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  1. Hey guys, Check out this kickstarter of the Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus by Motion Dogs. They just released their newest update and are desperately trying to reach their stretch goals in order to supply us indie filmmakers with the best possible gear! I think this is a fantastic product and I can see myself using it non-stop on sets, especially since I am still in film school and every bit of speed and perfection on set really goes a long way. Anyway what do you guys think about it, and if you like it try and spread the word so that these amazing stretch goals can be fulfilled! Tha
  2. Awesome! That makes me feel much better! Thanks Guys!
  3. Yeah, I have CCC, I just dont know what exactly needs to be cloned over so that my computer works the same as it does now but much faster.   I've heard that if you just clone the applications over to the SSD, it can cause more problems, however a fresh install of each application will ensure that the applications know what is currently running in your computer (for example, the app will notice that there is no optical drive anymore and that the spinning HDD is not the main drive anymore and thus it will gain its speed from the new SSD) One of the serivce people I've talked to said that
  4. Hey Andrew,     I saw your post about working with premiere/ae with the bmcc and noticed you said you are using a macbook with an SSD as the main drive.     I just got my BMCC and havent been able to really use it at all because my macbook keeps crapping on itself everytime I try to do anything with the dng files or resolve. I have the same exact laptop as you I believe: Apple 2011 Macbook Pro 17' i7 8GB RAM.   I've been trying to do as much research as I can about installing an SSD as the main drive and switching the optical drive out of my computer in order to
  5. How come it says anything higher than 1920 is "not possible in current video mode" for me? also how do you shoot 60fps at 1280x720 or do you have to choose another resolution? I have the June 25th ML build. Thanks Guys.  
  6. Quick question, What are you using to mount your SmallHD in that way (on the 5D).. Great post by the way so excited to try it out on my 5D!
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