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My cameras and kit

  1. Hi, I'm both videographer and photographer. Recently I try to use BMPCC as a still photography tool. Ya it's experimental but it gives some nice and unique results and images. Why do this when there are 16-36Mpix cameras? see this post in my blog: http://kwaibun.asia/index.php/blackmagic-avant-garde-way-of-photography/ Kwai
  2. I want to see if I can use the time lapse function of my bmpcc to create some stop motion clips. I have googled lighting and I haven't found the information I was looking for. What I am looking for is some inexpensive, flicker free lights. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Brian
  3. Hello, New to the anamorphic game, have some questions. Few pics of the Hypergonar HiFi2 on a 7D (BMPCC next up). So far the results have been very nice and love the flares, but we noticed this lens is a bit soft. We've tried adding 1", 2", 3" of space between the camera lens and anamorphic lens hoping to find the "focal point"... didn't notice any difference. Moving on, Stopping down at F5.6 - F11 has increased the sharpness, but not by much. I'm curious if anyone else has a quick fix or has played with the inner glass orientation ? Any info. is good info. :)
  4. Hey Guys! Me and a few colleagues participated in a short film competition here in Germany called "99Fire Films Award". Here is our film: http://www.myvideo.de/Aktion/99fire-films-2014?videoId=9456776 We had 99 hours to produce a film with a length of 99 seconds about a given topic ("Life writes the most moving stories") It would be nice if you vote for us, if you like it! (It's possible to vote 9 times) Feel free to comment/criticize! Thanks! _________________________________________________________________________________________ - shot on BMPCC + Speedbooster(BMPCC
  5. Hi I recently get this gear for my shortfilms and videoclips projects (Not run and Gun): 1- BMPCC with two Speed Booster (passive and pocket one) 2- Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 3- Fotodiox Step Up to 77mm 4- Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter 5- Tiffen 77mm T1 IR 6- B+W 77mm UV-Haze Filter 7- Marumi 77mm DHG Circular Polarizer 8- Xume Quick Release Adapter Blackmagic Pocket Camera Z-Finder Still in WIP so no one from now. Now I'm in the search of a good and budget wise Tripod and Monopod, this are my options right now: Tripods: - Magnun VT 4000 - Davis & Sanford Provista 7
  6. Hi all, it's been a while. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other BMPCC speed boosters planned. Not just M4/3 ones, but the wonderful BMPCC specific ones... I don't own a single Nikon compatible lens, so anything else (EF, C/Y) would be a godsend. Any word on the street?
  7. hi guys i'm trying to find this information online about the BMPCC but i cant find it. I am wondering what the distance is from the lens mount flange to the sensor is, and the diameter of the opening of the lens contacts shelf. i have included a pic to help show what information i need. hope you guys can help. Regards Marty.
  8. Hi, guys, I'm considering getting a Lanparte DSLR kit for my canon DSLR film kit and was wondering if it'll fit fine with a BM Pocket (with lenses like SLR magic 12mm). http://www.hdvideoshop.com/en/kits-promos/94-lanparte-dslr-kit.html
  9. Hi Everyone, There have been many feature requests for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, so I thought it might give the guys that work at Blackmagic Design a better idea of what we all think is a priority if we completed a poll, rather than keep adding to long long lists, in various threads, on various forums... My intent is to give the results to BMD so they know what we are all yearning for, rather than have them trawl through hundreds of post, on a myriad of forums. I'm hoping the data will speak for itself. I think I've included pretty much all the (reasonable) requests I've been
  10. Hey everybody,   I don't post much in here, but I visit the site every day - always waiting for the latest update for us independent filmmakers:)   Anyways, I am in the process of rigging my BMPCC and I did some research on which SD cards I would need. I found several sites that recommended the SONY SDHC UHS-1, Class 10, 94 mb/s cards. So I bought 2, 32 GB cards from B&H. My BMPCC does not recognize this card. It still says " no sd " on the LCD screen when I turn my camera on.   Can somebody please help me figure out what the problem is?   Thank you so much, eve
  11. Hi friends, sorry if this was posted already, I just need a place to express my disappointment. I am on the verge of cancelling my BMPCC-order. What could be seen of 'test shots' of the Pocket's raw so far didn't convince me at all, whereas the Miii's raw just shines. Am I missing something? If not for the different price tag, what other reason should I have to look forward to the final arrival of that camera? Please share your thoughts.
