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  1. Looks good... I like the hot swappable power options on it too
  2. In terms of getting started yea... The premium price goes into making a noticeably better product though. Just getting 4K, 120fps is worth the extra alone, for me... Though I have not used the newest Atomos range, maybe that has it now?
  3. just the HDMI/SDI .... Just pointing out that it is not just a monitor though, when you first get it. I've owned both the Odyssey and Shogun... If you can stretch the cash, the Odyssey is far better and more future proof.
  4. Note... You can still record to ProRes with the Base unit.
  5. Even the best 360 cameras still looks a bit crap in a VR headset.... at least when headsets go 4K+, the footage will improve (assuming it has a 4K+ finish). The consumer stuff looks absolutely dreadful in VR though and will be useless when the next generation VR comes along.
  6. That's because it is still 8 bit though, I would say. First hybrid/dslr that gets internal 10 bit and does it right (or even raw) will shake things up again, imho.
  7. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/cameras/cinema-eos/eos-c300-mark-ii/eos-c300-mark-ii?WT.mc_id=C126149#drivers_downloads_tab Looks interesting:
  8. Jimmy

    A vimeo 5x5

    love the opening shot on javri 1!
  9. Jimmy

    A vimeo 5x5

    Looks great... Makes me want to get back to the land of the auroras again! Were they shot in realtime? The stars are hardly moving
  10. Seems a strange move to discontinue the only DSLR with c-log and replace it with one without.... Fingers crossed something happens with firmware.... I'm simply not buying any Canon products unless they have c-log (or get hacked). DR is very important to me.
  11. Do you have any sources for this? I have heard the direct opposite, but that was word of mouth. Reps saying the 1DC is it's own line and part of the cinema range.
  12. The dream would be a 1DC-II (4K/60p, 10 bit, c-log) and a 5DC-IV (4K/30p, 8 bit, c-log). Come on Canon!
  13. I went on CVP to see how much the UK price is... Saying discontinued or archived:
  14. Iceland.... been 3 times now, love it. Thinking of Tromso this year. I can imagine Finland is equally beautiful though. I'm no big fan of my A7s, but being able to film my mum see the aurora for the first time, in real time, was worth every penny!
  15. Is the 1DX-II not better? Seems good here:
  16. Good point, i didn't see the bit about the customers using the cameras..... Canon's DP-AF alone could be worth it. If you have not made a decision once the 5D IV is shipping... I'll happily stay at your cabin for free to show you the A7s and 5DIV
  17. BTW, as someone who loves shooting auroras.... Having 4K as an option is wise, as it make the noise grain look alot nicer if you scale down to 1080p
  18. They have that specialist low light camera, but I assume you mean a DSLR/Camcorder? I've heard the 1DX-II is usable at around 25,600ISO, but better to wait for someone with first hand experience.
  19. I guess the idea of "found" footage becomes harder to show when kids can now shoot on cameras with 12 stops DR, amazing low light, 5 axis IBIS etc.... They should have done it all with iphone and a selfie stick, searching the forest for Pokemon.
  20. I'd like to see the quality of the 1080/60p please
  21. A lesson to take from this, especially as filmmakers, story writers etc... Always take a moment to explore the angles.... Our job/hobby/passion is to literally and metaphorically show a story from various angles. Analyse every situation, be empathetic with all concerned (empathy understanding the actions/emotions of others, it is not necessarily about sympathising with them). Don't instantly look for a hero and a villain, think about the grey areas. Sorry to go off on a tangent. and yea.... have strong passwords and avoid western union!
  22. I just wanna say I have no problem with the OP and he did the right thing..... whatever has happened, the account of the seller is compromised and people need to be warned of that.
  23. Ahh right... You have clearly seen proof of this, so we may as well all move on.
  24. The problem is that if his accounts were hacked to make this scam, he will not be able to reply and the silence is seen as incriminating. If this is a hacked account scam... I would suggest for the real Ebrahim to sign up to a new account, PM andrew his story along with some ID or evidence.
  25. At least give him a chance to give his side of the story The guy with the facebook post only has 9 posts and the OP 35 posts, yet it is all being taken as gospel (i'm not accusing either of you of lying, but it can happen).... I'm in no way taking sides here, If he did do it ... He deserves plenty of abuse, but think rationally first. It is not too hard to imagine that there are scammers out there who actively seek out these sort of "For Sale" sub forums and hack the account of the person in their country with the highest post number. It is also not unfeasable to imagine that someone could get pissed at an online user for something and set up a couple of account to destroy his reputation around the internet. (Again, not accusing the OP here, just playing devil's advocate).
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