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  1. I liked Gone Girl and Interstellar, but I didn't think that either one of them was spectacular. Actually, Interstellar was spectacular in a lot of ways but the issues others have already pointed out (I found the sequence of events and dialogue a bit bizarre) kinda ruined it for me. My favorite movie of the year was probably Grand Budapest. I really loved Richard Ayoade's The Double, too. Jesse Eisenberg was amazing and the mood and lighting were perfect. Boyhood alslo stands out to me. I did love the scores from Interstellar and Gone Girl though. I haven't seen The Theory of Everything yet but I've been listening to the soundtrack and I love it, really looking forward to the movie.
  2. i love this camera. I'm always debating between taking this out or my BMPCC: small, manageable file sizes, good lens support, and tiny body versus raw and whatever BMPCC sensor magic is going on to get such an awesome image. As Andrew has shown, the low-light on the GM1 is fantastic. Anyway, I thought I'd share this short project. It was shot on the GM1 and the Panasonic 25 1.4.
  3. Caption: Another one of these things?  When are we going to get a rawhide with decent specs?
  4.     I love that Olympus's "high bitrate" is the same bitrate an iPhone from several generations ago does.
  5. This might be a silly question (but might as well start simple and go from there), but did you choose the 720p HD version when you played it?
  6. After Blackmagic announced the BMPCC at NAB, I waited a while to start considering ordering one, and then waited a little longer because I wanted to get my financial ducks in a row in terms of paying for one (as this is really just a hobby for me).     Anyway, now I'm thinking about pre-ordering, but I thought I would ask: is pre-ordering a BMPCC likely to make any difference at this point?  I can see that it can make a difference if you're one of the first ten, or the first hundred or whatever, but at this point will it make any difference?  How easy is it to cancel a pre-order?  I have no problem buying used on eBay or wherever else, and so I'm kind of wondering based on people's past experiences whether I should sit and wait and see how the release goes and wait for one to pop up there, or should I bother to place an order with somewhere like Adorama now.   Thanks for answering this admittedly trivial question.
  7.   That was strangely beautiful.  Thanks.
  8. I'll give you a bump too as long as we're talking about eBay.  I've only ever sold one thing on eBay, a Nikon D3100 when they were having a promotion for free listing/no sales fee.  It sold, I got my money, and never really heard from the person so that was nice.     I buy quite a bit of stuff on eBay though, and I've only ever had one problem.  Once I bought an old zoom AI Nikon lens.  It was a pretty decent price, had a few small issues listed that weren't a big deal to me, and so anyway I bid on it and won.  When it arrived though, the lens smelled awful.  It smelled like aging and death.  I didn't know it was possible for something that was basically metal and glass to smell so bad. I sealed it in a tupperware container with a cup of baking soda, and it ruined the tupperware.  I tried the same thing with lime juice (which is apparently supposed to kill smells) and it didn't improve at all.  I tried it with Febreeze and had the same outcome.     I ended up just putting the lens in storage.  I've never used it because I don't want my cameras to begin to share its smell.
  9. I've used the FCPX workflow you're using too, except now I import my photos into Lightroom, edit them there, export them as DNGs, and then import them into FCPX and assign a frame to each. I do it this way just because I like Lightroom a bit better than I like the coloring tools in FCPX. Going through FCPX is the only workflow I've gotten to work for me, but I'd be curious to hear more about whether quality is lost somehow in this process.
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