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  1. This is the only spec i need to hear, the rest is just a bonus "Source 1: The camera has 4k 60p in video (10bit 4:2:2)"
  2. Arri don't have internal raw either.... If the ProRes is good enough, most people don't seem bothered. Global shutter option too... and if you are to mention the Panasonic colour science, i think it's only fair to give that as a plus for Canon. It's not breaking alot of new ground, i don't think many $20k+ cameras ever will from here on in.... Now it is just a case of choosing your preferred image and workflow, unless you really need things like 8K or HFR at 4K.
  3. $30k/£22.5k (plus VAT) http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/canon_1471c003aa_c700_pl $2.5k/£2k for the XC15 http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/canon_xc15_4k_uhd_camera
  4. Here's another... Ticks alot of boxes, will be very pricey They give details about the CX15 here too at 3:40... nothing too exiting, as expected:
  5. If it has gone from 11.9 stops to 13.5, that's a massive improvement over it's predecessor. This seems like good news, especially if ML get on it.
  6. no, it saves 30 raw images. You have to put them together in post to make a video. The GH2 did something similar with 2.2K (?) jpegs I had a Casio EX-F1 that saved 6mpx jpgs at 60fps for 1 second too. That was about 5 years ago. It's possible, and it is a frame burst.
  7. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    It was a joke. I just found it funny that you came here to simply post that you were not interested... There are about 5000 cameras that I am not interested in... I just forget about them!
  8. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    Do you go on refrigerator forums and post about refrigerators that don't interest you too?
  9. This is where i think Canon got it so wrong... They tried to move up a tier but didn't seem to notice that narrative shooters need HFR. C300 ii seems to be in no man's land at it's price point ... too much power for most event shooters... not enough for the rest.
  10. This is really the point i'm getting at... The C300 is still ideal for that market and quite a few others, where 1080/24/25/30p is enough. I'm not sure that the FS7 is taking those jobs from the C300 ii any more than the C300 is .... I think C300 ii didn't really have a defined market and it is suffering for it, a case of bad timing from Canon... the events guys don't need it's additional features... the music / narrative guys have options that cover more bases... When events/reality tv etc move to 4K, it will probably regain some dominance.
  11. Every international airport I am in tends to have a few models from each brand ready to catch the consumer/prosumer market... The GH range are part of that. People are buying it for stills, for stills and video, for video.. It's their flagship, an all-rounder.... Like I said, Panasonic have to be aggressive, so adding more top/pro video features to their flagship is a way to make the camera stand out (consumers like video too!) If they price it like a pro camera though, those airport type of consumers quickly go elsewhere.
  12. D500 is far, far from a niche camera.... The GH series is not niche either, it is their flagship model that shifts 10,000s of units. It just so happens to tick boxes of certain niche areas. It's main target, just like the D500, is the high end consumer/prosumer who wants to shoot stills and some video that are better than their phone. Consumers don't pay a premium for niche features like 10bit. Panasonic will add these features to stay relevant. They have to be aggressive, as they don't have brand pull like Canon or Nikon. If the price changes by even 10% on the GH4 launch price, i'd be shocked.. no matter what they put in it. In an ideal world, these cameras would be open source... The consumer buys the capable base model and then the niche markets buy add ons such as pro video features.
  13. With these kind of anecdotal stories... You need to ask yourself some further questions before drawing any kind of conclusion: Is the C300 mk1 still renting well? Have rentals simply dropped across the mid range, now people can afford truly good cameras as owner/operators? Are people just renting the FS7 for occasional slow-mo shots to go with another camera? Has the FS7 taken rentals away from the F55, RED etc too, eg, we have hit saturation point where that camera is good enough to scoop up all kinds of work? It seems to me that alot of the market that the C300 was so successful in.. what I would call throw away tv (reality, interviews etc)... Is still 1080p based and the C300 is still king. I can see the C300 ii slowly grabbing back ground as the price comes down and the need for 4K in that area grows. Too little info and too little time passed to call it a flop.
  14. Exactly.... some people are just looking through their own small window rather than seeing the big picture. They can stuff it full of video features and slap a $4k price on it... people here will rejoice... yet it will fail. We are still a small niche.
  15. I think, of all the manufacturers, Panasonic are more clued up about the fact the a small form DSLR/Hybrid will not disrupt their mid and high range. When you take into account their mid range is now just a fixed lends ENG camera (DVX200), you can see why reports of 10bit/4:2:2 internal make some sense.
  16. Panasonic have to stay relevant in a FF/S35 world. This means new features for a good price. Someone will break the 8bit limit... Panasonic might see this as a way to bring more to the m43 system.
  17. I'd keep it... I'm still annoyed at myself for selling my 5Diii (with ML) in order to get the better spec'd A7s. When you find a camera/image you love... better to stay with it.
  18. Hmm... one if the ENG cams did... Z150 maybe... think that was 4k 10bit internal
  19. Think his point was the ENG shooters are used to having bigger files... the EX1, a real ENG powerhouse of it's day, had 10 bit.
  20. It's always baffled me why Sony have never put the a7s sensor into a small video body... you'd think it would be really popular with NDs, XLRs and a nice codec
  21. DVX200 is over a year old now though and a very different type of cam. Also, I heard the panasonic camera and video departments are separate and get to do what they want... not sure the truth in that though.
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