  12. Hey everybody, I put together a Christmas lights compilation video set to the theme song of Pan's Labyrinth. The entire video was shot on the Black Magic Pocket Camera along with a 10mm 1.6 Kern Switar and a 75mm 1.8 Olympus. I hope you all like it:) Trey
  13. Hey guys, Check out this kickstarter of the Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus by Motion Dogs. They just released their newest update and are desperately trying to reach their stretch goals in order to supply us indie filmmakers with the best possible gear! I think this is a fantastic product and I can see myself using it non-stop on sets, especially since I am still in film school and every bit of speed and perfection on set really goes a long way. Anyway what do you guys think about it, and if you like it try and spread the word so that these amazing stretch goals can be fulfilled! Tha
  14. Good evening guys, I'm searching for a very fast or the fastest lens for the BMPCC. Then fastest I can think of is the Nikon AI 50mm / 55mm f/1.2 in combination with the BMPCC-Speedboster. Do you have another (better) advice? BTW: It's mostly for concert and nighttime shooting and perhaps to get a nice DOP. Thanks a lot! Moe
  15. Hey Guys. I'm absolutely new in anamorphic shooting and I'm just getting a BMPCC (Which means it will be present in about 5 months or so :D) I'm thinking about getting a bit into anamorphic shooting. I like the "look" of it very much, because it simply creates a whole different feeling than a "normal" 16*9 image. So I have a few questions: How should/can I start shooting anamorphic with the BMPCC? What lens / adapter+lens can be used with the Pocket? It should not be too expensive as I'm just beginning and want to get a bit in touch with it. What do I have to think of in
  16. Hello Guys! I have good news! My BMPCC as arrived :)   I just received my firts C-mount for it:   The "Rodriguez" Lens (El Marichi): Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm T2 (f/1.8)               First test (read the description on vimeo): http://vimeo.com/77128640     Best, JDS      
  17. Hello Everybody, I thought I'd share my little weekend project with the BMPCC...after 4 months of waiting!!   Shot handheld with the Lumix 20mm(which is a bit glitchy with my particular camera apparently)...but it got the job done. Edited in Premiere Pro and graded with Film Convert. Nothing special but I hope you like it :)   http://youtu.be/OLs-HMqPzf8     Regards, Ihab
  18. I shot this music video for The Fold using the GH3, and a couple of car exterior shots with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera.   https://vimeo.com/76622768     Lenses: Panasonic 12-35 2.8, Rokinon 35 & 85. Black Pro Mist 1/4 filter on most shots.   I used an Ice Light for a couple of shots where I had no access to power, and it totally screwed me. Check out the motel scene, and  you will notice rolling bands. I later figured out if the intesity of the light wasnt at 100 then it created the bands. For the most part I was totally pleased with the GH3, especially w
  19. Here, used lens: SLR magic 12mm. Funny colors in parc sky are CA. Or what?
  20. I am somewhat surprised that no one mentioned Hiding Place, although it is already three days old: http://vimeo.com/72996911   I understand, Bloom had fallen from grace. The more relentlessly we can pull the clip to pieces. But actually, despite it is sepia sunset again, I find it quite nice.   In the german SlashCam forum they have a Pocket already, and right after there were reports in the BM forum about grisly artifacts, they made own tests. The effect is called sensor blooming or white orbs or black hole sun phenomenon. Maybe a sensor problem, that would be bad. Maybe softwa
  21. The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera has arrived at Wooden camera.  Here are some of the demo videos: BMPCC overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gTZ0XS9LDM&feature=c4-overview&list=UUZt-vOtUh9DzT05lMAQXMDg   Accesory Kits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNmZOuSh0_c&feature=c4-overview&list=UUZt-vOtUh9DzT05lMAQXMDg   BMPCC Camera configurations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2_rV58kulE&feature=c4-overview&list=UUZt-vOtUh9DzT05lMAQXMDg   M/4/3rds to PL mount adapter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmFf5b7nGR4&feature=c4-overview&l
  22. Apparently, new firmware updates for the BMPCC including Autofocus...     https://twitter.com/brawlster/status/355512652430188544 https://twitter.com/brawlster/status/355550178452856832 https://twitter.com/brawlster/status/355550020646346754  
  23. After Blackmagic announced the BMPCC at NAB, I waited a while to start considering ordering one, and then waited a little longer because I wanted to get my financial ducks in a row in terms of paying for one (as this is really just a hobby for me).     Anyway, now I'm thinking about pre-ordering, but I thought I would ask: is pre-ordering a BMPCC likely to make any difference at this point?  I can see that it can make a difference if you're one of the first ten, or the first hundred or whatever, but at this point will it make any difference?  How easy is it to cancel a pr
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