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Leica SL with 10bit 4K video and possible Panasonic full frame sensor!

Andrew Reid

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Has anyone taken into account that maybe this camera is a bit bigger because it has dual SD slots and full size HDMI, and maybe they just chose not to have any overheating issues. Also their lenses for this system are quite big and heavy, so I don't believe that photographers would be very happy with a heavy standard zoom on a tiny body.

Full size HDMI and dual SD slots is so sweet, wish more cameras did this. Heck, if the GH5 did this I'd be stoked! 

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 color science. Sony A7SII / A7RII were one step behind Canon colors : French TV that no longer want to use them! Let's just hope that the colors of the Leica SL are beautiful and profound. 

Sony has been in broadcast, television and film industry for decades,much earlier than canon,even the only 4K broadcast solution is done by sony

Did u see World Cup players had weird and unnatural skin tone on TV?

Sony may not having the best colour science,but fits the industry needs for long time already

If canon really good does color,then why canon didn't beat sony and take over the broadcast industry ,even when 4K was not yet started?

I see criticizing the color is now the only imperfection of sony cameras,but a bit overrate canon

My question is if Canon will be able to keep that place in the pro world.

Or does the pro world needs canon?

DSLRs has  40%  mechanical components won't be used for shooting videos,including mirror ,OVF,phase AF Unit and light  metering sensor

Why still looking for a 4K DSLR for  filmmaking only

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Leica is just one of those companies that makes no sense to most people, until you own one.

That sounds like pretension to me.

I think they will just create a new line and new mount.

It is hard for me to envision Panasonic making a 4K sensor and firmware with 4096 x 2160 and LOG just for Leica, it's a lot of effort to go for on video specs for a photography company.

That's a good point and to be honest, photographically the Leica SL at $7k is already obsolete compared to the 42MP sensor in the $3k A7R II.

Tricky times for Leica I think.

If you have the money and are a professional Leica nut with tons of the glass and were using an A7R, maybe they will consider it because of the better build quality and superb EVF.

Creatively though I can't see any advantage in the system over what we already have from others at half the price.

And if the Leica look is all about the lenses (it is) then bang em on a Sony and be done with it :)

Who says the sensor comes from Panasonic? They may just have licensed software from Panasonic, it doesn't mean the sensor comes from them as well.

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So I tried the thing at photo plus for some time. Spec wise it's excellent, even amazing.

Material quality, excellent.

and that's it guy. Don't even bother with this shit. This is probably the biggest scam I have seen for photo for some time.

it is incredibly big, incredibly unbalanced and heavy. I have big hands (I am 6"5) and I could not handle the camera at all with the enormous kit zoom. On top of being physically not ergonomic, the software is horrible. And there are 4 buttons on the thing, yes that's it for buttons and then it's all about touchscreen. Honestly even for 2000$ I would not buy it. 

I was amazed with the specs for a Leica at first, as wee see specs are nothing...

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Sony a été en b roadcast, l'industrie du film et de la télévision pendant des décennies, beaucoup plus tôt que Canon, même la seule 4K  de diffusion de olution est fait par Sony

Avez voir u joueurs de la Coupe du Monde avaient bizarre et contre nature tonus de la peau à la télévision?

Sony ne peut pas avoir la meilleure science de la couleur, mais répond aux besoins de l'industrie pour longtemps déjà

Si canon vraiment bon  ne fait couleur, alors pourquoi Canon n'a pas battu sony prendre en charge la  b roadcast  industrie, même lorsque 4K n'a pas encore commencé?

Je vois  critiquer la couleur est maintenant la seule imperfection de caméras Sony, mais un peu surestimer canon

Ou ne le monde pro a besoin de canon?

Reflex numériques a  40%   m composants écaniques  ne seront pas utilisés pour  le tournage des vidéos, y compris miroir, OVF, Unité AF de phase et  la lumière   capteur de mesure

Pourquoi toujours à la recherche d'un reflex numérique 4K pour le cinéma  seulement?

Sorry, I was referring to the documentary cameras used in TV. I wrote already here that colorists of French TV (Da Vinci Resolve) want no more images A7S, FS7, FS700. However, they all like work from 5Dm3, C100, C300, C500 for the richness of colors. For this reason, Canon is omnipresent in the documentary. I'm not a fanboy of Canon, I have a A7S and I turned a few times with a FS700. I just find that indeed the colors at Canon are deeper, brighter and softer. This is obviously subjective. Leica SL is facing a Canon 1DC. I just hope the picture will be as beautiful as that of the Canon.

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Alright, gonna weigh in because I'm super psyched for a possible full frame GH5 even if it never comes to be:

What if Panasonic introduced a new camera (could be GH5 or a completely new name) with a 33mp FF sensor for 8K video and 4K at 60p or maybe even 96p (who knows, 120p while we're just wishing for stuff?), and then there's an option to shoot with an MFT crop (similar to the Super 35 crop on the Sony A7RII) for 1:1 pixel mapping 4K video (and the HFR 4K would only be possible through this crop, obviously). There could even be a Super35 crop option with 5K or 6K. Then, they create a new line of FF lenses but also an adapter to use all their existing MFT lenses with the MFT crop mode (similar to the LA-E4 adaptor of Sony A-mount lenses to E-mount). That way people with existing MFT glass wont be shit out of luck and new users (like myself, if they released this DREAM of a camera!) who maybe were hesitant to get into the MFT world will now want to use Panasonic. Also it's still a super attractive camera to all MFT users since most people will want to keep shooting 4K with 1:1 pixel mapping (much better results and no weird artifacts) and with the bonus of being the ONLY mirrorless that could do HFR 4K, and 8K would just be one of those bonuses that most people will probably not want to shoot with at first (for the HUGE file sizes), but that will definitely impress clients.

Is this something that would make sense? Existing Panasonic users (and MFT users) care to tell me what they think of this?

Truth be told that's just a huge wish list for me, but I'd already be ecstatic if they release a GH4 with a APS-C sensor and same MFT mount (like the JVC camera) and hopefully 4K 60p and better lowlight...oh and V-log2! 

And this is suuuper unlikely, but can you imagine if they release an add on unit like that YAGH thing that could some how enable compressed RAW video to an external recorder? That would not only be extremely revolutionary, but would make that extremely expensive unit (it could even be more than the camera, honestly) worth it! Right?

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135 format lenses won't work on a m4/3 mount, roughly S35 (or a bit bigger) is the max size that the m4/3 mount can support. 

I was saying what if they make an adapter from the MFT mount to a new mount they make (for 35mm lenses), so that the MFT lenses could be used in a MFT crop mode (like the Super 35 crop mode on the Sony cameras) in a FF camera? A FF Panasonic would be a first so they can create an entirely new mount (like when Sony introduced the E-mount after they had the A-mount for a while), so they could also make an adapter to use MFT lenses on a 35mm camera but only while shooting in a crop mode.

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JohnFelipo, I strongly suspect it won't be possible to come up with new mount which can work with 135 format lenses completely *AND* have enough space left to squeeze in the electronics to control m4/3 lenses as well in the adapter. As any new mount to use m4/3 on would need to be even *more shallow* than m4/3 is already!!

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