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  1. I think the LX10 is a brilliant little camera and it is a smart move to use one in its 24 or 25p 4K mode. 🙂
  2. 2/3" crop/sensor estate is not too shabby at 2.8. If you watch Harisson Krafts videos you might possibly not feel so sure about the RX100 3 to V being the winner in the image quality department. @John Matthews The lens looks magical at this aperature on the LX15 throughout all focal lengths. It sports the same sensor as the RX10 1,2,3 afaik. Crop in 4K mode did not hinder me to film some of my best personal footage ever with it. The cake is in the pudding of the lens. Processing in 4K is just as good as on the GX85. I still need to experiment with profile settings a bit more, but I would leave saturation untouched, noise reduction and sharpness all the way down though. I have started to treat it like a S16 F4 camera. I got two of them but only with one battery for around 120 Euro from a youtuber. Heck of a two camera deal. 🙂 At 200 Euro used price I would still consider it a good purchase for image tinkerers. One needs to massage the image in Davinci a bit and save some presets and secret sauce for best effect. But that´s half the fun of it.
  3. Modern televisions with 100/120 hertz technology are no longer bound to 50 or 60 Hertz. 24p images are displayed at 48, 72 or 120 frames per second. Neither a 3:2 pulldown for NTSC nor acceleration for Pal is needed. A film recorded at 48fps and displayed at 48Hz looks videoish and a film recorded at 24p displayed at 48Hz does not. 24p is still the main standard for feature films all around the world. In Germany and other PAL countries 25p used for narrative TV production, 50p for soccer. Both can be displayed at 50Hz.
  4. Wowsers, that´s very useful. I find the LX10 to be a little gem, due to lens, functionality and effective image quality in 4K when graded. The 2/3" 4K is no slouch. It trumps a Lumix G6 in lowlight. Like Harrsion Kraft I find it to be one of my most fun cameras and my personal camera of last year.
  5. Is there an option for resuming or fixing focal distance as well? One thing I love on my LX10 is the character of the lens. Using it at F2.8 in its 2/3" 4K mode gives me a DOF equivalent of F8 in S35. I am very fine with that. I actually adore the fact that it crops into 2/3" sensor format, showing me how little sensor estate I need and how little of technical prowess is needed to produce an image of cinematic beauty. The little LX10 provides. Give me that in S16 4K 10bit 150mbit HLG and a MF mode with hard stops. Price it 649 EUR. The HD 24p AVCHD mode seems to be of similar quality like the G6 in it´s best mode. 50p is very brittle though. 25p might be the same. TZ100 is for sure an interesting camera to buy in 2024 unless one has committed to the non purchase rule for the upcoming year. 🙂
  6. Big respect for the labour and dedication. Gotta love the easy listening music. Wondering what music they are listening to during their lunch break.:) Sigma also does the very fine adapter from L to EF mount btw.
  7. My experience with shooting under tungsten light and wanting a warm cosy look is not to use a clinically correct manual WB but rather a higher color temperature like 4200K. Unless an Aces workflow will change that completely I found it close to impossible to reproduce that warmth in post after a technically correct WB, even with 10bit cameras. Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂
  8. Merry Christmas anyone. Merry Christmas Emanuel. A little question between the merry joys of the this time of the year:) Have you been continuing to use RAW recording on your phone after the first joys of pocket cinema quality? Or has it been just a sneak peak into a curiosity for you? @Emanuel Pinned HD on GH2,3,4 and G6,7 is very nice. G7 providing my favourite HD image even over the GH5 when it comes to textures, high resolution and absence of digital oversharpness.
  9. Astonishment by the sheer sensation of a blue hour magical moment, dreamyness, a story possibly to unfold or having end. You got that right in(front) the camera. 🙂 @PPNS
  10. Don´t mix whine with chocolate or that kinda famous international saying. I don´t disagree with you. Neither do I have an opinion to share about the story first and foremost thing, as it is running circles. We both are talking about different things in this thread. My emphasize lies on the headline. I think your second sentence applies for anyone except formalists or dadaists or architects shooting flowers with their leica cam and glass.
