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    Snowbro reacted to Anaconda_ in Self financed $700k sci-fi movie   
    I recently watched this film, and thought it was fantastic. Story really is everything.
    It's the writer/director's debut, he saved up $700k from doing commercial work to self-fund it. Filmed in just 4 weeks with only 5 characters. The cinematography is excellent and I've never seen some of the techniques before. I'm usually a 'show don't tell' kind of guy, but with this, I was so happy it's more like a story in realtime. The characters are interesting and engaging and it takes you far beyond the 1950s small town backdrop. 
    Interview with DOP:
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    Snowbro reacted to Andrew Reid in Forum rules: No links to Cinema5D, DPReview, Nofilmschool   
    It's time to take a stand.
    DPReview for the umpteenth time refuse to lift the blanket ban on EOSHD URLs on the forum, so I am going to do the same. No DPReview links are welcome on this forum and they'll be deactivated automatically. Of course you are still free to discuss their articles, but I don't see why I should drive their traffic while they do their best to shut me out and censor their own forum users.
    To be honest it'll be no great loss if you didn't discuss their articles, in my opinion.
    Now the same goes with Cinema5D because I disagree fundamentally with the ethics of those who run the site.
    They have been absolute horrors towards EOSHD and never supported my presence as a rival from day one. They deleted their user's DSLR community, tossed an entire forum in the trash. Remember this and please don't draw attention to their articles which are in my opinion, blatantly misleading biased reviews, like with the 1D X Mark III rolling shutter situation and the hatchet job on the GH5 when that came out. You can get your info directly from me here instead so you don't need them anyway.
    Nofilmschool are banned for same reasons due to my view of their editorial and business ethics.
    With Nofilmschool this is also a zero loss. I don't think there's been a mention of them for years. Who reads that exercise in SEO any more?
    Please appreciate, that my appeal to all of you in this forum is....Choose your sources with thought and care!!
    This forum should be good quality info.
    I don't want it to become an aggregate of misinformation and a place to bookmark YouTube clickbait, page after page.
    Best of all, let's create our own content. We all have a camera. Let's test it, shoot with it, compare it. And lenses too, and software, and computers!
    There are so many good people out there doing superb cinematic work and camera reviews.
    Let's draw attention to them instead.
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    Snowbro reacted to IronFilm in RED Komodo   
    RED is amazing with their marketing, they're getting folks to PAY to be beta testers!
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    Snowbro reacted to Andrew Reid in Andrew Reset My Rep 😂   
    Crying about censorship again are we?
    What a crybaby.
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    Snowbro got a reaction from Ingerson in Andrew Reset My Rep 😂   
    Ok, you win the internet battles. Honestly, I have had no ill intent towards you Andrew, this is your forum/blog and you should do as you please.
    I just saw some self destructive behavior in this last year and it seemed out of character. I think that you have demonstrated that you have a ton of potential in this industry and I felt that you had been above some of the nonsense I have seen lately. I guess you can choose to be that dude, Trump did it in politics and says whatever he wants lol. My goal was to just hopefully get you to think a little about what you are doing. I'm sure you don't care and hopefully not, but I think you are severely limiting yourself.
    Remember, true friends will tell you what you don't want to hear (not that I am or want to be, I just enjoyed your content in the past). 
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    Snowbro reacted to Cinegain in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    Fair play. Was just reminiscing the good days and thinking of all the contribitions that had been made and the people who made them, really. But good note to end things on there.
    Guess everyone's been a bit on edge these days, to calmer times then.
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    Snowbro reacted to Cinegain in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    Hum, which previous somewhat frequent visitors have not been here for a while, AaronChicago, JazzBox, Brother, DBounce, Ed_David, Liszon, John Brawley, jase, TheRenaissanceMan, webrunner5, Orangenz, Neumann Films, Jordan Drake, benymypony, Axel, Liam, aldolega, theSUBVERSIVE, bigfoot, Raafi Rivero, lucabutera, Snowbro, BrorSvensson, Julian, dahlfors, Justin Bacle, dhessel, Fredrik Lyhne, Zach Ashcraft, Michael Ma, j.f.r., Rudolf, Juxx989, Shell64, agolex, sudopera, Dean, SR, Policar, Shield3, johnnymossville, Kristoferman, Ivanhurba, jhnkng, leeys, bamigoreng, Volker Schmidt, TSV, John Emery, dafreaking, Dan Wake, Christina Ava, Luke Mason, sandro, tomekk, Brian Caldwell, jgharding... etc. Oh lol, and jcs, remember that guy? And maxotics. Dang that must've been like around the Ebrahim days. 😅 Well. That was some trip down memory lane. Back to more productive quarantine tasks. Well, productive... the weather is so nice, I'm head out for a 4hr walk down the beach!
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    Snowbro reacted to nathanleebush in DPReview forum censors work of frontline riot photographer amidst George Floyd protests   
    You're not "fighting the power" when you're on the side of every Fortune 500 company and media outlet you fucking nerd. You're such a normie but think you're transgressive. You and McDonalds are taking on the man together to stop "racism"! LOLOLOL
    You're exactly the kind of virtue signaling, lecturing chode we need less of. You're an obnoxious bully, not a freedom fighter.
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    Snowbro reacted to gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    @Andrew Reid in your article you mention 1.5 crop not sure how you get to that as 5472 / 4096  = 2886 / 2160  = 1.336 

    Also I think you should mention that is your machine (hackintosh) that seems to have problem with Resolve  as others with even below specs than yours can playback realtime.
