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  1. The innovation in the camera world that needs to happen is in the multi device communication. why can't you use an iPad to apply meta data to the clips in the camera? you can use an ipad to change setting. why can't wireless mics talk directly to the cameras? why can't cameras talk to each other? We have more and more recording devices on each set and its the editors job to sort them and figure it out but the cameras and the other devices could be doing a huge amount of the labeling, sync data, notes, circle takes, etc... I think there is a huge opportunity in an adhock wireless mesh networ
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    I think the difference from canon and the other competitors like red and arri is that canon makes/designs their own censor. Red and Arri get their sensors form other companies. this probably lets them stay leaner and shop around and push companies to do specific tweaks to there sensors. where canon I think it trying to make one sensor to rule them all. As video taxes a cmos chip in a different way than stills.
  3. I always format the cards in the camera before I shoot and never have any problems with transferring data in either direction. I think its just the camera doesn't allow for the computer to write to the card you will have to do it through a card reader.
  4. well I think that means that the camera only allows for reading of the cards not writing to the cards. from Panasonic's point of view the user doesn't need that functionality as you only need to dump your cards and if you want to clear the card you can do that in the camera. you should just get a card reader.
  5. there is a write protect lever on all SD cards. is it possible that they are all switched to protect?
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