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    austinchimp reacted to AaronChicago in Sony FS5 - why I bought one   
    I haven't seen that till now. Damn. He filtered the shit out of that. Hard to judge image quality.
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    austinchimp reacted to benymypony in Pack of original LUTs made by myself   
    Hello everybody,
    I just build an online web app to test all the LUTs from my pack on JPG/PNG images.
    You can test the beta version here : http://luts.iwltbap.com/previewer
    The use is pretty simple, you have just to drop/load a JPG/PNG frame on the main container and click a LUT reference in the left sidebar.
    In top bar you have a ON/OFF button to enable or disable the LUT effect instantly, and a slider to change the LUT intensity.
    Also, you can export the current frame as a PNG by clicking SAVE button.
    The LUTs will be applied at low resolution to increase speed (the size of this web app is around 10MB, when my pack of LUTs is around 1.20GB).
    So, pixelation and banding will appear in the previewer.
    More details in the infos box on the previewer home page.
    It's still in beta so all feedback and bug reports are welcome 

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    austinchimp reacted to Oliver Daniel in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    Proof in the pudding that "specs" don't mean much. We've probably all seen it.. but this was shot on a GH3. 
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    austinchimp reacted to DBounce in Samsung NX1 vs Sony A7Rii   
    It should come as no surprise to many here that I have been spending some time filming and taking stills with Samsung's mighty NX1 camera. What some may not realize is that I have also been getting to know Sony's own heavy weight contender... the A7Rii. In this writing are some of my thoughts and conclusions.
    Pros - Samsung NX1:
    1. Excellent 16-50mm S-lens (Clean optics, pretty fast... Great performance for the buck).
    2. Feels good in the hand.
    3. Excellent user interface (Easy to use).
    4. Better than expected low-light (Good up to 6400 iso).
    5. Future proof H.265 codec means it is compatible with cheaper/slower SD cards.
    6. Good auto-focus.
    7. Cinema 4k (Very cool).
    8. Great OLED display.
    9. Good battery life.
    Cons - Samsung NX1:
    1. Limited lens selection.
    2. When recording video you cannot switch back and forth from EVF to rear display panel. 
    3. Unnatural motion cadence when panning or recording a moving subject (deal breaker).
    4. Limited dynamic range (troublesome).
    5. External flash requires purchase of second expensive flash unit for off camera use.
    6. Internal flash creates shadow when used with kit 16-50mm S-lens.
    7. Stock battery grip does not fit correctly (QC fail).
    Pros -  Sony A7Rii
    1. Feels like the real deal, solid, well made... Quality (Confidence inspiring).
    2. Amazing auto-focus (In a different league).
    3. 42MP stills (Wow, just wow!!!).
    4. Accessories (Flashes galore, wireless sound with connection though smart hot shoe, grips etc...).
    5. Amazing lenses (Zeiss Distagon 35mm with selectable de-clicked aperture... must be seen to believe, Batis 85mm etc... ).
    6. Adaptable (Canon lenses focus faster than on native canon bodies).
    7. Large EVF (really large).
    8. Video motion cadence is good.
    9. Pleasing colors (Thank you Sony... at last).
    10. Good battery life (With the new firmware I shot all day on a single battery, mix of video and stills).
    11. Excellent low-light performance - full frame clean to 12800 and APS-C clean till 25,600 ISO (more than enough, unless you are doing surveillance).
    Cons - Sony A7Rii
    1. Expensive (Body alone is $3200 US)
    2. Native lenses are expensive and mostly slow.
    3. Rear LCD display should be better at this price point.
    4. Non-intuitive user interface (Doesn't Sony make smartphone also?).
    5. Battery grip use requires removing the in body battery.
    6. Large file sizes means it takes a long time to write to even the fastest SD cards.
    Let me first add that both are great cameras. And truly fantastic results can be accomplished with either. But that said, there really can only be one winner here. And after shooting with both cameras, I can declare with great confidence that if stills are entered into the equations... at all, you can just start saving your pennies now. The A7Rii is an amazing stills camera. The auto-focus is mythical. The burst speed is truly something to marvel at. The A7Rii is without a doubt among the best full frame stills camera currently available. 
    As to video, after extensive testing I am forced to realign my previous thoughts regarding the NX1. While it is an excellent camera, it is simply out classed by Sony's offering. Overall image quality is superior on the A7Rii. Colors seem more true to life without the need for tweaking. The video motion cadence seems more natural. Dynamic range is much better also, with far better black levels. Auto-focus in video mode is very good on the A7Rii. 
    I need to make a disclosure here, I am not unbiased in this review. I REALLY wanted the Samsung NX1 to blow away the Sony A7Rii. If it had, it would have saved me many thousands of dollars. But in the end, the results where undeniable. The A7Rii is the better camera. If you are on the fence and wondering if it is worth three times the money... Wonder no more. Safe in the knowledge that the new firmware has resolved the worrisome overheat problems that plagued this camera, the only sensible choice is the A7Rii. While the A7Sii does offer 1080p 120fps capture, the A7Rii's ability to deliver super high res stills  combined with the flexibility of filming in both full frame and APS-C video modes make it the clear winner for anyone outside of a private eye on a stakeout.
    Verdict: I find for the Sony A7Rii.