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    Snowbro reacted to ade towell in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    From the looks of it the DR on the 1DXmk3 is a bit less than the Panasonic S1H which was measured at 12.7 stops DR by Cinema 5d. This was using 10 bit log on the Panasonic compared to RAW on the Canon - will be interesting to see  if the upcoming RAW update will increase the S1H's DR even more
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    Snowbro reacted to Andrew Reid in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    The 1D X III has a single processor which is much faster than the dual processors in the prior models.
    Canon explains this in their white paper.
    They don't however explain what core count the CPU has. Probably a lot more than two.
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    Snowbro reacted to Andrew Reid in Hipster pretending to be a big shot artist   
    If we're going to make assumptions about my character, how about I make some assumptions about yours!
    You just had a very high profile murder of a black man in your country and not once have you condemned it.
    So why don't we start by you condemning that, just so we can get the racist stuff out the way so we can carry on talking cameras??
    Or is your love of Trump making you tongue tied?
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    Snowbro reacted to Andrew Reid in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Ever thought of actually contributing?
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    Snowbro reacted to Sage in Pocket 4K to Alexa Conversion   
    XT3 is in the plans, indeed. At this moment, its down to documenting the process of adding a camera to the server, and then streamlining the Pdf writing process as best I can (later today). This will make a camera cycle as efficient as possible.
    From the LogC alone, V4 isn't that different from V3 for the average image. When saturation becomes more extreme, V4 is quite a bit better (much, much more accurate to Alexa). And when using V4 on unintended formats (i.e. Rec709 footage), V4 holds up, while V3 doesn't. Here is a comparison with one of the more saturated images I've got (most notable shift), using Soft (most equivalent variation between 3 & 4):


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    Snowbro reacted to gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    They mention here that they have not test DR yet so there is hope that they will https://***URL not allowed***/canon-1d-x-mark-iii-review-and-sample-footage/
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    Snowbro reacted to gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    What are you talking about? Every review is very positive, yes it has limitations as every camera but what are you expecting a C500 ii merged with an Alexa in a rather small weather sealed body at 1/3 or 1/5 of the price?
    Is a FF 5.5k RAW with a great AF alternatives?
    C500 II, Fx9 (no raw)
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    Snowbro reacted to PannySVHS in DPReview forum censors work of frontline riot photographer amidst George Floyd protests   
    @Snowbro Love your post above! Out of likes for today. Spending too much time on the net on my free day. cheers:)
    boss! Thx!
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    Snowbro reacted to Andrew Reid in DPReview forum censors work of frontline riot photographer amidst George Floyd protests   
    So going back to the original topic.
    DPReview forum mod locked and censored posts with photos of anti-racism protests.
    You could ask yourself why? And what do you think about that?
    On the front page, the headline about the police targeting photo journalists was misleading. In the article, the photographer had their lens broken by a protester.
    Do you think this is acceptable - to vilify the police and then use two completely false examples of police brutality?
    Americans need to start questioning more.
    And by the way, I am not a "rabid liberal" whatever that is.
    I have a mixture of complicated views, some of them socially liberal, some of them agreeing with Joe Rogen's podcast a lot of the time, some of them fiscally conservative, it's a big old mix.
    This is why it is so stupid we are putting people into tribes of far left and far right.
    It is way more complex.
    However, capitalism selects for extremes so this is the result. A fading away of any middle ground, and two tribes battling it out for supremacy and control.
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    Snowbro reacted to josdr in DPReview forum censors work of frontline riot photographer amidst George Floyd protests   
    Nope, that is censorship Andrew, do not delude yourself. Respectfully. 
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    Snowbro reacted to nathanleebush in DPReview forum censors work of frontline riot photographer amidst George Floyd protests   
    The last time I’ll visit EOSHD. You’re such a whiny little bitch at this point. 
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    Snowbro reacted to sanveer in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    This entire thread was just political outburts. It clearly had nothing to do with filmmaking or videography, even remotely. It's probably on the lines of the spamming which was happening with fake IDs (minus the fake IDs). 
    It needs to be sent to trash/deleted. 
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    Snowbro reacted to Django in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    Well it does sound like they are expanding that location so technically I guess they are building new facilities:
    Apple expands in Austin <- official Apple press release
    I have no idea how much Trump was involved in that but Jobs (who was a democrat) did complain the Obama administration was making it hard to maintain production in the US.
    Not trying to stir up anything or take sides... just stating facts.
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    Snowbro reacted to kaylee in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    dont be silly! you obviously hate him, but im a libertarian who wants to eliminate 99% of the federal gov so.... i rlly doubt we're on the same page ?its whatever
    the point is: all this emotion reflects VERY poorly on you guys as filmmakers. DONT BE A MARK. even a smart mark lolol
    just watch this ok, itll explain everything 
  24. Haha
    Snowbro reacted to kaylee in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    trump is the first president to be bigger than the presidency: think abt it. hes an actual star whether u like it or not
    he is also in the WWE hall of fame. dont be a mark u guys!!! ???
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    Snowbro reacted to timapple in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    Unless you're an American citizen why don't you STFU.  We come here for your video expertise, which is significant, not your political opinion, which is suspect.
    Everyone knows Trump didn't open that factory, that it has been making the previous generation Mac Pros for years now.  He DID, however, convince Tim Cook to bring production BACK to Austiin, Texas after previously stating that the new Mac Pro would be made in China.  So in a sense he did kind of open that factory again.  Those of us who are logical and unbiased knew what he was implying.  Get over it and stick with cameras, please.  Otherwise you look like a fool, Andrew.
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