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  1. Just tried that out and it worked, thanks for the tip. Weird that I see banding in the Program Monitor and when I use the export frame button, pretty frustrating.
  2. How so? All I did was add the Panasonic Nicest LUT in both programs. Premiere gives crazy banding and Davinci has zero banding.
  3. Man Premiere really is garbage. Just exported a frame from Davinci and Premiere at the same time. Bit depth maxed out on Premiere. Full 4K exports here shows the banding even better.
  4. I got sick of these terrible test videos so I decided to go out and make a quick video. It's an amazing camera.
  5. So like some people here, the deal breaker for me is 4K60P Full Frame. I commented on Atomos' IG and they responded with this. I guess uncropped 4K60P is happening through HDMI?
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