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    austinchimp reacted to The Chris in Poll... STARWARS WILL BE RUBBISH?   
    The second one was so full of holes and such a ridiculous premise that set the whole story in motion - it was flat out awful and had as many holes as the last Christopher Nolan Batman film. After the "terrorist attack" the whole Star Fleet executive branch decides to meet in what looks like a Hilton banquet room with no protection? They don't go underground? And I know it seems far fetched - but they don't go into space where they can't be tracked? I mean they have a whole Star Fleet to protect them, instead they opt for the continental breakfast so they can get slaughtered by one guy in a Jetsons car. Good lord, gimme a break. If I wasn't with my wife, I would have walked out right there. That was beyond stupid and it only got worse as the movie dragged on. I hope in this one the plot doesn't play second fiddle to JJ's idiotic anamorphic shaky cam. KAAAAHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!
    I'm going to watch the new movie because Star Wars was the coolest thing I saw as a kid. I hope it doesn't disappoint. With Lucas not very involved, there's a chance.
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    austinchimp reacted to Turboguard in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Now Supports H.265 NX1 Files   
    Anyone knows if it works with El Capitan now? As in works exceptionally well. I had some minor bugs that were really annoying. Updating now....
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    austinchimp reacted to douglaurent in Steve Jobs on Xerox PARC - this video explains EXACTLY why photography companies are failing to innovate with consumer cameras   
    I don't agree with this blog entry.  Canon for example has all the technology to build perfect and modern cameras.  The only thing you can criticize is that they limit the specs of their products to make people buy 2-4 different instead of 1 cameras, and try to set the prices as high as possible.  This is exactly what Apple is doing!!!  It's all capitalism and strategies of big companies with decision makers that are not complete idiots. 
    I don't think camera companies have problems to sell their product because of a lack innovation, more likely it's the competition of smartphones and the consumer's old exisiting DLSR's that are still enough for them for years to come!
    In hindsight, even Apple had only detail innovations in all their product series over the years.  They don't give you an open file system in an iPad (which makes no sense at all) and won't do that until they lose significant market share.  I will not upgrade my iPad2 until they do that.
    If you look back from the year 2020, then probably Canon and Nikon came out with a GH4 and A7R2 competitor probably 3 years later than Pansonic and Sony.  But so what?  Mercedes just did release a competitor to the BMW X6 more than 7 years later.   In former decades it wasn't like Nikon came out with an answer to a Canon innovation 3 months later, it took years.  People are just too impatient now.  
    Other than that of course I am also happy if the perfect camera is out tomorrow for little money.  But a wish doesnt always become reality.
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    austinchimp reacted to dustatron in Steve Jobs on Xerox PARC - this video explains EXACTLY why photography companies are failing to innovate with consumer cameras   
    The innovation in the camera world that needs to happen is in the multi device communication.
    why can't you use an iPad to apply meta data to the clips in the camera? you can use an ipad to change setting.
    why can't wireless mics talk directly to the cameras? 
    why can't cameras talk to each other?
    We have more and more recording devices on each set and its the editors job to sort them and figure it out but the cameras and the other devices could be doing a huge amount of the labeling, sync data, notes, circle takes, etc...
    I think there is a huge opportunity in an adhock wireless mesh networking in production. No one seems to want to bother.  

