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  1. As i'm the camera nerd of my group of friends, I often get asked advice from people who want something better than their phone for holidays, family pictures/video etc. The features that we might think are gimmicks are always the most requested specs they want.... How do I get it on facebook, how do i get it on instagram, can I send images to dropbox... can i add filters... can it autofocus like my camcorder did.... how do i get that blurred look etc etc The consumer market has irreversibly shrunk, but it is still a multi billion $ industry. I think the fact that these companies are trying to tap into the mobile mindset is a good thing. It means we are a step closer to getting an app market for cams.
  2. That demo video... phew!!!! DJI are big, big players now...
  3. ProRes, nice! File management was the main stumbling block on the V1 (raw)... This seems to address that well. 70 MPH too, jesus!!!! The main excuse is that it is also a professional STILLS camera!!!! Why does everything have to be so black and white on here. It's not even comparing apples to oranges.
  4. Quick question for the XC10/15 owners here.... How do you think it would cope as a wedding camera (1080p, stablised, lots of 60fps)? I imagine i'd need to use something else for the night shots... but overall seems to check alot of boxes.
  5. The problem with the idea of creating our own political content is to remain truly independent and not just push our own agendas, which then feed to our friends and connections with similar agendas, creating an echo chamber. If you can't empathise with the people you think are wrong/not well informed, you have no chance of reaching them.
  6. i'm thinking more about if they hack the 5D IV
  7. Has anyone crunched the numbers on what this could mean for recording 4K raw?
  8. Maybe a 1" slice of the c300ii might happen though.... with a new lens that is f2.8 a cross the range (like Sony's one)
  9. Having the c300 mk ii sensor would be a dream... but the lens you suggested would weigh a tonne and cost a fortune for a s35 sensor
  10. Sony FS7 seems like an option here (maybe F5?). I would avoid the cheaper Sony's though... poor skintones.
  11. Sony have and always will have ridiculous product cycles, this is their game.... To get angry about it is futile, as whichever Sony camera you purchased would have done the same to the previous camera. It seems only the CineAlta line is protected from this
  12. Jimmy

    GH5 Prototype

    Wow that mini gh4 would be great (well when the gh5 version arrives)
  13. Jimmy

    GH5 Prototype

    There are people that will find a way to work with a DSLR shape and others that don't want to... Neither are right or wrong and the manufacturer is not gonna start adding video based ergonomics to suit a small % of the product user base, so the point is pretty much moot.
  14. Jimmy

    GH5 Prototype

    Let's face it, we all have different ideas on what makes for ideal ergonomics. The XC10 is ideal for me, small, but comfortable, with NDs and decent audio options.... No doubt it has major pitfalls for other shooting styles though.
  15. The GH4 has 96fps, so surely the GH5 improves on that? Yesterday was not a full launch, just a teaser. There is clearly more details to come.
  16. Interested to hear more.... If it is 8bit 4:2:0 though, i'll be waiting for the GH5 (or hacked 5DIV)
  17. That's only for 1 second though, i think? Still a nice feature.
  18. A 2k film on 2k headset looks like shit... 4k on 4k will look good... maybe it will take 8k on 8k to look amazing though.
  19. If you read the post you quoted, I was actually talking about viewing 2D content within VR (in an IMAX style VR cinema).
  20. What about the 1000s of wedding photographers. All shooting ISO50? I'd imagine they far outweigh landscape photographers who buy pro gear. Anyway, the topic is pretty much moot... 13.6 stops is great and they now have a legitimate horse in the DR race... It is up to the user to then decide how they want their DR spread.
  21. They might prefer it, especially comparing like for like (a book v an ebook) .... just like someone might prefer film to digital.... But for practicality, actual usage rates will keep going the digital route and books will become even more of a novelty.
  22. Not sure that makes much sense... Canon have always tried to spread DR more evenly over the ISO range rather than have a stand out figure at ISO50 or ISO100. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is up to the users, but not really a financial choice. At ISO800, even the 5D III equals the DR of the D810. They just have a different way of doing things. Good to see the overall DR up though.
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