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  1. Chris7

    GH4 - Time Code

    So, I went into the TIME CODE VALUE settings and pressed "RESET", then selected "MANUAL." In the attached image, you can see it did reset to "0" but only once, then it started cumulatively again. The highlighted line shown is the 2nd clip of my test - started at 00:00:11;00 instead of 00:00:00:00. Any other suggestions?
  2. Chris7

    GH4 - Time Code

    Never had this issue with other cameras. For some reason, the clips I shoot with the GH4 don't have time code starting at 00:00:00 (see attached image). I've tried the different settings on the camera (free run, record run). Is this a bug in the firmware or am I missing something? I use FCPX and apparently no ability to change time code (as you could in the previous FCP7). If you know of any software apps that can fix this, would appreciate suggestions!
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