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  1. Hardly meaningless.... 10bit 4:2:2 log is capable of capturing the full DR of a sensor, if implemented right.
  2. I can't see that word in either of his posts. Apologies if I missed it or he said that elsewhere. (Just seen it... he seems to be talking about the way he can shoot) I don't think it is too hard to use a logical step to assume a near sepia toned grade is aiming for a stylised (non realistic) look.
  3. Well...he didn't use that word, so explaining it's meaning seems a bit absurd... but heavy handed and inept are two very different words anyway. Purposefully being heavy handed to test how far a codec can be pushed to achieve a stylised look is fine.
  4. I guess you've never seen films like Book of Eli? Seems obvious to me that dbounce was just trying to push a stylised grade (which are highly subjective).
  5. Doesn't the gh4 score 13 stops on dxo? I'm happy with 12 stops... but maybe it will be a little more. The 10 bit footage had at least a stop of recovery in the highlights.... maybe we can overexpose?
  6. After effects works well for me ..... make sure your project is set to 16 bit. Was impressed by the highlight/shadow recovery.
  7. I've bit the bullet and pre-ordered.... I've been saying for a while that I will never again by an 8bit/4:2:0 camera... glad to finally put my money where my mouth is!
  8. Ya... keen to hear more about AF in video
  9. Jimmy

    GH5 Prototype

    Everyone seems to be overlooking the rumour that log may not be included.... seems like a massive oversight.... surely can't be true?
  10. Yea...... I'm sure you'll switch it off when you are on legit apps?! As someone who makes their primary income from app ad revenue . ... I find it baffling that you are on here crying about people who reupload others work, yet are fine to steal content from app publishers.
  11. That video does look stunning. Go for it Oliver! Seems like an almost perfect tool for music videos.
  12. Not sure how we have gone from wedding video tips to discussing the RED Helium!? Probably overkill for most people's weddings btw, for most people, once you are delivering decent 1080p (maybe even pristine 720p)... Colour becomes way more important than additional resolution.
  13. Has anyone mentioned the Canon 1DC yet? That is around £4k new now. I know you want 10 bit, but we are talking about compromises here.... I found it to be not as huge a compromise I always imagined, due to the 4:2:2 colour space and the very high bitrate. The motion is really nice, due to the mjpeg codec and the look and colour is still very unique.
  14. I guess it depends on the kind of productions you are running... If you have a decent sized team and already have some heavyweight tripods and gear, then size/weight isn't such an issue. If you are in a small team, it will get frustrating. Also worth remembering things like boot up time, lack of NDs etc The £4k range is gonna bring comprimises.... The MX probably offers the best image, but you are gonna have to jump through hoops to get it. F3 and ninja star competes on an image basis, with the exception of 4K (and 120fps, which I find poor anyway)... but is much easier to work with. I still think the FS700 is the best option though. Maybe try and rent the combo and see how you feel about the look and motion within your own style?
  15. Sony F3 is small and light compared to mx MX is incredibly heavy and cumbersome when rigged.
  16. Wildcard.... what about the Sony f35? not sure if they have reached £4k levels yet. What an image though!
  17. I wonder if some of your opinions are being formed by the lens in front of the camera? You like the softened look of the red one.... but that footage is far more likely to have a nice lens on it compared to the footage from cheaper cams
  18. Yea, the FS700/O7Q has a softer/smoother look to it, even the 4K to 1080p prores, which is full of detail (perfect 1080p) does not have the over sharpened feel
  19. You might just be able to get a FS700 + Odyssey 07Q at around £4k. That checks a hell of alot of boxes, and with raw or raw to prores, you can get past the sony colour issues pretty easily. 4K, 120fps, decent low light, raw, 12+ stops DR... much smaller than Red ONE.
  20. Yea... that is my plan! he's done 100s
  21. I forgot to mention that I will have an assistant on most weddings. This is why part of me was leaning towards an XC15 as an option, it seems to be a camera that I could give to someone who is less experienced with video (photography background)... use the AF and stablisation and still get nice shots and audio. Maybe an S lens on the NX1 would be a good option though?
  22. I've been down that route with the fs700 and odyssey. Even with raw, the skintones left me a little unhappy. Maybe the FS5 has improved that. Will take a look at some samples. Think the combo would be a bit unwieldy for weddings though.
  23. Thanks for all the great advice. It really is very helpful. The C100 ii certainly ticks the right boxes and I have used the c300 on shoots, so know the system well (why the c300 didn't get 1080/60p, I'll never know). I started out as a sound guy, so completely agree that will be a big part, some great tips on setup... thanks again to everyone!
  24. My brother just scored a contract to do all the wedding photography at a country hall, around 40+ per year. He has asked me if I want to do the videography side of things. Not really dream stuff, but hard to turn down the cash being thrown around. So.... Now i'm trying to work out the best camera/audio setup. I currently have an A7s II, an NX1 and a BMPCC.... The A7s could come in handy for FF and lowlight stuff. Camera wise, I would want: Good skintones At least 60fps, preferably highly Decent AF Decent audio (though I would probably have dedicated external sound). Stablisation, preferably in camera, but could use a gimbal Nothing too intimidation I find myself drawn to the XC15 for the bread and butter shots (speeches, candid handheld stuff outdoors etc)... Then maybe use the A7s II for B roll, slow mo, artistic dolly stuff etc. Any advice from people doing this for a living... The C100 II was looking interesting to me, but I worry that the size might intimidate people... Is stealth best, or do people want to see big cameras so they feel it is professional? Gear budget would be about £5000 (more if i sell current gear).
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