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Minnesota Snow in Anamorphic

Caleb Genheimer

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oooh, that looks wicked! love the split screen!


so much so i might have to steal that idea  :P , its like this is how x2 is meant to be presented.


i wonder how it would look in a dialogue scene.


nailed it.  


I almost died as the first shot black bars (which are not pure black) were animated to flow and direct the frame to the top.  sublime how that worked out.


my only crit would be that I'd like a short cut, which is more selective of the shots and lasts about 2.5mins.  I got what I wanted from it in that time.  also, use a single frame more regularly too, with the animated black bars:)  


top work!

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Thanks, gentleman. I've done a few short videos now with this splitting screen concept, and actually the first wasn't even anamorphic. Several of my others slide clips in and out, up and down etc. more aggressively, but for this I wanted to try to do split frame as unobtrusively as possible. The bottom looped clip is intentionally simple and secondary. About the length . . . I know that 11 minutes is long for this sort of video, and honestly I don't think most will watch it fully, but the slow and longer approach in this video is intended to more fully capture the real-life experience of taking a walk in the woods for those interested in watching the whole thing.


Here is my first "split frame" experiment, same Konica 40mm but without the anamorphic. 



Then I did a longboarding vignette on the fly for some friends utilizing the anamorphic, and the split frame concept made even more sense. This one has lots of pushes/slides/fades/scrolls what-have-you.


(Note: this is graded to be watched in a dark room.)


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pretty cool painting technique  :)


the walk was a bit long but i did watch it all the way through,... had it not been split screen i probably wouldnt have. i think there's something about having twice as much information (or more) being thrown at you that makes you sit and watch, like you're brain is too busy processing everything to get bored. 


so i think it works really well, and you executed it really well, and its much better than fast cuts to keep the viewer interested.


if this becomes popular you'll be the reason x2's start getting silly expensive  :P


i'ma go out and play with my x2 today  :ph34r:

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Kudos Caleb!  Very nice and this is the reason I love the anamorphic look.  I bet it was hard to try and follow your dog!  I can't even imagine walking around unless you have one of those baby hypergonars or whatnot.  Overall I really like the atmosphere!

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Yes, he is a lively little fella. Truth be told I was just carrying the whole folded tripod with the camera attached. The added bulk makes for a nice poor-man's stabilizer. It doesn't stabilize much, but it cuts down on jello-inducing fast movement. 


No Hypergonar for me, I've got a Kowa with RedStan clamps and a LightCraft Workshop variable ND filter. The taking lens was the good 'ol Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8. If my memory serves me there are a few other Kowa owners on the EOSHD forum that use this taking lens with their Kowa optics. My copy at least is pretty bad wide open, but at f2.8 it sharpens up. Most of these shots were at f2.8 or f4 . . . that or balanced in the middle :-)

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Super! I also love your Kowa. Astonishing: I just sold my Konica 40mm as it was too blurry for me and I also saw other blurry footage of this lens but yours is great. Great atmosphere on the snow shoot but I agree it is a little bit long. I think it is sometimes not easy to shorten a video but is also something I still have to learn. (hope you don't got me wrong)

The other clips were both great. Thank you very much!!!

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