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Don't Got Anamorphic But Want That Sexy Style: Editing Tips?


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Question #1:

So I really wanna get out and shoot. Are there any editing tips for Final Cut Pro that can give a nice anamorphic look to a 16:9 frame? Im shooting with 30mm f/1.4 Sigma on 600D Canon.

Question #2:

I will eventally buy somthing. And I'm a broke student. The Helios 44m 2/58 lens and a cheap anamorphic lens sounds perfect. Any suggestions on the cheapest Anamorphic lens that can fit the Helios?





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Cheapest thing you can do is crop in Final Cut, that will give you the wide aspect ratio, but not the anamorphic lens characteristics obviously. It's not something you could achieve with filters, even though you could add anamorphic lens flares to your footage, but I wouldn't go there.

Next cheapest thing is probably the vid-Atlantic cinemorph filter, it emulates some of the anamorphic lenses characteristics.

Then you have anamorphic adapters at all price points, some more useable than others, most cumbersome and requiring focusing on both lenses. The good and small ones are quite expensive.

There's also a few adapters like the Century, Optex or Panasonic LA7200 that I think don't require focusing on both lenses.

And then there's the real proper anamorphic lenses. Expensive, very expensive.

Apparently SLR Magic is working on a new more affordable one.
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