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  1. it is mine! for the princely sum of US$80 shipped :D should be here in a couple of days. B)
  2. great idea! if i can get my (soon to be) 3 cleaned and properly mounted by the 1st, i'm in!
  3. sweet,... it shall be mine :D just had a look at that ebay canada one,... $2,500 above my budget :P
  4. fingers crossed! should be my last one for a while,... gotta stop shopping and start filming :P
  5. hmmm, could we be talking about two different things? this one looks like a regular "mount infront of lens" lens. i forgot to mention that its for an 8mm camera and/or projector, says it on the body. and according to the seller it came with an adapter so that it could be attached to a D mount nikkor taking lens, on an 8mm camera i presume. here's the link: [url="http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w79691947"]http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w79691947[/url] pretty certain you guys wont be bidding against me :P
  6. One of these popped up on the local auctions here, and I cant find much info about the lens itself. I did find quite a bit on how the anamorphic element in alot of the panavision anamorphics were made by Shiga which made for some pretty interesting reading. any experiences with, or opinions on the lens?
  7. very nice footage indeed. did you do much post?
  8. that looks very nice, love the under the bridge shot :)
  9. :o you're jokin'. cheers for the info tony! i'll keep that in mind as the auction ends tomorrow.
  10. Tadaaa! [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/21346/507e31ce9657b_kowaprominaranamorphic8.jpg[/img] cute aint it? that's an AA battery for reference. i could launch into a subjective ramble on what it's like, but i figured i'd let the tests do the talking since i know less than zero about these things,... [media]http://youtu.be/5bcOmU8leOc[/media] [media]http://youtu.be/aScSpbJh4Q4[/media] [media]http://youtu.be/kCjE0d28cP4[/media] [media]http://youtu.be/hNrh3uaSYn4[/media] and this one, i seem to have fudged the focus,... [media]http://youtu.be/6vFJ1uuZgEI[/media] they were all shot on a nikon v1 with its colour profile set to neutral. straight out of the camera, i didnt do any post other than unsqueeze. a PAR of 1.475 seems to make it look right,... i'm not sure, havent done the circular object test yet. let me know what you think. the rear thread is about 28mm, so, small, a couple of millimeters larger than a c-mount. there is no thread on the front. according to tony's comment in the baby hypergonar thread, it's a x1.5. all shot with a takumar taking lens, the super 50mm f1.4, smc takumar 35mm and the smc takumar 50mm macro. observations so far: - as i mentioned in the baby hypergonar thread, the kowa doesnt seem to alter the image too much. in the samples above youtube seems to have messed with the colours and contrast a bit. in my NLE it looked less contrasty, but then i dont have a calibrated monitor. - a 28mm takumar started to vignette, but i think if it was attached and centered properly it might not, or might still, but very little. the 35mm takumar was fine. - its a dual focus of course, with minimum focus going to about 4ft. - the first video isnt a proper flare test, but as you can see it didnt really flare as much as some other adapters,... which is cool as i'm more interested in how anamorphics render the image rather than their flares. - i got it off of the auction site here in japan. there were a couple of other people bidding on it as well, but they didnt seem too hungry for it as i managed to get it for about US$28 including shipping. quite happy with my purchase :D i cant really think of anything else to say,.. as i know very little about it. other than, i quite like it, the softness, or rather the smoothness. and it takes color correction very nicely,... playing with the colours is when the adapter's characteristics seem to come out, things seem to grade in a more organic way than with other footage. like an organic smear, so i'll definitely be shooting with anamorphics from now on. i did want to thank you guys for putting so much info out there because being a film/polaroid shooter i resisted moving to video as i always thought that my budget wouldnt stretch to making shit not look like "cheap video". this changes everything though so i'm going to be diving deeper into this. if you guys have any questions i'll do my best to answer. cheers, Shuji.
  11. cheers for the info tony. going thru some of the random crap i shot yesterday, and it is indeed sharp, provided i got the focus right. the focusing ring is tighter than a nun's,... tight thing, so i'll have to send it out for a bit of TLC at some point. but it looks like it hasnt been messed with. paid about $28 for it including shipping. :D got my eyes on an elmoscope-16, similar size to the kowa, bit bigger and longer, the rear looks twice as wide asthe kowa so a 16mm lens? a 28mm lens starts to vignette on the kowa so i'm hoping the elmoscope 16 wont.
  12. [quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1350306506' post='19778'] This looks more like a 1.33x. But if you shoot something that is perfectly round like a step up ring, you'll be able to unstretch the object precisely and know exactly what the stretch factor is. I'd recommend starting a new thread for this lens. I don't think that it has ever been discussed here. [/quote] that's a good idea. i'll try and do that during the week and then start another thread. cheers.
  13. quick question,... sensor size and crop factor wouldnt affect how much of a squeeze we get would it?
  14. i'll definitely put some footage up,.. gonna take a bit more over the next couple of days. here's a still for the time being though, straight out of the Nikon v1 with its 2.7 crop. [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/21346/507bfa33f40e1_anamorphicslippers.jpg[/img] observations so far: - this particular kowa doesnt seem to be a x2. unsqueezing the still i unsqueezed about 1/3 before it started looking relatively normal, which surprised me as i thought i had quite a ways to go before it started looking right. what does that equate to? x1.5? - i did the same thing in sony vegas, a par of 2 made it look fat. a par of 1.75, less fat but still clearly fat. par of 1.5 looked about right..... but i think it can be refined a bit more. i need to film something i can compare infront of me when unsqueezing. or am i calculating wrong? - the lens is really clean as in it doesnt seem to impart too much of its own character apart from the squeeze. - with a 50mm takumar f1.4 it didnt really flare. might have to try it on my jupiter 9. - its a dual focus of course, but it doesnt seem as hard to do as some of the horror stories i've read online. what i found the easiest was to get in position, focus the taking lens, focus the kowa, then move back or forth till everything was good. this lens being so tiny is probably what made it seem not so bad. - the rear thread is about 28mm, making it a couple of mm's larger than a C-mount. i got in touch with a guy who reckons he can fashion some attaching adapter with a regular filter size for it,... i'm thinking about it. what little footage i took today, i quite like the look of. wasnt expecting it to be less than a x2. i've mostly been watching x2 anamorphics on vimeo and youtube as i figured anything else would be way over my budget. luckily it works well on the nikon v1's teeny sensor. m4/3s, i'm guessing it'll vignette as much as any other c-mount lens.
  15. i just took delivery of this lil' darlin': [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/21346/507b8b90cb9dd_DSC_0962.jpg[/img] its a kowa prominar anamorphic-8, and that's an AA battery. the rear thread is just a tiny bit bigger than a C-mount. I've got a nikon v1 so i'll take that out to play with this afternoon. i've got no way to mount/attach so guess i'll have to handhold it for a quick test. my first proper anamorphic, apart from a massive nikon projector lens i picked up to play with last week, but so far its nice and sharp and focuses to under 5ft. or atleast the focus ring turns to waaay after the 5ft marker. cant wait to head out this afternoon :D
  16. that does look very nice,... it looks quality and that's the first thing that jumps out before even thinking about HD or SD. how'd the clients take it? I'm curious as i'm thinking of doing the same but have absolutely no idea how they're likely to react.
  17. been wondering about that as well,... but there must be a valid reason as to why the rear lens is needed. there's a guy on vimeo that hacked a projector lens apart,.. think the video's called "cooking anamorphic" . he hacked it up and mounted it onto a rail system so he would have a greater focus range, but he still needed the front and back elements to focus.
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