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    austinchimp reacted to AaronChicago in C300 Mark II side-by-side A7S II   
    Film, Alexa, Red... They can all look thin after numerous compressions. The A7Sii is just extremely thin all around, from start to finish. I really wanted to like it but it's not a great camera at 8 bit via S Log 2/3.
    It's not a softness or resolution issue. It's a brittle codec.
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    austinchimp got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Sony vs Canon colour science - does this explain the difference?   
    true, and after working extensively with the original A7s, Red raw and now the Canon 1DC I can confirm that they all need skilful tweaking straight out of the camera. 
    The difference for me has been that with Canon and Red files the first hour or so of grading is correcting the colour (removing weird casts, exposure, getting skin in the right area, making it look natural) and then I can go onto working the general look and feel. Where as with Sony - in any colour profile you choose - the first stage of 'fixing' the image so that it looks natural never really ends. I find it very hard to ever reach a point of having a natural look I'm satisfied with, and then any additional change I make to the image tends to knock all my previous work out of whack. With the Canon files, once I've got it to a natural, neutral point, further creative grading seems to go much smoother and doesn't stray out of a natural getting image as much.
    What I'm basically saying is that in my workflow Sony A7s footage requires me to constantly wrestle with the image to stop people looking like aliens or zombies, whereas in Canon footage I can push and pull the image much further while people tend to remain looking like people.
    As a working pro those hours saved and reduced stress is hard to put a value on.
    as an idiot, I greatly appreciate this!
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    austinchimp got a reaction from jacoblewis in The DJI OSMO - is it groundbreaking?   
    Image doesn't look as good as the newer GoPros with Protune to my eyes. And with the cheaper standalone gimbals at least you can upgrade the GoPro easily as new models come out.
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    austinchimp reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Sony vs Canon colour science - does this explain the difference?   
    To answer the question in the article: No, not really. Canon's color space is just more idiot-proof than Sony's. 
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    austinchimp reacted to Mattias Burling in Sony vs Canon colour science - does this explain the difference?   
    Maybe. All I know is that if I asign a guy at work to do a video and he asks to use an A7sii instead of a C100 but needs 3h extra in post. Well, I think we all know what I will say.
    And time isnt the whole issue either. If he gets sick and someone else needs to finish it with him being the only one thats familiar with S-log.
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    austinchimp reacted to jcs in C300 Mark II side-by-side A7S II   
    A very simple and quick test. Details in the YouTube description.
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    austinchimp reacted to Hitfabryk in A7SII is it really a "niche" video only camera?   
    Look what this guy did with the imperfect colors of the original A7S:
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    austinchimp reacted to Andrew Reid in A7SII is it really a "niche" video only camera?   
    If anyone is wondering where the 1D C comes in...
    It's advantage is still colour, and the higher bitrate codec. No mud on whip pans and fast moving scenes. Cleaner fine detail when pixel peeping too.
    The colour is much quicker to get to how you want it.
    I fight Sony's colour a lot even with S-LOG 3 / S Gamut 3.
    You can match them very close but bloody hell it's an effort, sometimes I think I might not have time. For those times, maybe 1D C would look much better.
    Here's a very closely graded pair of shots from the two cameras, showing what the typical difference is... Canon 1D C always seems to get the reds and blues just as I remember them, and with the Sony it always seems to give blues a green tint you have to skilfully dial out in post and the reds always seem way more purple or magenta than they were in actuality. It really is time a professional colourist banged some heads together at Sony HQ.
    1D C - 

    A7S II - Note the blue bottle is now turquoise and the red bottle is purple...
    That is despite correction already for the problem in my LUT (using Resolve 12).

