work. I believe those tools are specific to H264 codec. It looks like there is an untrunc project on github to recover Samsung video files. The untrunc project is a good start, but would need to be modified to work with corrupted hevc files. Looking at the source code it looks like the track.cpp has reference to avc1 codec. We would need to refer to hvc1 instead. Untrunc project: https://github.com/ponchio/untrunc The Untrunc author's web page with some info about his approach and why he wrote the software: http://vcg.isti.cnr.it/~ponchio/untrunc.php From StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32697608/where-can-i-find-hevc-h-265-specs the hvc1/hev1 box is parsed exactly the same way as the avc1/2/3/4 boxes. The hvcC box though is parsed slightly differently than the avcC box. For parsing that one, you could look at how this is parsed in some open source projects, such as ffmpeg or vlc.
  8. Using the hack to remove the 30 minute record limit will cause the NX1/NX500 di-camera-app to crash when the output file reaches 34.67GB. The crash can be replicated on both NX1 and NX500 recording in 1080p Pro mode at 24 fps. Both cameras crash leaving an unusable 34.67GB MP4 file. The crash will leave you with a 34.67GB truncated MP4 video file that is not playable. Does anyone know how to recover the faulty MP4 file? Attached is the crash log. 20160319_094727_a9_crash.info
  9. Hi everybody. I was at CES today and at the Samsung CES booth where they had some NX1 cameras mounted around a photo booth with a couple of models in a living room setting. I happened to notice that the Samsung people did not have the NX1 SD card slot glued shut so I slipped in my own SD card and made some video using the Gamma Normal, Gamma C, and Gamma DR profiles that is in the 1.2 pre-release firmware. I thought that I would share them with all of you. Before I made the video, I performed a RESET ALL on the camera so I would be shooting with pristine default settings. Attached are the screen grabs of the video playing in KODI/XBMC of my MacBook Pro. Take note of how the black colors in the picture frame that is on the bookshelf to the left of the model's head perform under Gamma DR and Gamma C, and Gamma Normal. You can get the raw H.265 files from my MediaFire file share: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/63s4q7yuwp7nk/CES2015_NX1
  10. Please ask about video audio recording with the microphone. Is the microphone jack a stereo microphone jack or is it mono? Also, while recording video and audio with the microphone jack, does the recorded audio have the same hissing noise that occurs in other cameras such as the Panasonic GH4?
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