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  1. A great lesson in not sweating about tech and focusing on composition, editing, sound etc.... this is well worth a watch.
  2. I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet, for the most part.... good colours are possible... i just feel it is a little early to say it will be easy while discussing a comparison with Canon 1DC. Skin tones really are crazy easy on that. I have a gh5 on order after playing with Luke's files.... so I'm certainly sold on it.
  3. Alexa packages are getting cheap. If i were making a narrative, i'd still buy this over any of the new stuff, if i had $17k http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?154082-FS-ARRI-ALEXA-CLASSIC-PACKAGE
  4. I didn't notice a vote... well done! Curiosity got the better of me and i hunted out your grade. It's nice. You picked the one shot that was close(ish) to sunset and had no skintones. That shot also took me a minute... the skintone ones took longer Try shot 4 in my post and tell me that is an easy grade
  5. The dvx200 sits above the gh5 in price... yet has 8bit. These guys make more cash from mirrorless flagships like the gh5 and a7s ii than the likes of the fs5
  6. As you don't need it until next season, see what happens at NAB and other launches.
  7. I can understand why you think it might happen, but a 99.99% chance? They pretty much have to go with 4K/60p or 10 bit to make it worthwhile for video shooters to upgrade. I don't think the likelihood of seeing both is 0.01%!
  8. Panasonic have high end cameras too. Not many people who require a solid video camera will jump ship to an A7s purely because of a codec... NDs, XLR, HFR, battery etc etc are the deal breakers. If anything, those type of shooter will probably buy an additional A7s iii, as a B/C cam that matches well.
  9. I've seen a few people with this line of thought.... I don't really get it... Sony react very quickly and swim in the same pool as Panasonic, they need features to set them apart from the kings Canon and Nikon. They will be well aware of the GH5 and the hype it has created. Also, there are not that many places an A7S III can go, feature wise.
  10. I would remove the word 'easily' from that sentence. Compared to a Canon, it takes alot more work.
  11. Sounds like bliss! There is a chance that we will see a c100 iii, though i am struggling to see where Canon will cripple it... maybe 8 bit 4:2:2? A7S iii will be one to watch, no doubt.
  12. I've only used the C300, not the mk ii, which is a little heavier. In terms of tripod gear, you might be right... probably a similar tripod required once you factor in your monitor and battery on the A7s. Is this purchase a consideration for this aurora season, or next? As things stand, the obvious choices seem to be the A7s ii, C300 ii and the 1DX ii ..... No doubt NAB will bring a few more to the list. If you can justiy the costs, the c300 ii seems like a great camera though. I seem to remember it got a recent upgrade that really improved dr/noise in clog 2 and 3. The AF might be handy too, if you are filming people watching the auroras.
  13. This doesn't look much noisier than an A7s in similar conditions, slap a faster lens on and you would be good to go
  14. I think with the c300 ii... you would be wise to rent one and see how it feels for this type of work. It is small and light compared to most video cams, but will require a sturdier tripod, which is just another thing to lug about in sub zero weather. I wonder if the 1DX ii might be a good option?
  15. In the news shooter interview.... he says big AF improvements were still coming with firmware
  16. Jimmy

    XC10 user advice

    Some strange people out there! Judging by the screengrab.... its not a 1dx or 1dc either... we need sherlock holmes on the case.
  17. Jimmy

    XC10 user advice

    If it is fake.... i wanna know what the damn camera is! Small, nice AF, great motion and stunning colours.
  18. Jimmy

    XC10 user advice

    I'll check it out.... No doubt anything much wider and you'd struggle with shallow dof, but damn... that is just beatiful colour and skintones.
  19. Jimmy

    XC10 user advice

    I was looking through some xc10 videos and found this... must be a fake, surely? or us it possible to get this shallow dof by zooming in on the subject and standing back? There is a shot where you see the guy in the mirror and it does look the size of the xc10 looks like film... beautiful.
  20. I think you just answered your own question. That red sensor alone is probably costing the buyer $3k+
  21. I'm having both.... keeping nx1, selling a7s... buying gh5. Adios Sony..... will be happy to see you leave. I love the nx1... will be great alongside the gh5
  22. Yea, 99.9% sure I heard that 10bit 4:2:2 at 4k/60p is available with external.
  23. That's some lens... Does anyone know if AF works with these non Lumix lenses (with an electronic mount)?
  24. Got a proper chance to play about with the files... Thanks for the upload.... There is a clear difference with the 10bit/4:2:2 and 8bit/4:2:0 files. The 10 bit can be quite heavily pushed about. Really impressed.
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