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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Down The Line in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Super Guide and Why It Still Matters   
    This tread finally convinced me to buy a BMMCC . I couldn't be happer . My old S16 lenses are back . So cool to have a proper cine zoom in this tiny configuration . Might get another one for my super speeds. 

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to kye in Blackmagic Camera Update Feb 17   
    That doesn't make the camera a hand-held camera, it makes those lenses handheld lenses.
    Name a camera that isn't a handheld camera then.  It's like saying that my dining room table is a cocktail table because it is compatible with cocktail making equipment.  
    By that logic my dining table is also a boat table, because:

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to BTM_Pix in Leaked GFX100S Commercial   
    A funny and very pointed piece by Fujifilm.
    "We don't negotiate with hobbyists."
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Emanuel in Sony Product Announcement - 26/01/21   
    Filmmaking is not (nor should) be a show off from (any) gear specs to us salivate over anything in the path of the show. It's just another one, a new camera won't bring you more skills to your craft (E :- )
    Filmmaking is time and how skilful you're able to manage it. Other than that, amateurism in any of both senses.
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to BjornT in Emulating the texture of film   
    I love the texture of film and always try to get some aspect of into all of my projects. I think the camera matters less these days as almost all the dslrs out there can give you a filmic image if one bothers to learn resolve and a bit of color grading. I used the GH5 for years and one can get beautiful images from that camera. Adding an OLPF effect in post with some blur helps getting that digital sharpness down that many DSLR sensors have. There are also so many good resources out there now for getting a filmic look without much work. Juan Melara's Kodak 2393 FM Powergrade is great for getting filmic colors and if you want halation, grain and colors that are as close to film as possible I think Dehancer has that down, very impressive plugin. Also Tom Bolles is releasing Cineprint 16 powergrade for sale soon (video below was shot on GH5). and VFX artist Miguel Santana has Spectra coming out next year and they both look great. Learning some color grading and buying the powergrades/plugins of those that truly understand film emulation will give you better results than buying a blackmagic pocket 4K and slapping their standard lut on. Once you tailor your grade a bit to your camera just save it as a powergrade to use on future projects and then it is as easy as adding a lut to get a good starting point on any project.
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Oliver Daniel in My C70 just arrived!   
    Shot 70% shot the C70 and 30% A7SIII.  More coming soon! 
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Emanuel in Photokina is dead   
    This is silly.  My country will spend 11 millions this year on a Web Summit ...online. And the brand (!) Photokina will simply vanish?! Why? Is photography dying and I haven't noticed yet? Or the DSLR/mirrorless industry for Christ's sake?
    Does it make any sense? : (

    On the other hand, smartphone manufacturers celebrate computational photography...
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Parker in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    Whoops, looks like I missed the edit-window of my post, here's some S1/RED comparison stills, as promised, close-ups are the S1, wide shots are the RED

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to BenEricson in Black Magic Micro Cinema Kit   
    Black Magic Micro Cinema package. I'm looking for 1500 shipped OBO.
    I know these setups are getting hard to find. Throw a lens on this camera and you're ready to go! Beautiful setup made simple with the SWIT battery powering both the monitor and the camera body. This is like a mini RED setup. Really fun to operate and produces beautiful unique looking images.
    The monitor and batteries are basically brand new. (only used twice. One of the batteries wasn't even opened.)
    Black Magic Micro, Cage, Ursa Handle, Atomos Shinobi, SmallRig Mount, Breakout Box, 2x Swit Battery, LP-6 dummy battery to power BMMCC, and a 512gb Sandisk Extreme, (plenty of room for the beautiful RAW files.)

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Josue Nunez in Sony PMW-F3 with 2500 hours on it. Should I buy it?   
    I did it guys. I went back to the Sony F3! Finally found a descent deal on it. 2.1k for all this. Since I don't need the 4k I was between this, a canon c300, c100, Sony fs5 and fs700. 
    The F3 with 444 has 850hrs and the pix e5 came with 960gbs of storage. 

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Geoff CB in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    From a music video shoot today. 

    Voigtlander 21mm 1.4

    Panasonic 24-105 F4

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to HockeyFan12 in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    35mm Schneider Cine-Xenon
    Trees and windows. 

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to mat33 in Image thickness / density - help me figure out what it is   
    I think the light and amount of contrast of the scene makes a huge difference to the image thickness.  When you have a good amount of contrast in your scene with areas of shadow and bright highlights, and your object is well exposed then you can bring the blacks down were they belong and help with the perceived thickness (and also reduce the perceived grain/noise).  Were I notice the main difference with cameras that produce thicker images like the digital Bolex is with skin tones and also foliage/leaves/trees etc.  Whether it's the tonality/colour gamut/saturation/shadow saturation or all of these when combined with good light they just look more alive. Here is a screen shot from the D16 (not mine) which while compressed to heck look 'thick' and alive to me.

