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    TurboRat reacted to Julien416 in The video that shows Blackmagic Pocket 4K RAW image quality is same as GH5S 400Mbit   
    Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between those two cameras if there was not an A/B comparison.  
    People are arguing about invisible sharpening - that can be desharpened, maybe 1/3 of a stop of DR and easily matchable color science. 
    Most people are just rooting for brand loyalty reasons. And to comfort for own decisions to buy to buy this camera or the other one. For the rest of the world, the image coming out from those 2 is exactly the same. 
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    TurboRat reacted to BTM_Pix in Report AI spambots here   
    OK, here is what they're up to.
    I thought it was weird that the plausible posts didn't have any links in them and initially thought that we had managed to attract the most incompetent spammers on the internet (aside from the Conservative party's latest efforts obviously).
    What they do is get a second spammer (or themselves) to quote the first post and tag the link for whatever shite it is they're pushing on to the end of the quote.
    At first it looks like its a legitimate reply but the posts will have positive replies such as "Issue got solved" or "Agreed!" because it entices someone to click the link to find out what the solution was etc. which is what their game is.
    Here are two recent examples from the "Century Optics" and "50mm" thread.
    The posts quoted did not have the links in originally.

    They are obviously wise to the fact that the first posts will get moderated so anything with a dodgy link in will be deleted so thats why they don't put it in that but use the reply system to insert them.
    I would guess that there are a lot of "clean" accounts set up to do the first post and then they'll just use multiple other accounts to add the links in to replies.
    This makes it look like the one replying is the spammer when in actual fact they both are.
    Can I make a request to not ban the one who posts the pieces about chains though as I find it offers a good perspective for when my own life is at its most tedious and dull to think "yeah but at least I don't have to write about chains. Or worse still, be so far down the spamming ladder that I get given that as source material in bot farm when all my other bot mates are out there preaching about penis enlargement"
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    TurboRat reacted to Video Hummus in Report AI spambots here   
    Spoken like a true spambot.
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    TurboRat reacted to Shell64 in Report AI spambots here   
    @SonilGomes @tompeter 
    @NuzakFarnas @MonilGomes @Gujarish
    These are all spammers. Especially @tompeter with 300+ scam eBay links to random cameras and no activity anywhere else. He’s been spamming forever. Ban em’ @Andrew Reid!
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    TurboRat reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I do get why you'd want to shoot 1080 in camera, but making 4k footage 1080 in Resolve isn't an extra step at all. If you're sequence is HD, it auto scales to fit, so from a user experience it's exactly the same as working with 1080 material.
    The difference is in the storage used and possibly the speed of your playback and export.
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    TurboRat reacted to majoraxis in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    By downscale I mean that the GH5 takes the full sensor resolution and sub samples it to get 1080p in camera, which saves a step as apposed to shooting 4K and then sub sampling it to 1080p in Resolve.
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    TurboRat reacted to majoraxis in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I do the same work flow with my GH5. I shoot 1080p and it down scale it in the camera and it looks great and saves storage space in the process.
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    TurboRat reacted to kye in 6K RAW is over-rated. Here's why...   
    I used to think that was a great film, but now I realise that it's unwatchable because it wasn't shot in 6K...  ???
    It's absolute magic and filmed like a love letter from a madman.
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    TurboRat reacted to Cinegain in Laowa 17mm f/1.8 MFT for US$149   
    Dunno, never needed lens support, aside from a physical rod system lens support. ? A good lens is a good lens period. Same goes for anything vintage. They don't have to be manufactured actively to be worth getting. Besides... all indications have it that Meike has taken over production plans, putting out just about identical lenses (CM (with intellectual property loss for commisioning party; waiving exclusive rights) turned ODM). No R&D from Meike's side means way lower prices. Of course... who knows if they changed materials to lesser quality ones... if QC is compromised, etc.
