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  1. The idea that the current minis are now nearly obsolete is a bit daft.... most rigs will have a mattebox/ND setup and the extra interface dials, while nice, are hardly essential Ps - the mini pro is a stunning camera ... easily up there with the big boys for just $6k... insane
  2. I think they are trying to address the "blackmagic are always delayed" issue. The easiest start to this is a production camera that will ship much smaller numbers. Which is the case with the mini pro. Hopefully, once they streamline their production process, they can then look at a smaller product that will shift 10,000s... on time! I think it's a smart, long term move.
  3. anything with that new sensor tech in a smaller package and i'm all over it. Ursa and Ursa mini are too big for me... Ursa Nano and I might be onboard
  4. The guy who first posted that B&H link on dvxuser has since been told that most of those products have been on the website for months, even years in the case of the 4.6K ursa. Maybe they are announcing that they are finally shipping this stuff... Hopefully something new though.
  5. Either way, the point is not "wrong" and is something people want to know. They think it is a con, you think it is a bonus.... No one is right or wrong, so no point beating them up about it.
  6. So how is their point wrong? It just means all the cameras in this price range also have the same con. They have had their hands on the camera and have given an opinion, just like every other blogger out there. For those that are convinced the GH5 is great and worth the money (me!), then there is no need to worry. If you are on the fence, then it is another point of view to digest and make conclusions from. At least we can put to bed the idea that all these other sites just pander to the whims of the manufacturer.
  7. Sorry to be the pedant... but it is Raw or raw... not RAW... RAW would be used if it were an acronym. No once cares though, so use what you want!
  8. The opening shot is really nice, imho. That's what I want from IS, just a certain smoothness to handheld, non moving shots.
  9. Of course not... Their DSLRs are the least progressive on the market... that's the whole point of Magic Lantern
  10. It seems the 10/12 bit raw compression is coming on well, which might allow close to 1080p.... Obviously lots of ifs, buts and maybes in this thread though.
  11. You might be right... maybe the IS calculations would be earlier in the chain so as to show in live view... but I'm really not very technical.
  12. well, it has good AF... if it is not DPAF, then the 77D with raw would be even more enticing.
  13. "No" what? The XC10 does a great job of combining software stablisation and DPAF... Add raw and a large sensor and it could be beautiful. Especially for under $1000. Hopefully the ML guys can think outside the box more than the people on here.
  14. No shit.... But you were talking about the XC10, a fixed lens. Even if you do insist on bringing the G85 into a conversation about magic lantern cameras. There are not infinite combinations of lenses that mean you can ALWAYS match the focal length and F stop of one crop to another crop. Considering the vast array of lenses that could go onto the D77, a 5% crop would make very little difference. This becomes especially relevant when talking about lenses that could utilise the AF system of both cameras.
  15. Is that a serious question? If a digital IS system requires, say, a 5% crop to work it's magic... That is very inconsequential on an s35 sensor... your fast lenses will still be fast, your wide lenses will still be wide. The smaller the sensor, the bigger impact it will have on your glass.
  16. Like i said... i seriously don't care if there is a small crop, as long as it works. It's an s35 sensor... a small crop is hardly life changing. A small crop on the xc10 is much more serious due to the small sensor... yet i still dont care... because it works! The g85 cant have magic lantern... so no point thinking about it in terms of my original post
  17. Which is how it would work on an s35 sensor too!
  18. The camera might be using some gyro data that simply is not possible if you do it in post. I'm not a tech head, so put simply... I really do not care. If I am getting a stable image, with amazing AF and good quality 1080p, like on other ML raw cams, I couldn't care less. ps the XC10 only has full IS in 1080p anyway.
  19. I remember when we used to put fishing line behind the lens to get the flare effect!
  20. Exactly.... I dont really care how they do it, if it looks good, it looks good. Good IS, amazing AF and 1080p raw would be amazing... at this price point.
  21. The video samples look more than just a con to me. Smooth and jitter free. The softness would be negated by the raw of ML. DPAF is the big one though... be it the 77D or 80D.... not everyone can afford the 5Div
  22. http://www.canon.co.uk/cameras/eos-77d Another generally boring Canon release, but could this be a turned into a beast by the ML team? DPAF, 5 axis stablisation, decent low light, better DR I guess the issue is whether the buffer/SD is fast enough to write a usable resolution in raw.
  23. Jimmy

    GH5 Lenses

    Has any had experience with the 25mm f1.7 lumix?
  24. I thought the ProLost 1DC and the last C300 ii grades looked good.
  25. The point has been missed a bit.... I'm not suggesting the iphone is a great tool for wedding videos... or that it is a cheap way to do it. All I'm saying is that the composition, editing, sound etc have made this look really good and something we often lose focus of
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