  11. GF3, no way I will be buying that thing:) But you made it shine. @kye Got my LX15 with me for Christmas. It gives the GX85 a good run for the money. The LX15 has been doing great things for me, way above its weightclass. But in two situations it was not performing to my new high expectations which had been awakened by it. Still trying to find out about the parameters which made it perform less stellar on these occasions.
  12. I still got my F3 waiting for prime time. Well, that would be leisure time personal filmvignettemaking.;) Meanwhile, when I am still talking, some others have been walking: some more Cinealta F3 goodness and some tasty 80ies style color palette and visual vibe. Wanna do an 8bit F3 filmvignette? I would finally have a fun reason to use mine. @IronFilm
  13. I wouldnt highten one skill on the expense of another. I wouldn´t label a certain skill set as nostalgic just because off the point in time it was working wonders. But then you know about your art and skills of DJing and can put it into context, which both I am unable to. Getting things right in camera is not about story but about the ooc image.
  14. Gh2, 3, 4, G6 and G7 have nice pixelbinned HD. Just sayin:) G7 being the pinnacle imho. Mojo😊
  15. Looks like a Cinealta F3 with that rare expensive amor cage. The other way around, F3 with internal 10bit and FX3 size, yes please.😊 SDI and ND included of course.
  16. 100 mbit sounds perfect for what it is. Might be the GH4 sensor, readout and additional crop. Not bad. Kinda thrilled by that little cube. No gas in 2024, even moreso no corny gas. Sorry for the depreciative wording. Just sounds too cool to resist. 😂 I love the fact that you put this little oddity to use and put it on the table. Fascinating nerd gem from the recent past. Perfect camera to observe on this lovely forum imho. So big thanks to you! @homestar_kevin
  17. Yes, zej will and zen zej will die too and your taste in films ass well.
  18. Coolest thing is a well lit set making many cameras look good. Some ooc looks are still lackluster. I found the G6 had to be graded, no matter what. But what 709 beauty it revealed. It was only after some grading tricks that I built into a powergrade and later into my first own worthwhile lut creation. We should or could do an 8bit ooc challenge. But noone has been liking a challenge for years now:(
  19. For a while I used to film in vivid profile, the most contrasty one, with bumped up colors on the 8bit marvel that my GX85 is, contrary to make it pseudo flat. On my LX15 it works best for grading anyway. The tamer profiles seeming to kick out too much color information on the LX. It's a 709 camera after all. Different cameras different tricks. My G6 fared best when everything at -2. Not ooc but for grading. GX85 was the first Lumix camera for me with good ooc color. Mixed lighting. Give 4300K a try or 4800k. Could be your camera sensor is better tuned to 3200 or 5600k. S1 and S1H and other Panny hybrids seem to like 3200k temperature better. Going beyond 5600 does not look good on them ooc. My og Bmpcc and Bmmcc are the other way around. Looking forward to your findings. cheers:)
  20. @homestar_kevin 60mbps is not really oozing confidence. The 100mbps Pana codec for 8bit 4k is pretty good, emphasize on pretty. Where is the monitor on this tiny toothpick?:) I love the size.
  21. That's the spirit, why I am in this forum, guys! @kye@John MatthewsWill watch the Gf3 goodness later. Thumbnail looking great already. cheers
  22. I love the AF100 body. To me it's one of the coolest looking camera bodies. Gigantic eye piece iirc. I bought my F3 partially because i found the body design appealing. Internal 8bit 420 in Slog on the F3 has a lot of mojo. Hard to believe how well it grades.
  23. I feel you. @kye I would love my G3 to be a G6. When I still had the GF1 it was the same obsessive wish.😊 Video is on all auto though and brittle on the G3, Gf1 only offering 1080i i think. You could try a GM1 or GM5, both sporting great HD. The 24p HD on the GM5 is stellar, just as good as the G6 with nicer color science ooc. GM5 does 50p as well. Haven't tested it yet though.
  24. For nerds they are gems. This is a forum providing plenty space for nerdom.:) Put the mft Voigtlaender 17mm on the AF100 and it sings.
  25. Mavo LF has a faster readout, downsampled 4K 16 to 9 with 16ms. It allows 75fps at 6016x2520 according to slashcam. Prores 4444 is a joy to grade from my experience.
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