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    TurboRat reacted to kye in Laowa 17mm f/1.8 MFT for US$149   
    I'm contemplating other lenses to 'match' the Voigt but I'm not so certain that matching is the issue as the Voigt doesn't actually match with itself over its aperture range.  It has significantly different colour at f0.95, 1.4, and 2+ (it's quite purple wide open), and it has perceptibly different resolution at 0.95, 1.4, 2.0, and 2.8+.  
    I'm beginning to think that the Voigt is the MFT equivalent of Zeiss Super Speeds, in the sense that it has two (or more) fundamentally different 'looks', but that each of them is great.  I'll post more in my lens rabbit-hole thread when I've gathered more thoughts, but in this sense, they're Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde, or the 17.5mm is at least.
    In this sense the Veyrda, Meike, and Laowa are likely to be much more consistent.
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    TurboRat reacted to wyrlyn in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    If the BMPCC4K camera has a Still button to take images why can't we just simply preview them in camera? it would be really helpful and must have feature.
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    TurboRat got a reaction from shooter in Girls on film   
    I laughed when the iso began appearing for some reason
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    TurboRat reacted to Adam Kuźniar in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    wait what, fuck me, I use FC too but mine doesn't look that good after ten minutes  
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    TurboRat reacted to BjornT in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Thank you!
    Made this the other day. Shot in HLG using the leica 12-60 and a few shots with sigma 18-35. Graded it with filmconvert nitrate in Premiere Pro and I am not kidding when I say it only took ten minutes for the grade. Very impressive plugin.
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    TurboRat reacted to Mako Sports in GoPro Hero 8 worth buying?   
    When a new gopro drops its always super enticing. However it seems people will buy them, use them once or twice then never use them again. 
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    TurboRat reacted to Thpriest in Swap Voigtlander 17.5/42.5 combo for PL10-25/1.7?   
    I have the 10-25. I've only had it a week now and i haven't had the chance to look at the results on 2 jobs I used it on but I really liked the feel of it. I got it to replace the Sigma 18-35 as it's native and lighter. I have kept my Voigtlanders as I feel they are complementary lenses, great for real low light, bokeh and a different look.
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    TurboRat reacted to Video Hummus in Swap Voigtlander 17.5/42.5 combo for PL10-25/1.7?   
    I care a lot about the size and weight of my kit. Basically, if it's heavy or bulky it's probably going to stay home and I will use it less. I have the 10-25/1.7 and really enjoy having a lens that can go wider than the standard 12mm on a lot of zoom lenses. Quickly grabbing a wide and then a tight 50mm shot is fast and simple. Absolutely love the manual focus clutch (Panny should adopt this design going forward like Olympus). Build quality is excellent like most of the PL line. If the weight and size of your kit is a priority the 10-25/1.7 is a great addition.
    People compare it a lot to the Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35mm combo but I think thats a bit myopic of a comparison as it disregards possible future (and better) MFT bodies with better AF. It's definitely a lighter setup (and more balanced) than the sigma as well. Which really matters when you need it on a gimbal or just have to carry it all day.
    I would replace the 12-60 and the PL25/1.4 but keep at least the 42.5 Voigtlander. Those are nice, fast primes with character. GH5 has excellent IBIS so lack of OIS in the lens really won't be a problem.
    In my opinion, for Panny MFT cameras and native glass, the holy trinity is the: PL 10-25/1.7, PL 42.5/1.2, PL 50-200/2.8-4
    With the Olympus 12-100/4 for when you have only space for one lens.
    On a side note: really looking forward to getting my GH5S on the new Weebill-S gimbal with this lens. Match made in heaven, maybe?
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    TurboRat reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    In theory they could, but in practice I don't see them doing it, especially for Braw recordings.
    It is something you can very easily fix in post, and is one of the default panels in Resolve, so it's not a huge issue. 
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    TurboRat reacted to Tyler Hansen in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    I got sick of these terrible test videos so I decided to go out and make a quick video. It's an amazing camera. 
