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  1. Yep, confirmed. I get the annoying NTSC message every time I switch on my camera.
  2. :( I was holding off pre-ordering a GH4 waiting for Sony's announcement...I'm disappointed, nothing special
  3. Hi Andrew, This is an awesome idea!! I have a musician for you, his name is Khaled Hamdy. We are both based out of Dubai and he left his engineering job last year and started a one man operation for audio production. He is also my jaming buddy and a jack of all trades when it comes to music: anything from heavy metal, to jazz, to epic orchestral music....not to mention middle eastern music. I used his original music before on some of my promo videos for aerial cinematography and he's great to work with. Check out http://www.khaledhamdy.net/music/ Regards, Ihab
  4. Sorry to dwell on this topic again but I too am confused about the reason for using Prores in the timeline settings. The only way I found it possible to select prores in the timeline setting is for the video previews if the editing mode is set to custom, preview file format is set to quicktime(at least on Mac) then the preview codec can be set to whatever. Are we saying here that in order to really dial in things like grain during the edit process and be able to judge them correctly the recommendation is to set the preview codec to ProRes rather than h264? The only way these settings would affect export is if the "use previews" option is selected in the export window. Is my understanding correct?
  5. Hello Everybody, I thought I'd share my little weekend project with the BMPCC...after 4 months of waiting!!   Shot handheld with the Lumix 20mm(which is a bit glitchy with my particular camera apparently)...but it got the job done. Edited in Premiere Pro and graded with Film Convert. Nothing special but I hope you like it :)   http://youtu.be/OLs-HMqPzf8     Regards, Ihab
  6. Hi, I just received my second BMPCC from Adorama since my first one was sent to B&H due to a bad MFT mount. The Camera was ordered on the 8th of October and I was told it was a one week old batch(and therefore must have been one of the new cameras with the calibrated sensors). However when I connected the Camera to computer it was not on the latest firmware(unlike the first one I received from B&H). I decided to do a test for sensor blooming or the "orbs" effect and I'm not really sure how to properly do this test. I took some screen shots from footage under the brightest light source I have(2K tungsten) and some additional night shots but I'm not sure if this is good or if I'm having problems?   Here's the Drop Box Link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l526vqxgzvpb99n/CimMqcFshl
  7. while I can't speak from experience I don't think this is true...if a lens is designed to cover a specific senor format it doesn't matter what FL it has...unfortunatly it seems like most of the ones designed for 1"/S16 are 8mm or higher...at least that's the widest I could find that covers 1"(I believe it was a Canon PL zoom lens...very expensive).
  8. I totally get the math and sorry I kept bringing this up...I was simply trying to figure out what their answer was based on...clearly and as you said it's based on non-technical people answering a technical(but very simple) question.
  9. I completely understand that...but then how come the crop factor is less than what it should be(which is 2.9)? the only way I could think of is moving the lens closer to the sensor thus reducing the projected image size on the surface(i.e. mounting the lens at a point that's closer than the flange focal distance of the MFT which is 19.25mm, the depth of the BMPCC is 38mm according to the site)...I guess this would mean that the lens will achieve infinity focus before the infinity mark on the lens and wouldn't be able to achieve the minimum focus distance...but the projection size would be smaller fitting more of the image on the lens surface and therefore reducing the crop from 2.9 to 2.6 I'm not saying this is what they did or if the above would actually work...just a thought
  10. I'm not sure but if somehow you change the distance between the lens and the sensor wouldn't you be able to project the same image on a smaller or larger surface and therefore changing the FOV crop? obviously the focal marks wouldn't work and the lens may not be able to attain infinity focus at the infinity point on the lens but that's why most of the lenses I own go a little bit beyond infinity...I guess that's what BMD must be doing in order to reduce the crop factor slightly.
  11. Here's the response I received from BMD support "The camera has just been announced therefore we do not have the full in-depth spec, however to the best of my knowledge the crop factor is 1.3 in relation to a MFT lens and a 2.6 in relation to a 35mm lens." so it's a little better than S16 crop but defintely super wide angles will be a problem if you don't want to pay a lot of money.
  12. That's what I thought as well but the guy says otherwise in the video....he says they "improved the crop factor over the previous camera" and like I said the shot with what apears to be the 14mm lens at about 00:50 of the video seems pretty wide considering how close the camera on the table apears to be to the camera....anyway sorry again I don't mean to go way off topic here. I'll try and email BMD
  13. Sorry everyone I know this is a bit off topic but did anyone see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gg0VZWRy1NI apparently the S16 sensor on the BMPCC has a crop factor of 1.3-1.4 not 3 like I thought...I bring this up here because for me the only reason I would consider buying C-mount lenses(other than the price of course) is the fact that the widest native MFT lense that doesn't have severe barel distortion is what I thought would have the equivalent FOV of a 21mm lens on 35mm sensors(that's the Panasonic Lumix 7-14)...anyone has a clue what's going on?
  14. I guess this particular lens would cover the S16 frame because it's designed to project over a 1" sensor which is a little larger. I was looking at the exact same lens as well...
  15. I really hope they can make them available before July :)
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