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  1. the distortion isnt so bad that you cant focus or compose,.. if i were it guess this forum wouldnt exist as no one would be that masochistic :P   have you gotten your gear yet? if so, just try it out and you'll see what i mean,...   you're still composing within a rectangle so the same composition rules apply, rule of thirds, golden ratio, etc, etc. so if you line things up so that it looks good on your LCD, it'll look good once de-squeezed.    its like what someone said about the dual focus,... after 2 weeks it'll become second nature.   the same goes for focusing,... keep your taking lens at f2-2.8 and when things pop into focus you'll see it clearly unless you're really close with razor thing DoF.   also someone posted a great tip about using vlc player to de-squeeze and preview your footage without having to go into your video editor.
  2. cool, gotta watch the batman now,... the only online thing i could find was a reference to Babel, but i thought that might not count as every location was filmed differently and looked it for the purposes of the film.   wanna guess how i got "brucker" from Shuji?  :P
  3. in those evenly dimly lit restaurants/bars, if i dont have, atleast, an f1.4, i leave the camera in my bag and enjoy the company.    :D
  4. ^^^ indeed!   and it works relatively well,...   i got the Nikkor 10mm f2.8 designed for the Nikon 1 series. for about $150, which gives me a 27mm-ish Fov (on 35mm still film).   tried degrading the shot a bit by reducing contrast and some blur.   its passable as long as you're not after flares or oval bokeh,... they were never what i loved about anamorphic, so it works for me....   i like getting a filmic look with maximum depth of field and this way, it's workable, for select scenes, after a bit of fiddling about.   thanks for your help everyone, and i hope this helps someone else out in the future.   cheers.
  5. more now than what you would get after the gh3 gets hacked? :P
  6. cheers Overcranked!   i've watched that a few times but never read the article, so never knew it was a mix.   for future noobies who may come across a similar problem, i've decided to go with a wide angle spherical to get the shots i need,... figured getting the shot is more important than being anal about using anamorphic all over. 
  7. does anyone happen to have a clip where they mixed anamorphic with standard spherical wide footage? would be great to see some footage if anyone's got any and more importantly i'd love to hear about what you had to do to blend the two. cheers.
  8. that's quite clever! i might start looking into x2 lenses now cheers!
  9. haha, brilliant! :lol: , should be stickied on every music/recording forum in existence!
  10. you want clamps from redstan.com in before anyone else! :D dude goes by the name tony wilson on this forum. most people screw said clamps onto the taking lens, and then mount the anamorphic in the clamp. i havent used them myself but i've just ordered some, and there are loads of testimonials all over this forum about their quality. as far as lenses, have a look at some russian lenses helios 44, mir-1v, nice and have a real cinematic feel,.. pentax takumars have a slightly cleaner more modern look,... comes down to taste really. happy anamorphic-ing!
  11. oooh OK,.. yeah i'm coming from a photography background so i was thinking 40mm on 35mm film field of view. cheers for clearing that up.
  12. @ipcmlr replied, and thanks! :) @Burnet,... not that i would know, as i dont have a gh2, but could it be that the 14-42mm is the lens focal length before it hits the sensor? at 42mm do you get an 85mm portrait lens kinda look? i know on my nikon 1 a 10mm looks like a 24-28mm cos of the crop.
  13. gotcha. and yeah your videos def dont look 18mm. had you not said, i might have guessed 35mm equivalent apart from the close ups at the autoshow which had a bit more distortion in the lines making it look wider,... but even then,.. 28ish? but certainly not 18. i'm wondering,... if you put your zoom to a 9 or whatever the lowest is, does that not give you more of the Wes Anderson look you're after?
  14. i was referring to the century anamorphic,... altho i'm pretty sure i'll find projects that it'll suit better than the older anamorphics i have. Burnet, isnt the GH2 about a x2 crop? that would make a 20mm look 40ish wouldnt it?
  15. as nice as your video is, and the others as well, i think the century might be a bit too clean for my tastes,... century in front of a shigascope? hmmm,.... my rig's gonna look even more ridiculous than it already does :D
  16. i would pay good money to see hillary splattered across an aston martin :D
  17. cheers Andy, i think that's what i'm going to try out first.
  18. cheers Julian. thanks for that Andy, I'll have a look into those. so its a choice, between a wide adapter infront of an anamorphic vs the century x1.33 with a wider taking lens. to be a tight stingy bastard or to go into debt, that appears to be the question :D
  19. question,... possibly silly,... a x2 anamorphic vs a x1.5 would only be wider horizontally? would it be a bit wider vertically at all?
  20. you've got uncanny timing rich! a century literally just popped up on my local auction site an hour ago,.. came back here to do some research only to find your post :D arrghh,.. my shopping was meant to be over! i do like the 35mm look and a decent wide conversion lens is about as much as a century,... decisions, decisions!
  21. oooh, that's one classic movie i keep hearing about,.. gotta watch it one day. cheers for the info on shintohoscope! had a quick google in japanese but i couldnt really find much,... got alerts set up if any do happen to pop up. same with the yashicascope, looks like kowa and elmo dominated the market. got my eyes peeled for them now.
  22. woah, that century lets you go pretty wide then! very nice clips, and yeah distortion doesnt get crazy. yeah, as long as its not skaterboy warped i'm not too fussed with distortion, and i've been seeing a few wide angle adapter threads on dpreview,... the quality seems to have come up quite a bit from back in the day, so i was hoping someone's tried whacking one of those things in front of an anamorphic. i've seen just the one video before. i really love the shigascope i've got, but its tiny so the widest i can go is 35mm before a vignette,... which on the nikon v1 is a silly 94.5mm FoV, haha. outdoors its easy to work with, but indoors its like i'm being a facial cavity gynecologist. so if i want to keep using that then i guess the only thing left to do is find a half decent wide adapter,... or move up to m43, but i'm a tight bastard :D as long as its watchable, then story trumps gear i reckon, so super duper sharpness clarity isnt a concern. none of the gear shops round here have a wide i can try out unfortunately,... might just have to bite the bullet and order a bunch.
  23. as much fun as anamorphics are,... i've got a bit of a problem in my part of the world,... every space is so damn tight on this damn island! what options are there for going wider? has anyone tried those wide conversion lenses so popular in porn?
  24. that'll explain why i'm not seeing any pop up,.. guess i just got lucky first time round. a little off topic but i thought you guys might know,... fujicascope projectors,... any chance the "scope" in the name might mean that it has a lens worth hacking out of it?
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