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    TurboRat reacted to Grimor in Best way to focus   
    1. Set taking lens out of focus where your subject is and wide open to get nice bokeh. 
    2. Make a shiny spot on your subject focus plane so you see the bokeh on the subject. 
    3. Turn scope both sides and see how the shape of bokeh change. You need a middle point where bokeh is perfectly round. 
    7. Now focus your taking lens as usual. 
    8. Remove the shiny spot if you don't want it on the shoot
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    TurboRat reacted to Grimor in Best way to focus   
    I remember a master trick I learned from a YT channel (I think it was Erik Ivar Persson) for perfect dual focus on the fly:
    If we want to focus on a subject, say 3 meters away, we will put the lens taking lens completely wrong, in this case to infinity in order to get a pronounced bokeh on the subject. I remember lighting a bright object at that point of the subject (keys with a flashlight) and getting the bokeh at the desired focus distance. At that time I played with the anamorphic focus and that bokeh changed from vertical to horizontal, passing through a small intermediate point that was round. That is the desired focus point of the anamorphic block. Once in it, we corrected the taking as if it were single focus. It is an easy and fast method that helped me a lot.
    Dou you remember this anamorphic short? What's happened with his channel? 

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    TurboRat reacted to kye in University education - is it worth it?   
    Start at the end goal and work backwards, seeking evidence.
    For example, if the end goal is to get a job, call employers and ask to speak to their hiring manager and ask them if it's something they care about when hiring.
    If you want to learn to think differently, find who your lecturers would be and call them, asking them if their classes will teach you to think differently from the other classes on offer.  You will quickly understand if they're full of shit or not.
    One way that is guaranteed to teach you to think differently is to find some film people you like (producers, directors, cinematographers, etc) who produce radically different work, call all of their offices begging for an internship where you work for free and get to shadow these people.  Spend a few months with each, trying to figure out what they do and why and helping them.  Not only will that give you access to people you know think differently to each other, but if you're any good you'll probably get offered jobs with people you gelled with.
    Be clear on your goals and work backwards.
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    TurboRat reacted to Otago in University education - is it worth it?   
    I'm engineer so not directly relevant, but might be based on what BasilikFilm has said above. I was never asked what school qualifications I had after I got into University, I was never asked what degree I had after I had a few years work under my belt, I haven't been asked what my first few years of employment were like now I have 15 years under my belt. Each time those credentials or qualifications made the step to the next level easier, it would've been possible without them but I have seen others coming from a less traditional background take longer to get their foot on the first rung. A traditional path with good grades gives everyone in the hiring process a bit of comfort and can be the differentiator between 2 candidates but this is only true at the early stages of a career, after 10 years of experience I care far more about personality. 
    I work at a University now and there would be 2 things I would check if I was going to do a masters.
    1. See who the tutors are, if they are academics that have worked their way up via bachelors, masters then a phd I would be a little cautious because there are some great people who have done that and some people who have learnt and excelled at academia and not just their specialist subject.
    2. Who are the other students, if part of what you want is to build a network then students who don't stay in your location ( either because they don't want to or aren't allowed to ) or aren't fluent in English then it may not be as useful to you. In our institution ~70% of masters students are Chinese and American and they are there for the credentials and don't stick around afterwards. 
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    TurboRat reacted to BasiliskFilm in University education - is it worth it?   
    no one ever asked me about my degree. OK that is many years ago now. It is all about skills, portfolio and word of mouth. If you are a self starter you can build these yourself.
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    TurboRat reacted to thebrothersthre3 in University education - is it worth it?   
    From everything I heard connections are the real benefit of going to school, of course the better the school the more useful the connections. If you are a socialite you can make connections without school though. It can definitely help motivate one to actually do work and learn, but if you can get a production job that accomplishes the same thing. For corporate type 9-5ish jobs having a masters on your application can definitely help, though in this visual land your work can also speak for itself.

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