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to kye in Image thickness / density - help me figure out what it is   
    That's what I thought - that there wasn't much visible difference between them and so no-one commented.
    What's interesting is that I crunched some of those images absolutely brutally.
    The source images were (clockwise starting top left) 5K 10-bit 420 HLG, 4K 10-bit 422 Cine-D, and 2x RAW 1080p images, which were then graded, put onto a 1080p timeline and then degraded as below:
    First image had film grain applied then JPG export Second had film grain then RGB values rounded to 5.5bit depth Third had film grain then RGB values rounded to 5.0bit depth Fourth had film grain then RGB values rounded to 4.5bit depth The giveaway is the shadow near the eye on the bottom-right image which at 4.5bits is visibly banding.
    What this means is that we're judging image thickness via an image pipeline that isn't that visibly degraded by having the output at 5 bits-per-pixel.
    The banding is much more obvious without the film grain I applied, and for the sake of the experiment I tried to push it as far as I could.
    Think about that for a second - almost no visible difference making an image 5bits-per-pixel at a data rate of around 200Mbps (each frame is over 1Mb).
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to independent in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    There's no video camera right now that checks off as many boxes as does the C70. That doesn't meant it's the right camera for everybody. 
    However, it is amazing to see how many people require a built-in EVF, SDI-port, and RAW. And must let the world know the tragedy of their unmet needs. We all know you twits shoot on iPhones. The C70 has portrait mode too you cunts
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to IronFilm in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    I'm not talking about 6yrs ago, I'm talking about right now. 

    Unless they're shooting with a RED (which doesn't offer them other options), then low/mid budget professional DoPs are generally speaking not shooting in raw. 
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to IronFilm in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    The exceptions, not the norm.  
    Exactly, it is in line with what C100 series was at release. And a lot cheaper than the C200 was originally.
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to IronFilm in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    Wait for the Sony FX6 as well. 
    Heck, even the internal 10bit for some cameras is better than the same camera's raw output. (am looking at you Sony FS7!)
    The Canon C70 as an A Cam is aimed at low (perhaps mid) budget professional work (ultra low budget work uses mirrorless/DSLRs for their A Cam). They don't need or want raw in 95% of the shoots. 
    Doesn't matter when Anamorphic AF lenses don't exist!
    They differentiate by being the best (or at least, thought of as that) when it comes to image quality. 

    And by being incredibly good when it comes to overall workflow/ecosystem for the productions they're aimed at.
    It is strange, until I remember a key lesson from economics:
    "People have unlimited wants". 
    And that people will blur the line between "wants" and "needs".
    (this is one of the key reasons why socialism will always fail. Because even if you can give everything that people want/need right now, that won't be enough! As people will have expectations inflation, and will have a new higher level of demands. Thus you always need a way to allocate scarce resource efficiently, which is exactly what price signals to. You abolish price signals, and you abolish the ability to effectively allocate resources to get the most out of them)
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    Ricardo Constantino got a reaction from dgvro in Fuji X-T3 / X-T4 sticky topic   
    I think he's using the Blackmagic Micro and yeah the zoom style is his signature especially for the live show edits. I think it's to accentuate the rhythm of the songs but I love it so I'm kinda guilty on this subject 😅 nice to see another hxc fan! 
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Oliver Daniel in Sony A7C - harms the camera industry   
    From the people who brought you the blockbuster A7SIII. This fall, the A7III is back! But smaller. Not mightier! Just smaller. And flippy. Not floppy. Sell a kidney. Buy tickets now. Sponsored by Squarespace. 
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Geoff CB in Sony PMW-F3 with 2500 hours on it. Should I buy it?   
    Beach food shoot. Both with Nikon 24-70

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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to Emanuel in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    MFT is a great format indeed. When I mean dismiss any of them, I meant to ignore either of both actually. You can surely skip one of those if you have the other one, of course : ) But this camera series is a dream come true, my fav acquisition system ever designed, produced and delivered to my book : -)
    Mainly shot on P6K, here's a trailer of a feature film co-produced by me currently @ post production:
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    Ricardo Constantino reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Sony PMW-F3 with 2500 hours on it. Should I buy it?   
    Stills from some past F3 projects, all with Leica R's and the 5" Video Assist. Such a remarkable camera: lovely to use, easy to grade, solid in low light, lots of dynamic range...for the money I paid, it's earned its keep 50 times over.

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