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  1. I have done the calculation with 50mm! Your lens is 58mm sorry :P and I have done it for the pocket!   58 x 2.88 (bmpcc crop factor) x 0.71 (speed booster) = 118.5mm :)   I ask the guys at metabones, if they can create a medium format to m4/3! I have great MF glass... image using all the lens circle, and all the stops advantage! hehehe :)
  2.   With Speed Boster we get a 102mm FF eq. Good for portrait :P hahah that's wha I want 28 and 35mm lenses from DSO soon ;)
  3. I love this stills! Ana  :wub:  hahah
  4. Hahaha You came here Buddy (Karim). Just like I told you... It's a strange behavior... the pocket camera should do the same in raw recording. But for now with prores it's ok. I'm getting the "correct" readings (zebra) from the image in the lcd ;)   Best, JDS
  5. Only problem for me is the bulky size of that thing. And does not seems so sharp with wide apertures. I will wait for final release and more tests :)
  6. Cool Small Rig Seb :) The video has your typical touch, I like it!
  7. Hello Guys! I have good news! My BMPCC as arrived :)   I just received my firts C-mount for it:   The "Rodriguez" Lens (El Marichi): Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm T2 (f/1.8)               First test (read the description on vimeo): http://vimeo.com/77128640     Best, JDS      
  8. Jorge De Silva


    Not a single problem with him! Alan is a cool dude! Very special British side (:P ) I already deal with him a couple of times not only with money but "things"! (that one is one of the most funniest stories of my life.... )    Top rating 5*****!
  9.   Your words are my words! Damn... ;) I need to get one of these lens, I hope Richard can start doing the same for 28, 35 ad 85mm :D A happy and cool PL-mount set ;)
  10. Hello Guys! Just a small example how good this combo is. Really happy with the results  ;)   D5200 used here because I'm waiting for my Nikon F to mft adapter. (Tilt and swivel lcd was very usefull in this situation to focus.)     This will be my setup with the pocket in a few days, I will use a 28mm, 35mm and this 50mm all from Nikkor.   https://vimeo.com/77586987     Best, JDS  
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