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  1. Yea... Showed up on my facebook... Cine Alta posted. Seems like a pre-announcement... Which are always a bit daft
  2. Looks really nice too... What a time to be a film maker! Sony are gonna drop a high end, full frame cine cam too, soon. I'm surprised how much Andrew is downplaying the raw on c200 though... Goes against everything he normally raves about.
  3. Hopefully anyone going to CineGear can get in Canon's ear about needing 10 bit on the C200.
  4. I'm sure products like odyssey q7+ will be able to do a raw to QuickTime... If you need 10 bit out
  5. Yea, for alot of stuff I do, raw is perfect... I do the occasional wedding for my brother's company though, would be nice to have 10bit for those. The firmware codec will probably look amazing though, Canon seem to do 8 bit well.
  6. Wow... C200B sounds perfect for my needs. Could really do with 10bit though... Good old canon!
  7. Is that from canon sources? Hard to keep track of all this
  8. And the c300 mk ii For now, it is safe due to the codec... But once the c200 gets the full range of codecs... What next for the c300 mk ii... Gotta be worth $7k tops?
  9. I imagine alot of RED's budget pre-orders are being cancelled today.
  10. Stunning specs.... This sensor is beautiful already, but with raw... phew, could legitimitly rival Alexa
  11. Haha.. well... Sonic the hedgehog shows up in the full feature... But the Atari throwback aside.... It looks far more gritty than Ghost in the shell (city wide shots.... Some of the sets/exteriors were more gritty).
  12. I thought the opposite.... This looks an organic and gritty vision of a technology driven future. Ghost in the shell was so clean and pristine that it looked like a computer game in the big city shots.
  13. Definitely don't think about changing the name... it is a brand now, i see it and don;t even think about the canon connection.
  14. tbf, i needed it for aurora timelapses and filming... But since then, i've barely used it. It's fundamentally flawed, the white balance is a mess.
  15. 1 year after selling my 5dIII for a Sony a7s, I am now selling my Sony a7s to get a 5Diii.... The circle of camera life continues. I've missed the 5Diii so much
  16. Beautiful... Panasonic made a great choice signing you up. That is exceptional
  17. This is capitalism.... You weighed up your options and decided it was worth x amount.... That value to you has not changed.
  18. I'd say NAB2017 is a complete bust, camera wise. Nothing from BM, Canon, RED, Arri, Nikon (!)... A teaser from Panny and a sports cam from Sony. Is Cinegear gonna be the new place to announce, or is it just a one off?
  19. Jimmy

    C100 mkiii

    Hypothetical question to pass the time: Would you buy this? C100iii with the c300ii sensor, but 1080p only (10 bit 4:2:2 internal) 1-120fps. Maybe 4K to external. This would suit most C100 shooters needs far more than giving 4K 8 bit 4:2:0
  20. Blackmagic to the rescue with something cool, i hope
  21. If you want to ban someone for pointing out real log is different to your flat profile (which is really good and useful, btw)... Then ban away.... I thought you liked honesty though?
  22. No love for the 1DX-II? They deserve some serious rage if they overlook that camera.
  23. The colours certainly do look good on that ski video. Seems like decent DR too... Hopefully this new sensor finds it's way into a video centric camera.
  24. Someone on the ML forum is saying they now have 1080/48p and 50fps (I think) working fine, not sure about 60p yet.
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