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  1. i agree, anamorphics are stupid and useless and flares and crops are all they do.   :ph34r:   now if only everyone here would agree we could pop the bubble  and might all be able to get a couple of iscoramas and a handful of mollers each :D   :P
  2.   its not that, i have a 1.5 which isnt far from 1.33 and the difference is clear to see. and i dont think its the taking lens either,... i put a regular kowa on a friends canon 5d 135L f2 superdupermodernsomething something a few weeks ago and the difference was far from subtle.
  3.   but i just got a lovely rubber gimp suit to go with me gasmask!  :(   it would have squeeked so nicely when rubbed against me  :wub:
  4. is it just me or is there something very unanamorphic about that anamorphic video?   looks like they just cropped a regular spherical.   at any rate, looks like it'd be fun to play with :)
  5. ^^^flashlight. the great thing about it is that you can do it anywhere, the camera doesnt have to be level on a tripod in a controlled environment,... as long as you can get the flare horizontal, then you're good.    when out and about i'll put the flashlight between my feet and and align that way,... yes i look very very stupid doing that :D
  6. sorry for my late reply, been a bit busy.   i cant believe i havent uploaded any footage with the shiga on the zeiss,... it's mostly zeiss and a couple of lenses i was ebaying on my youtube page. (shuji Moriwaki if you're interested)   i do have stills on my flickr with that combination http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=shigascope%20zeiss&ss=2&s=int     here's the setup http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/80-shigascope-x15/   the rear clamp screws into the taking lens, then the 3 screws hold the anamorphic in place,.. pretty much how all of redstans clamps work. i did worry about how solid the hold would be at first, but let me tell you it is damn solid provided you tighten them properly. that shit doesnt come loose in the 9 months or so that i've used it.   even on heavier lenses liek the big ass kowas the fit is solid. i think i could swing it round over and over and it wont come flying out :)   @dahlfors thanks for the tip man! that was like week 3 of me playing with video so i guess my natural assumption was "ah, 60 is double 30 so must be better :)" didnt even know what the i and p meant back then :P
  7. no worries, and those videos were handheld i believe.    currently this is my set up, shigascope in a zeiss lens :)   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/image/619-shigascope-redstan-clamps-a/   redstan clamps, get in touch with him, he should have something for you a bit better than gaffer tape :P 
  8. i've got a Cinevision 8mm coming in soon. its bigger than the petit-cinevision, so doesnt say "petit" and if it's half as nice as that video i'll be quite happy :)
  9. Paulio is right,... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything Paulio just wrote is already in the forum.    it is very rare that anyone will have a specific circumstance soooooooooooooooooo outside of what has already been covered that the answer isnt already in the forum.   i'm a cheap bastard, i didnt buy the quide, but i did spend weeks going through the forum and the answers were pretty much there,... and most of the anamorphics i have are rare and unknown.    to your original question though,.. is it really worth buying one? rich said it all, and i think that if you have to ask then it probably isnt worth it to you right now. they might get more expensive later, or later there might be some super duper new technology that blows anamorphics away, who knows.    some prices are silly,.. if i didnt get mine dirt cheap i honestly might not bother, but then i wouldnt know what i was missing :)
  10. phew so i'm not the only one :P   wouldnt stretching it possibly make it softer vs squeezing or is it the same thing at the end of the day?
  11. wait, do you guys stretch it out to the sides?   i've been squeezing it down all this time  :mellow:   how embarrassing   :ph34r:
  12. i got mine in japan as i am in japan, but mine came with 1.1 installed so i just dropped in the bin and it worked.    he might not have 1.1 installed. 
  13. brucker

    ELMOSCOPE 16mm

    one of the older longer barrel ones? i have one and it is very nice, but because of the longer barrel you're pretty much limited to 50mm and above on an M43 sensor. i personally love mine, tack sharp with a zeiss behind it. also have a regular elmoscope with no "16" on the barrel that looks identical,... also very very nice. they're both lovely, just dont expect to get very wide with them. btw, you're not the Martin i know in Bangkok are you?
  14. agreed,... starting at 99p sounds like a risk but a study done by someone at some school of economics found that 99p starts ended in higher prices than higher starts.    people dun go to ebay for fair prices, they go for bargains.
  15. stay away from the contax zeiss 135,.. its workable but barely so. jupiter 9 is lovely :)
  16. fuckin' hell Rob, just had a look at your 500px stream,... cant wait for you to join, mate :)
  17. there are only Left and Right channels so you're not missing a middle channel :P   in simple terms, the signal comes from the middle when the sound from the left and right are the same volume,... to us it sounds like it's from the middle.   with stereo,... the signal from the right and left are different, like what you hear with your ears,... as sound bounces around the room it reaches each ear at slightly different times because they are in different positions on our head.   so a stereo recording has two channels,...   a mono recording is only one channel ( but there is a middle and side like L+R but that's not too important for what you want to do right now) that one channel is split between 2 speakers evenly so i tsounds like it's coming from the middle.   check out Cockos Reaper,.. it is not free but the trial policy is very good, makes it almost free, and the quality is better than some pay programs. works on mac i believe. 
  18. Hello everyone,   I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, this being a filmmaking forum and not strictly a photography forum, but i thought that some of you might be interested.   A few weeks ago a new Cinematic Photography group was started on facebook:  www.facebook.com/groups/cinematicphotography/     99% spherical shooters so far,... they tweak their work in post to look cinematic.   some brilliant work, but us anamorphs are horribly under represented,...  :(   come and show these sphericals the meaning of true anamorphic movie magiks  :P   cheers,   Shuji.
  19. just thought i'd update this thread regarding the contax 135 f2.8:   i've had an elmoscope 16 from before and that too didnt play well with the 135. but it has impact seperation and basically hasnt been serviced in years.   my shigascope also didnt play well, but that might have more to do with the way its mounted.   i got in an other elmoscope, one of the longer barrel ones similar to the elmoscope 16. it was covered in fungus so i had to open her up and take care of her. i put her back together again on a 50mm zeiss making sure the barrels were properly aligned.   on a whim i decided to try it on the 135 and well whatdayaknow,... this is at f2.8, which is working quite well, where as before i had to stop down to f8 before it gets anywhere close. so i might need to just give my other anamorphics a once over, i dunno, but i'm glad i dont have to go shopping for another 135mm.    hopefully someone finds this useful.   
  20. nicely done, really like the grading  :)
  21. lol, that is some very nice 'trees and shit' though, nice job :D   on the gh3 dont you have a magnify button? i forget what the official term is,... press it, it zooms in so you can see where you're focusing clearer... i use that alot on the gh2 and so far havent felt the need for an external,... does add a bit of time to the workflow.   re:editing there is a documentary on youtube called the cutting edge: the magic of movie editing which i found quite useful. after watching that i got to like editing much more. hope that helps.
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