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Colorizer Film Simulation LUTs for Fujifilm X-T3 F-Log

Attila Bakos

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4 minutes ago, androidlad said:

Looks like the LUT has a bit earlier/harsher highlight clipping compared to native film simulations? (Judging from the highlight patch around the lady's collarbone)

At first I also thought that I messed up something, but I didn't. Unfortunately there were changes in light conditions, and I only noticed it at home. There was a tree above her that allowed a bit more light to fall to the collarbone in the F-Log shot. Because of this, please don't judge rolloff from that shot. It should be the same. Good eyes :)

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13 hours ago, bolex said:

Great work!!! Have you notice macroblocking issue like in xt2? Is xt3 log easier to work with then xt2's?

Thanks! Some people reported about banding and magenta casts, but luckily I haven't seen any of those yet. 400Mbps and 10bit helps a lot, the quality of F-Log compared to the X-T2 is night and day. I can't say it's easier or harder to work with. Colors changed a bit, but it's a slight change. Gamma and color space is the same as before.

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