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  1. Unless they buy the dedicated video camera! If the C200 had some weird crop still image mode, the still guys wouldn't sit crying about it, they'd just buy the stills camera.
  2. We all know the outcome.... Each camera will have pros and cons... None will check every box. Some people will buy whichever checks the most of their particular boxes. Some will stick with what they have and hope that the next release is the one to tempt them to spend. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.
  3. As someone who shoots mainly in 1080p, this has suddenly become much more interesting... really didn't expect C-log or 10bit out.
  4. I do think the XH1 will get some interesting upgrades over time. Fuji are pretty cool for that.
  5. I think I read that the XH1 processor is not fast enough for these new specs.
  6. haha yea... there is always a carrot dangling just out of reach Agree with the above about AF... If they get that perfected, i'll buy. If not, i'll see what happens with the XH2 and continue loving my XT2.
  7. Yea, hard to work out what it means... Hopefully it is just 4K/60p that has to take the hit, with the rest of the resolutions/frame rates getting 10bit/4:2:2 30fps in stills too!? Probably just jpg, but the jpgs on Fuji are beautiful
  8. Maybe i'm reading it wrong, but sounds like 10 bit 4:4:2 is internal (but 4K 60p will be 4:2:0?) https://www.fujirumors.com/breaking-fujifilm-x-t3-specs-leaked/
  9. If only there was a simple way to show the brand our feelings towards a product!
  10. Could be even better then as their BSI sensors can hit 15 stops
  11. The moire is only noticeable in 1080/120 But the point still remains... What is being shot on FF that makes S35 so redundant? I'd like to see a FF fuji too, for stills and having more options is great and all... But I don't really get the clamour for FF video. 99% of hollywood films have been shot in this S35.
  12. The XT2 uses an x-trans sensor and has around 12 stops... The XT3 will be using a BSI sensor that has been touted as having higher DR. Considering the A6500 has this type of sensor and has around 13.5 stops in raw... It's possible, Anyway, only 4 days to wait and we will find out.
  13. Sony has sensors from 12 stops to over 15. Their stacked sensors are built for speed, at the expense of DR. The new Fuji will not be a stacked sensor. https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-has-bsi-sensor-but-not-stacked-for-improved-dynamic-range-a-good-news-poll/
  14. What are you guys filming that makes S35 so redundant? I think it's a great format, you can have smaller, lighter lenses, but still get very shallow DOF.
  15. What do you mean "without new tech"? It's getting a new sensor and new processor.
  16. It sounds like the new sensor will have at least 1 more stop of DR, coupled with 10 bit, this could mean we shot Eterna (or a new profile) with around 13+ stops.... Salivating.
  17. If it ain't broke.... The XT2 has great ergonomics Damn, the choices are stacking up... If this has anything close to Canon AF, i'll buy it. If not, I'll buy the Canon FF and have XH1 as B cam.
  18. Shaping up to be a some September! Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony... Now lumix FF? Maybe Samsung will even get back in the game?
  19. If it has C-log and a decent codec, i'm in. Good 1080/60p is all I need. IBIS and DPAF, colour and DR are way more important than 4K (to me). Should be a great still cam too.
  20. Haven't noticed any serious moire on the XT2, I use an XT1 as B cam though and that is riddled with the stuff.
  21. First time i've logged in for many months as I have been so happy shooting with my XT2 that other camera news didn't interest me... But this was worth a log in! I absolutely love the XT2, but banding is a problem, so 10bit should fix this. Fuji colours are just so, so beautiful (even better than Canon) and the Eterna lut/simulation is so nice. If the AF is further improved, this will be the camera of the year. It amazes me that so many people ignore Fuji, but I actually quite like it that way... Feels like being part of a select group. Stills are exceptional, the lenses are beautiful, solid video specs, good DR, the best skintones in the price range and constant firmware updates. I think this select group is about to get alot bigger though, once people see the Fuji colour in 10bit glory.
  22. There's plenty to see.... ML is stunning, I love the 60p mode and the 3.5k mode can be handy, at times. The title is just a bit clickbaity. You could take literally any camera and, if you had the source code, you could run it at full capacity at breakneck speed/heat and on the very fastest CF cards and get more out of it that the given specs. It comes at a price though, dropped frames, occasional messed up frames, no usable live view and a time limit.
  23. If you only read the title, it does. If you actually use the camera, you'll know that it's not 4k, it's not 16:9, it has no usable live view and requires CF cards that were very expensive when the 5D3 was launched.
  24. Off my list too. Let's hope Canon read this forum!
  25. There's nothing concrete from canon about bitrate.
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