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    Stathman got a reaction from Drew Allegre in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    Looks like ML for 80D is just around the corner.
    First 1080p 14bit DNG sample in post #291.
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    Stathman got a reaction from Alpicat in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    Looks like ML for 80D is just around the corner.
    First 1080p 14bit DNG sample in post #291.
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    Stathman reacted to johnnyd in NAB 2018   
    Philip bloom just posted this. New BM 4k pocket cam
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    Stathman got a reaction from Hans Punk in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    You forgot something...
    "Foolishly I should have quit earlier to recover the logs from the SD card, but alas that Sandisk appears to be toast, hence the lack of precise data - just my anecdotal report."
    "Do not try on expensive cards until we figure out what happened!"
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    Stathman reacted to Hans Punk in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
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    Stathman reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic Profile Stepper App   
    So, as you may recall, I have an interest in tweaking the combinations of the basic profiles in the camera along with the contrast/sharpness/saturation/NR parameters.
    The purpose of that is basically a mining operation to see if there are some combinations that perhaps may not be intuitive but whose interaction may yield pleasing results.
    Outside of the usual "select cinelike d, reduce everything to -5" etc stuff that we all do, who really knows if Natural with +4 contrast/-5 sharpness/+3 saturation/+2 noise reduction might actually be the golden ticket?
    I did a hardware controller last year based on a midi control surface that let you tweak the parameters in real time which, whilst offering a way of 'discovery through play', wasn't exactly ideal from a structured testing point of view. 
    It also wasn't particularly practical (or cheap) for you to go out and replicate yourselves if you fancied a go !
    Anyway, in pursuit of something a bit more structured, I created a very simple automated testing app which I thought I might as well hand out in case anyone else is interested in this sort of thing.
    Its Android only so you elitists with that other phone type are out of luck for now
    As its also a bit of a utilitarian thing that was only really designed for my own meddling, its not exactly pretty either but it works. Mainly.
    OK, so here is how it looks, how to use it and what it does.
    First things first, obviously, is to enable the Wifi on your Panasonic camera as per if you were using their app and then go into your phone/tablet and connect to it.
    In the ProfileStepper app, you then press the "Connect" button and it will take control of the camera. It might complain the first time about approving the connection but if it does just repeat and it will be fine.
    Once connected, you press the individual parameter buttons and select the range that you are interested in so in this example we have set it to be using the base Natural profile and how it looks with all permutations of Contrast from -5 to +3, Sharpness from -2 to 0, Saturation from -5 to +5 and NR from -5 to +1.
    Next up is to set if you want to use Stills or Video, which we toggle between by pressing the Stills button and then to create a delay (of between 1 and 10 seconds) between shots you press the button (currently set to 2 seconds) and select it.
    When you are happy with the settings range, press the Start button and the app will begin compiling the list of commands it needs to send to the camera. As this is a variable amount of time (in our example there are 2079 commands ) you may see a progress pop-up before it proceeds to the playout screen. Be patient.
    The progress screen will then appear and display the value of each parameter in the set it is sending to the camera and the current progress (in this case we are on set 4 of 2079).

    After it sends each set to the camera, if you have the mode set to Stills it will then fire the shutter on the camera. Obviously, make sure you have a decent memory card capacity if you are testing a lot of permutations!
    If you are set to Video mode, a recording will begin on the camera as soon as you pressed the Start button and the changes will all be recorded into this one recording. This is where the Delay function becomes useful as it determines how long each setting is held on the video as it progresses. As with the Stills mode, be careful regarding capacity as if you have 1000 permutations with a Delay time of 5 seconds then, well....
    In either mode, pressing the Stop button will abort and return you to the main screen and if you are in video mode it will stop the recording.
    The purpose of the progress screen is not just to provide you with a countdown to whats going on but also meant to act as a slate so that you can put your phone/tablet in your test scene and the settings will then be embedded in the images/video when you review them. This is an example frame from a GX80 to illustrate. 
    There is a 3 second delay built in to the beginning of the command playout process to allow you to do this but obviously as the camera is being controlled over Wifi you can place the phone/tablet in the scene and press Start from there anyway. This just gives you a chance to get your hand out of the way !

