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    Nodnarb reacted to wolf33d in Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???   
    Rumor says they will keep DFD tech with no DPAF. Why on earth would they do that? 
    If this camera has high mpx + GH5 video specs like 4K60P and 10 bit, it's going to be an absolute killer. But if they keep their shitty AF well it's going to be the dealbreaker. Dont do that Panasonic, dont be so dumb.
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    Nodnarb reacted to kye in Best Mirrorless Camera?   
    I read that as "the best mirrorless camera is in your hand" and then got very excited, but was disappointed when I discovered it wasn't a fantastic camera in disguise, but was just as it appeared - a donut.
    All else being equal, those controls are spectacular.  I've bitched about mentioned it before, but being able to see exactly what your settings are and to specify any combination of them is just fantastic.  The fact that I can't set aperture, shutter speed and auto-ISO on my XC10 is basically against the Geneva Convention.
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from IronFilm in Mind blowing Canon executive interview   
    A/C is standard equipment on almost every model car sold in the US. Like a radio, it's included on the base model of even cheap cars, because it's 2018.
    Maybe not the best analogy. You can get a Ford Focus with All-Wheel-Drive and a trailer hitch. There are of course some capabilities that you physically could not get in a smaller car or in a smaller camera. But there's nothing that prevents Ford from putting AWD on a Focus, and nothing that physically prevents Canon from having 4K video w/ Dual Pixel AF on the M50.

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    Nodnarb reacted to Kisaha in NX2 rumors   
    Who needs an NX2, when Fuji has a new video-centric camera that can do 6 minutes of 100 frames and cropped 4K? And 20 minutes of 1080 video!
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    Nodnarb reacted to Mattias Burling in Fuji X-H1: new APSC video oriented camera   
    Careful or someone will come with a chart showing that you are wrong and calling you an idiot for not knowing that you according to the numbers like cake
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from EthanAlexander in Hey YouTube and Facebook - time to stop burying the good stuff with wall-to-wall bullshit   
    YouTube removes Logan Paul as a preferred ad partner and cancels his YouTube Red projects
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    Nodnarb reacted to Orangenz in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
    Ok, you're quite the funny troll
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    Nodnarb reacted to Andrew Reid in There is an imposter about   
    Yep easy to trap.
    "Please send to Ebrahim Saadawi, 1 scam street, fraudtown."
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    Nodnarb reacted to omega1978 in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    not the only one  NX1 mixed with A7S and Phantom 4 Pro
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    Nodnarb reacted to Inazuma in C100 mkiii   
    Dave "Fake News" Altizer
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    Nodnarb reacted to scotchtape in GH5 focus excellence   
    In the wedding processional AF vid, the background is pulsing in the first few clips.  In the last one with the same settings (AF speed 5, sens 3) it is pulsing less.
    I still think A6500 AF-C far superior for video AF.  GH5 makes me think 3x about using af-c.  It's not the worst thing in the world but it's also not consistent enough for "prime time".  I'm not saying it's unusable, but it has a higher chance of not doing what you want it to do vs the competition.  IMO you're rolling the dice when you use it.  Maybe with firmware tweaks it will improve but there's only so much you can do with CDAF.  
    I really wish they licensed or bought some of the other AF tech, that would have made this camera really great, like almost next level.
    I don't regret my purchase too much, it's got a lot of great features and the people I work with are really looking forward to the 4K 60p.  Just wish the AF-C was better, that would have sealed the deal for them and avoided this whole controversy (although I'm sure we would have found something else to complain about, like someone said the audio is not seamless between long files?  still have to test this myself).
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    Nodnarb reacted to Davey in GH5 focus excellence   
    Max knows a lot more about Panasonic cameras than the so-called luminary, who spent most of his time justifying himself with defensive body language and filling the airwaves with repetitive waffle.
    Max 2-0 up with another video to come...
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from Ken Ross in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    I literally said your test were a 'little different', since you used a different lens, then you quote me as saying 'very different'. You then ask how I can possibly ignore your test result, after I said your autofocus test were helpful. Do you always try so hard to create conflict or just having a bad day? Nobody is ignoring you. You are important too.
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    Nodnarb reacted to Arikhan in GH5 focus excellence   
    "Pulsing" in AF mode is an old Pana problem, facing FZ1000 and new models too (as the FZ2000). The only way to sail around this AF flaw (continuous AF) is to lock and use the area mode (I told this @jonpais in this forum some times though...). When using a Pana in area mode (subject within a fixed AF area), there is no much pulsing/micro-hunting forth and back (microadjustments of the faulty AF).
    Take a look at the "successful" AF video of PhotoJoseph...Full of visible and abyssmal pulsing forth and back in the background. Look at the video of Peter Gregg...Again the pulsing when focusing on the remote of his TV...Hehe, this is a "P&P"-camera - permanently pulsing and pumping...
    It's simply a shame to blame users by saying, they can not handle it. Same users do well with Canons DPAF and with Sony's standard settings. No need to go to a university to use AF. It's simply a barefaced claim of fanboys & paid henchmen, who simply don't want to accept the truth. BTW: I use more Pana cameras, but AF on them is simply BS...far away from current standards...By "tweaking" you can get it to work in some situations...Continuous AF for professional use has to be reliable, that's why many DOPs rent the C300 mII...
    The AF ist not a great strength of the GH5...But as many Pana fanboys claim, AF is only for pussies... 
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from zerocool22 in Canon 5D mkIV Crop Factor Reduction   
    It was a joke.
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from mercer in Canon 5D mkIV Crop Factor Reduction   
    That CDAF is distracting. Put Canon's Dual Pixel or Sony's a6500 quality PDAF in there and the GH5 would check all my boxes.
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from Miklos Nemeth in 5 reasons why I will be getting a Panasonic GH5   
    GH Wish List
    1. Better autofocus - for smooth touch screen focus pull. Along the lines of Canon's DPAF.
    2. Full HD at 120fps or higher. 240fps would be sweet.
    3. IBIS
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    Nodnarb got a reaction from wolf33d in 5 reasons why I will be getting a Panasonic GH5   
    GH Wish List
    1. Better autofocus - for smooth touch screen focus pull. Along the lines of Canon's DPAF.
    2. Full HD at 120fps or higher. 240fps would be sweet.
    3. IBIS
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