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Anamorphic "Un-Squeeze" Viewfinder for sale

alamo films

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SOLD     I thought I would register and post here as I have been using these boards for advice and it seems to have quite a bit of clever anamorphic shooters around
for sale now that my red camera software unsqueezes images is a viewfinder that I won't need to use:

An Optically correct ANAMORPHIC VIEWFINDER for mounting on Optical viewfinder cameras like KONVAS 35mm motion Picture camera.
UN-squeezes 2.35 image from anamorphic lens.
ITEM is being sold inexpensively as only guaranteed to work with KONVAS style russian type viewfinders as is
but A new collar could possibly be adapted to match other optical eyepiece cameras such as ARRI BL or others. Cannot guarantee fit but discussion from others have indicated that end shaft diameter might fit many other optical viewfinder prism or mirror mounts. With right mount it might also work with electronic viewfinders. It is pretty long but might work with a bracket onto a rear eyepiece or lcd...?
Focusable for image of 35mm frame size from approx.3"-6" from end of front element.
Eyepiece glass and front end clean WITH NO scratches or marks.
Removable locking collar is for connection to Konvas cameras.

anyway it's on ebay now here
http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANAMORPHIC-DE-SQUEEZE-Viewfinder-KONVAS-Kinor-Arri-Eclair-etc-/140898896475?pt=US_Viewfinders_Eyecups&hash=item20ce3a8a5band thanks all for great info over the past year or so.. happy holidays
any questions can be sent to
info at

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    • By jetzyl
      This might be one of the best preserved examples of the sony f35

      PM me with a bid.

      Best regards

    • By Stanislav Schubert
      LOMO OKC prime cine lens, F=150 mm f2.8, OCT-19 mount FOR SALE
      Professional cine prime lens for Russian 35 mm movie camera Kinor 35N, cover Super 35 sensor 6K, excellent condition. 
      Lens clean end clear, no fungus, no scratches, no oil spots, no durst inside. Mechanic focus ans aperture is smooth. 
      Model: LOMO OKC1-150-1, 
      F=150 mm
      Made in USSR, 1989
      The price: 650 USD+ shipping.  e-mail: schubert@ngs.ru
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      Music video I directed just went live! Shot on Arri Alexa Mini with Cooke S4/i glass and it was a pleasure to use! I'm always taken by the Alexa image every time I work with it. Wish I could afford to use one every time I shoot! 
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      KMZ Kinor zoom lens 16OPF1-2M-01 (F=12-120 mm, f2.4)

      for 16 mm professional russian movie camera Kinor 16SX-2M
      can be used to digital cameras for sensor MFT (4/3"), via an adepters. 
      Lens in excellent condition, clean and clear,: no fungus, no dust, no haze, no separations, no dents, no scratches, coating OK. 
      Aperture works as should, blades oil free. Zooming, focusing and aperture movies easy and smooth.mechanics is smooth

      Price: 200 USD+shipping 

      e-mail: schubert@ngs.ru

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