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    GH3 hack ?

    I know theres a topic for GH2 but I just purchased a GH3 and have anamorphic lenses on hand, ready to try a hack...   any users out there able to lend any advise on where to start? i.e : are all the available hacks out there compatible with the GH3?   ive gone through andrew's bible, can brainstorm the basics ... but cant even seem to find a download for the firmware for the GH3 to start with.   anyone whose hacked their GH3..would greatly appreciate any comments.   thanks!
  2. JMN


    What are people's experience with this company ? I made very specific inquiries due to my deadline and got a "your wasting time by chatting" response. Based on the reviews from the product I took a chance with hoping the business matches their quality. Sent cash via PayPal and still no response after 4 days.. I have my lenses ready but need adapters for a six month location project. Anyone have the same non communicative experience with positive outcome ?
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