    So there you go.
    Its a bit of a niche app to say the least but might be useful for some.
    Bear in mind, its not really meant to be about analysing every single permutation in one go (though it can do that if you want) its more about helping you to look at how more targeted ranges of settings interact with each other (such as Saturation and Contrast in a specific Profile for example). And what exactly is the Noise Reduction bringing to the party in terms of colour shifts and sharpening etc.
    Download link is here
    You'll need to set your device to install apps from non-Play store sources etc.
    Its completely free, no ads or any bollocks like that.
    As I say, its my own test tool and wasn't designed for general release but thought it might be useful to share.
    If nothing else, its a quick way to get the Cinelike D hack on to your camera!
    Because its just a quick and dirty test tool, there is no particularly elegant error handling going on (other than telling you that you haven't connected the camera) so if it throws one up just quit and restart it. 
    If you set the To range to be lower than the From range (i.e. the From is -3 and the To is -4) then it won't execute the commands so don't do that. 
    NB - The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted the Bracket function at the bottom of the screen. This does exactly what you might expect but its unrelated to the main function but I needed it to test something so you get it as a bonus! You set the shutter speed and then the 1/3rd steps above and below and press Bracket and it takes the required frames with suitably altered shutter speeds. Its a bit flaky on some Panasonic cameras because they don't all allow the 1/3rd shutter changes so your mileage may vary and, as I say, you can largely ignore it.
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    Stathman reacted to Deadcode in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    Storm is coming... 
    SD Card writing speed hack
    If you are familiar with the ML possibilities, you already know the best RAW capable cameras are those with CF card. The CF Card interface is capable of 70MB/s writing speed with 5D2, 75MB/s with 7D, and 95MB/s with 5D3.
    6D / 700D which has SD interface is only capable of 40MB/s, limited by the camera and not the SD card.
    Now the ML team are pumping up the SD card interface writing speed. It seems like the 40MB/s can be raised up to 70MB/s or even further.
    That means the 700D will be able to record in 2520x1072 continuously
    I hope they can make it stable
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    Stathman reacted to SlanderShot in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    Here my last work about my travel in Japan in march 2018.
    Shot with 5DIII RAW 14bits lossless 1920x1080 29fps
    EF 24 70mm 2.8
    Grade on DR14 + Film Convert / edit on PP CC 2018
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    Stathman reacted to BTM_Pix in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Yeah but you didn't see me 10 minutes later when I logged into eBay and found out I hadn't been outbid on all 17 NX-1s that I was hoping to turn a profit on next week.

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    Stathman reacted to BTM_Pix in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    You say that like I haven't already tried it.

    I can give you a mic input on the GX80/85 if you want though.
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    Stathman reacted to Arikhan in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Full ACK - no problem. I can do with my cameras whatever I want.
    But problems could begin when making it public... There are some hardware modifications (at least at the moment) too...So...But that's what I told you at the very beginning. I said: "I opened the box"...
    Workflow is as simple as I said when revealing the properties of the screenshot: It's a workflow @Mattias Burling shared on YT in 2014. Nothing new there. It's a common DNG workflow. 
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    Stathman reacted to Matthew Hartman in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Thank you sir. Excellent response. 
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    Stathman got a reaction from Kisaha in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Thanks a lot for sharing @Arikhan!
    Keep up the good work with your studies!
    We 'll be all waiting patiently until you are ready to reveal us your magic tricks. 
    Well done! 
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    Stathman reacted to jpfilmz in Canon 5D mark iii RAW video 2018   
    Not bad.  The 1080 does upscale to 4k nicely.  Here is a 3k to 4k upscale i did awhile back.  I still haven't found a camera that can match the color, detail, motion cadence of the 5DMK3 in raw unless I want to spend a fortune.  Canon could really truly rule everyone if they wanted.  It's such a tragedy.  :-(
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    Stathman reacted to BTM_Pix in Sony a7 III discussion   
    You not getting an X-H1 then Jon?

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    Stathman got a reaction from KrisAK in Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?   
    Although the AF speed is waaaay faster with DR100, I think it is not so smooth.
    Can anyone else see it or my eyes flipped out? 
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    Stathman got a reaction from Kisaha in Sony a7 III discussion   
    I bet you can buy two A7III for the price of one. Plus GM lenses and a lollypop...
    Just kidding, but the price of the A7III is not so bad.
    Instead, i believe the price in dollars is a bargain for these specs.
    Price in euros though... 
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    Stathman got a reaction from Werner H. Graf in Sony a7 III discussion   
    I bet you can buy two A7III for the price of one. Plus GM lenses and a lollypop...
    Just kidding, but the price of the A7III is not so bad.
    Instead, i believe the price in dollars is a bargain for these specs.
    Price in euros though... 
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    Stathman reacted to Mattias Burling in Sony a7 III discussion   
    No its not bad. It is market value. Its just that market value has gone up at the rate of specs the last few years.
    So the "cheap DSLR revolution" isn't exactly around anymore. This cost about the same as a pro video camera did back when the revolution started.
    We started using cheaper cameras and then started asking for more features in them, features from the expensive cameras.
    And the companies gave it to us, the prices to

    And it sometimes seems like we still think we are using cheap cameras just because they are hybrids or still cameras. 
    But in reality plenty of pro video and cinema cameras are cheaper these days.

    Just thinking out loud.
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    Stathman reacted to Bozzie in Shadow Warriors (BMCC) - Short Film   
    A little short film I've literally just released online! Shot on a BMCC and graded with my BozBMDFilm to Rec709 LUT. Download HERE: https://bulentozdemirfilms.wordpress.com/downloads/bmcc-bmpcc-bozbmdfilm-to-rec709-lut/. Hope you like 
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    Stathman reacted to xzoticskillz in GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews   
    I couldn't find any samples or a demo of low light 240 fps footage from the Gh5s. Thus, I went out and made my own test video to see what's possible. Here it is:
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    Stathman got a reaction from lucabutera in NX2 rumors   
    I think it's a good idea to merge this thread with that one.
    It's like the Groundhog Day...  
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    Stathman got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in How would you grade this?   
    @webrunner5 Right click on Resolve's monitor --> Grab still, then in the gallery panel right click on saved still --> export.

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    Stathman reacted to Geoff CB in How would you grade this?   
    My attempt, It's what I would have for a thriller.

    Basic Correction with dropped mids -> Resolve's Rec 709 fuji LUT at 25%  ->  Color and sharpening to face.

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    Stathman got a reaction from Kisaha in How would you grade this?   
    @mercer I played a little with your file...
    Better click on it

    I think i prefer the first one.
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