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  1. GH3 is SOLD,  Thank you all who looked! -J
  2. Well, zenpmd, I think that was both a very relevent and very useful quote for this thread.  Thank you for your input.   -J
  3. Well, I've been buying and selling on Ebay for around 10 or so years, but mostly vintage dinnerware, with the occasional electronics or camera sale when it was time to sell my old items.  The thing is, I rarely buy any dinnerware anymore there, since at least 50% of the time now it has undisclosed damage (chips, cracks, scuffs) that completely devalues the piece.  Unfortunately, all of the other collectors out there have figured this out too, so now if you are an actual GOOD seller, you can't get the correct value for your items since buyers won't pay premium prices for anything on Ebay (since they assume it will have hidden damage)....I've gone to selling my dinnerware to a private group of collectors through a message board and a couple of Facebook groups instead.  It's much nicer and easier all around, although it is a smaller audience than would be reached by Ebay (but oh so much less hassle...).   I've mostly had pretty good experiences selling electronics and camera stuff with a couple of notable exceptions, but the level of fraud that is going on now has gotten pretty high, and I can't really afford to risk that.  Ebay does NOT give even good sellers the benefit of the doubt, and that is a real problem. Buyers have learned they can beat the system and scam their way out of paying for their goods by using the "buyer protection" feature, and it's just gotten too iffy to sell there anymore (plus the cost is just insane now).   I have not sold the GH3 yet, though, so I may have to list it there at some point...I'll give it more time though... Thanks all for your comments!   -J
  4. I am not a regular poster to this forum, (I post primarily over at DPReview) but have been using a GH2 for two years for primarily stills photography.  I've got a nice M43 setup, and decided to upgrade to the GH3 a couple of months ago.    It's a terrific camera, and the image quality is a significant improvement over the GH2, especially at high ISOs.  However, I'm finding it a bit large and more than I really need for my purposes, and that, combined with some vet expenses that have come up, have led to a decision to sell it.   I normally would go the Ebay route (my Ebay user name is jalywol), but they just raised their user fees to a beastly large amount, and I would rather sell it privately if possible.   The camera is complete, and in new condition, with box, packing, all accessories, plus one extra aftermarket battery.  I will send along a copy of the original sales slip (from Samy's) for your warrantee coverage. Price is $1150  plus shipping;  PayPal personal accepted.   If you would like to see photos of the camera, I have them posted in my DPReview gallery   http://***URL removed***/galleries/6695852382/albums/gh3-for-sale   Please PM me with any questions or for more info or samples from the camera.   -J
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