    If you try to compensate with all the obvious things... tint or tone in camera, or basic colour correction in Premiere... it isn't the answer, because it messes with other aspects of the image. If you just adjust the hue of the greens and reds in Resolve 12, you can fix them but it still isn't a free lunch... for example if you want warm overall tone to the scene, with blues intact, 1D C is your friend.
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    austinchimp reacted to Andrew Reid in Well, I sold the 1dc and bought a...   
    $3180 for all that FS700R kit... and I thought the consumer stuff lost value quick. Wow pros really are prepared to dump their old stuff for nothing aren't they!!
    The 1D C is also massively undervalued right now.
    Both superb deals!
    Well done on the FS700... you will need to spend another $2500 on the Odyssey though!
    Personally I would take the A7S II over the FS700... the 120fps slow mo is very good and Super 35mm when used with speed booster. The 4K is internal and of course you get the stabiliser, raw stills, EVF and much smaller form factor. The low light is much better too. The FS700 was a bit of a step back for low light over the FS100 due to the bump in megapixels to handle 4K.
    I am comparing the 1D C right now to the A7S II and it was tempting to sell, before the inevitable price gorging, however there's just something about that image... the colour is still out in front over the A7S II and it doesn't need so much fiddling in post to get it right.
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    austinchimp reacted to kaylee in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    Hi Rand!!!! do we have a new goth?? hi????
    yeah so, i feel like for new readers there could be some confusion after perusing this thread regarding the dichotomy between a discussion of subjective color grading, "looks" if you will, and the potential for pleasing color from the new a7sii [using slog3]. two totally different things, for the uninitiated 
    also ~ a lot of these lut looks are reductive in nature in terms of color; fewer, flatter colors, which in my experience is definitely the case natively with slog2&3 relatively speaking, so the two have really gotten along swimmingly since the a7s blew up. not saying thats good or bad, thats another discussion
    that being said, im gonna take a positive stance on the new a7sii slog3 footage and say that it looks ~WAY~ better than slog2 from the a7s
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    austinchimp got a reaction from MattH in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    I'm still waiting for the first example of a truly natural grade from the A7sii s-log3. All the graded footage so far looks like the instagram-filter s-log footage I really dislike (ymmv).
    For me the natural look is the acid test of a camera's capabilities. Washed out artistic grades hide a multitude of sins.
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    austinchimp reacted to barefoot in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    The extra time spent pulling hair in every project grading the s-gamut could definitely be put to better use elsewhere. That's why recently I canceled the A7S II order for a Samsung NX1 (order placed already). For 1/3 the price, it's a much more capable machine (skin tone, battery, build). The major trade off being dynamic range. I'm fine with not having IBIS for 1/3 the price; I was already planning on a Nebula 4200lite, even if I had gotten an A7S II. 
    But I am still rooting for Sony. Like Samsung, on a greater scale, they are kicking a lot of asses. I do hope Sony pulls through with future models. There's no excuse for getting the basics wrong (like poor battery life) on a $3000 dslr-sized camera from a company with such tremendous goals (like their possible 21-stop sensor.)
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    austinchimp reacted to bunk in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    Simple grade done, on the couple near the traffic light in AE with the ColorFinesse plugin. Same grade applied to the other parts.
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    austinchimp reacted to Oliver Daniel in FS5 vs A7S II vs URSA mini 4.6k   
    I've actually been thinking the same thing, sort of. 
    I pre-ordered the URSA Mini 4.6k just to get in the queue, with the intention of purchasing if early reviews and a rental test were up to scratch. 
    There's quite a shift in my business at the moment towards commercial & corporate work due to the diminishing funds in music, where music video budgets are in great decline. 
    The URSA Mini 4.6k is going to have an amazing, cinematic image - but there are many benefits to the FS5 that can't be ignored (ND's, 240fps slow motion, reliability, size). I've got a bunch of DSLR sized gear here (sliders, gimbal tripod) that I couldn't use with the URSA Mini 4.6k. The FS5 would fit all of it. 
    Now the Sony image.... I've been shooting on Sony much more than any other brand because of the HFR. Music videos need it. However, I've never loved any of the images. I used a C300 at the weekend on a viral and it speaks volumes how much better the colour rendition on the Canon is compared to Sony. It's softer sure! But overall much more pleasing. Much much more. 
    So for me, I'd have to work much harder with FS5 images and make them sing. It would probably be the better camera to buy that adapts my business model. I'd have to swallow my zest for beautiful Blackmagic images and stick with Sony. But that's not what I want to do. It's sort of personal. The BM image is a massive deal. Massive. 
    As for the A7S II - I'd use this as an A-cam on a very low budget shoot and as a B-cam on others. 
    From all the cameras here - the FS5 is the best option to fit all purposes. But it's not the sexiest. 
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    austinchimp reacted to Tim Shoebridge in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    I would first like to qualify the comments that follow by saying that I really appreciate your reviews and insights, they are informed and very valuable and I always look forward to reading them.

    That said, I can not help but notice that what was categorised as a "minor quibble" in your a7s review 15 months ago is now called "pixel-binned mush with moire and false colour". I quote this not as a criticism of your comments, but rather as proof that I feel that Sony has already become a victim of its own success. Maybe it should put the brakes on the incredible pace of its camera development, because what was "the best sensor I have ever shot on" last year is so quickly superseded. 

    Given the incredibly rapid advances in technology that Sony can bring to market, it really is a very important question for professionals and enthusiasts alike as to whether we should keep upgrading or hold on to what we have. For years we had the same thing with stills photography and the sensor resolution "arms race". Thankfully common sense is just starting to prevail. Perhaps we need a similar reality-check with video? After all, how many people buying video-capable cameras really do need to shoot 4k professionally? For me personally, my a7s mark one will serve me well for years to come, and I relish the opportunity in the very near future to pick up a backup body at a bargain knock down price!
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    austinchimp got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    I'm still waiting for the first example of a truly natural grade from the A7sii s-log3. All the graded footage so far looks like the instagram-filter s-log footage I really dislike (ymmv).
    For me the natural look is the acid test of a camera's capabilities. Washed out artistic grades hide a multitude of sins.
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    austinchimp got a reaction from kaylee in Shining a light - Sony A7S II first impressions & 4K S-LOG 3 clips for download / grading   
    I'm still waiting for the first example of a truly natural grade from the A7sii s-log3. All the graded footage so far looks like the instagram-filter s-log footage I really dislike (ymmv).
    For me the natural look is the acid test of a camera's capabilities. Washed out artistic grades hide a multitude of sins.
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