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  1. Yea... who'd want a forum member that occasionally disagrees with it's owner... In this instance, with a slight tongue in cheek remark. I think i'll take your advice... Never been a big fan of dictators.
  2. It's getting a bit hard to read about "Canon mush-o-vision" from someone who owns a 1DX-II, C500 and XC10!
  3. Hopefully when you run your billion dollar camera company, you can show them how it's done!
  4. Canon "could" have done any number of things... Just like Nikon could, or Sony could, or Lumix could.... They didn't, life moved on. Except on here!
  5. and Canon would be bogged down with customer service calls 24/7 Can we not just enjoy this without the usual Canon bullshit agenda?
  6. There were no 1000X CF cards back then.... And people were not too keen on having grey/no preview in live mode.
  7. I don't wanna sound like i'm moaning... but is there a reason the HFR modes aren't being tested, is it not implemented yet? Keep up the good work guys, I have a bid on a 5Diii as we speak, I have regretted selling my 5Diii to get an A7s for some time now and this has pushed me to sell the Sony and get back on board!
  8. Looks great! Any chance of some 48fps footage?
  9. What i like about these guys is they are out there doing.... The art/production side will come while they are out there, they'll likely instinctively learn and improve composition, lighting etc
  10. An Apple v Windows thread turning nasty.... Who'd have guessed :D They are just tools
  11. Yea, no denying the price... To use a camera metaphor, I'd equate a Mac to something like a Canon C300.... On paper, it seems a rip off and can be limited, but I just know I can get shit done on it with minimal headaches. I use PC too though, as long as you keep on top of your file system and applications, it is pretty stress free too (though I hate using my Microsoft surafce with a passion!)
  12. As an all around creative, I find the new macbook to be great. I downgraded from the Mac Pro 2013 (fully spec'd) to the 15" Macbook (fully spec'd)... I can design huge print files in Photoshop, massive UI/UX artboards in Sketch, edit 4K video in Premiere, create complex VFX in After Effects, create 60+ track audio in Reason... I'm struggling to find an example of where the machine chokes and i'm really putting it through it's paces on a day to day basis. The only time I move over to a PC is when we are testing VR stuff on the Vive.
  13. Apple make so much more from things like appstore and itunes that the hardware and desktop OS are almost an after thought now.
  14. Can anyone provide a sample of any of the HFR modes, even 48fps? Thanks for the time people are putting into this!
  15. This is great.... I had written this off as an April fools (good god do i hate April fools day!). Really interested to see the 1080p 60fps and 48fps
  16. Don't underestimate the human race! Especially so close to april fools day. hmmmm, maybe this is an april fools that got leaked early?
  17. Looking at the specs again in the cold light of day, it seems completely fabricated. If, and it is a massive IF, this is true, then it is a massive step for Canon and one that can only be applauded.
  18. Wow.... that's a massive upgrade. This camera just leaped back onto my radar... i had a nagging doubt about my gh5 order and cancelled.... this is making me happy about that decision (for now!)
  19. The question is .... what should we wait for once the a7S iii is announced?
  20. I had one pre-ordered and was gonna sell my NX1 and A7s to help fund it... But I decided to cancel and wait until I could try it out and also see what NAB brings (as I am in no desperate rush). I then used the NX1 in the alpes last month and just really enjoyed shooting with it... Might have to hang onto that for a while. (The A7s can go though!)
  21. Isn't the 70D the perfect option here? Canon colours, DPAF, cheap (even has ML i think?)
  22. You have made a nice, flat profile.. A great starting point for grading... It is not log though and never will be... It cannot retain highlights and shadows like a true log file can.
  23. Fingers crossed for a 1DX-II update too.... Could make for something of a perfect hybrid camera, once c-log is added (or maybe a 1DC-II at NAB)
  24. I think composition, lighting, movement (or as you say, lack of) and sound* are the big factors. Camera aesthetics do play some part, especially dynamic range, highlight rolloff and colour. *Obviously sound doesn't affect the image, but it is a massive part of making something cinematic.
  25. Imagine that! But even if it was just 1080/24p only with the alexa sensor... I'd be all over it... that sensor is pure magic
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