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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to mercer in Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???   
    Full frame is pretty special but it’s just another format.
    S35mm is still king for Hollywood narratives and a lot of Hollywood DPs supposedly own Fuji as their personal cameras.
    In the end, who cares? John Brawley has already proven that a S16 sensor camera can be used in 1080p ProRes on a network television show.
    All of this other resolution and spec nonsense is propagated by manufacturers at an attempt to gain an extra percent of market share for their stock holders.
    Pick a camera you like the image from, or the specs that get you hot under the collar and work on your craft and create.
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from Richie Recoil in PANASONIC G7 ATOMOS NINJA ASSASSIN 4K   
    Hi Andy, does the screen go blank while recording on the g7 or does it continue to display? Really would like this for uni (and can get a good deal on it). 
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