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  1. Be safe and do NOT pawn your GFX! So what is the cactus used for? Scrubbing the lens clean?
  2. Always appreciate your in-depth and informative reviews. Thanks once again.
  3. Unless you're an American citizen why don't you STFU. We come here for your video expertise, which is significant, not your political opinion, which is suspect. Everyone knows Trump didn't open that factory, that it has been making the previous generation Mac Pros for years now. He DID, however, convince Tim Cook to bring production BACK to Austiin, Texas after previously stating that the new Mac Pro would be made in China. So in a sense he did kind of open that factory again. Those of us who are logical and unbiased knew what he was implying. Get over it and stick with cameras, please. Otherwise you look like a fool, Andrew.
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