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  1. Andrew, you're a smart guy. So I guess you're just pretending not to know the real reason. Welcome to the WOKE SOCIETY. No one is allowed to be different anymore. Free speech? Not any more! Still believe in biology? You MUST be canceled, then. We've come full circle and Galileo is to be locked up in the tower again for daring to be a rebel....a CORRECT rebel at that. So even though the FP and FP-L are in fact amazing cameras we live in a world of little snowflalkes.... but snowflakes that must ALL BE ALIKE.... even though everyone knows no two are alike. Boys can be girls, girls can
  2. Wish this EVF would fit on the FP but I don't see how it could. The FP has a raised "curb" in the body in between the USB and two pins area. The new EVF has a solid bar along this axis. It would need a slot or cut-out in between in order for it to dock completely with the FP. I don't think we've seen any pix of the new FP-L side ports, but I suspect it will NOT have that divider molded into the camera's skin allowing that hole vertical bar to fit. I might be selling an unused FP because this is an accessory I'd really like to have.
  3. Welcome to the world of woke cancel culture. You can't take risks anymore. Can't offend people. Can't say un-PC things. It already destroyed comedy, especially stand-up acts. Used to be college campuses were where this thrived. Now it's shunned. Maybe we'll be able to laugh at ourselves again in another 50 years.
  4. Whether you like this camera or not, or will buy one or not ... you still have to appreciate that for $2000 it blows away an $8000 Leica M. No, it’s not built like a tank and doesn’t have that “jewel” elegance. But for those wanting a rangefinder-ish experience and a relatively inexpensive camera they can always have with them, it’s still a pretty cool camera. It won’t replace my other a7’s but I’ll probably get one. Life is too short to bitch about everything. Have some fun once in a while. If it’s such an awful camera like many are implying then it’s not going to put Fuji or Panasonic ou
  5. Instead of using a normal welding machine to build that ride, I hear the guy in the video was actually using a Canon R5 to melt the metal parts. Just a rumor. : )
  6. Be safe and do NOT pawn your GFX! So what is the cactus used for? Scrubbing the lens clean?
  7. Always appreciate your in-depth and informative reviews. Thanks once again.
  8. Unless you're an American citizen why don't you STFU. We come here for your video expertise, which is significant, not your political opinion, which is suspect. Everyone knows Trump didn't open that factory, that it has been making the previous generation Mac Pros for years now. He DID, however, convince Tim Cook to bring production BACK to Austiin, Texas after previously stating that the new Mac Pro would be made in China. So in a sense he did kind of open that factory again. Those of us who are logical and unbiased knew what he was implying. Get over it and stick with cameras, plea
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