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  1. To be honest... the whole upgrade thing is sometimes more of a headache than just selling up and buying new. You upgrade your sensor... they bring out a new body... you upgrade the body and have to buy new components... then a new sensor comes out and then a new body... then new components... Argghh!
  2. It'sIt's not like I am sat waiting camera less though.... I have cameras to shoot on... just miss my 5d3
  3. I regret selling my 5D3 every day i'm shooting, ML raw is beautiful.... Only thing holding me back buying another is I want to see what the 5d4 brings (and whether ML might hack it)
  4. I get the feeling the c300 mk ii might come into its own with this price drop... at $10k it is a steal and once it is in more hands... the reputation will grow. I think the people the would use a mk ii are still making cash with the mk i... but perhaps that will change soon
  5. Now only $10,300 on CVP.... Another few days of currency trading and it will be a sub $10k camera. http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/canon_c300_mark_ii_4k_video_camera
  6. Just posted this on another thread: Just spotted a deal for my US chums..... C300 mk II is now only $10,640 , cheaper even than B&H ($11,999) http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/canon_c300_mark_ii_4k_video_camera
  7. Just spotted a deal for my US chums..... C300 mk II is now only $10,640 , cheaper even than B&H ($11,999) http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/canon_c300_mark_ii_4k_video_camera
  8. Exactly..... it doesn't matter if it is better than X brand's sensor or worse than Y brand's sensor. It is just better than Canon's other sensors by a measurable amount. Which is good news.
  9. yea... and the Nikon D5 has 12.3 DR (On DXO).... Both the D5 and 1DX ii would absolute kill the D7200 in IQ though. Seriously, if you don't think 13.5 stops DR is great, you are in the wrong game. What are you shooting that requires that 0.5 stops extra? Unless you are shooting the midday sun from inside a cave, then 13.5 is 100% great. hmmm. ok. Go shoot low or high ISO with that camera and see if you think the DR is great.
  10. I addressed both those points in the original post. I'm talking about the sensor's potential, not the current video output. It might not be earth shattering (what is after 13 stops?).... But Canon now check every box... Great colour, great DR, great ISO (Great colour and DR at high ISOs too). Now we just need a 1DC II or 5D iv ML to unlock it for video.
  11. "The Canon performs exceptionally well. Not only does it have a wider useful dynamic range at base and low ISOs than the Nikon, it’s not far behind the Sony, and that small difference won’t be noticed in use. The Canon sensor continues to offer a wide dynamic range at every ISO setting, improving on the Sony from ISO800 onwards, and falling only slightly behind the Nikon’s strong performance from ISO6400 onwards. Indeed, the difference at most is around +0.6EV. Canon cameras are known for high ISO noise performance, and the Mark II surpasses both the Nikon and Sony by nearly +0.5EV"
  12. http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Canon/EOS-1D-X-Mark-II That's a pretty good sensor improvement... I know some Sony/Nikon guys will have a little chuckle, but regardless, 13.5 stops is a beautiful range to work with and Canon tend to have a nice DR range across the ISOs. Let's hope Canon release a 1DC ii that can record the full tonal range, or that the 5D iv has a similar sensor and gets a little ML lovin! Imagine that sensor with raw video.
  13. That said, on CVP, they have prices in US$ that say "No VAT"... Hard to figure it out. As things stand though, I still can't see any benefit from buying here rather than the states. If the £ really goes into freefall though, it may work out.
  14. I thought, for business use, VAT rebates are a thing of the past? https://www.gov.uk/tax-on-shopping/taxfree-shopping
  15. It would need to get to 1:1 with the dollar before you see any savings. The pricing here is ridiculously high compared to the states.... almost every product is 1:1 Then you have VAT and export costs. Might be some deals for European shooters though.
  16. Yes, i'm afraid I agree that it'll be the same old 4:2:0 8 bit, just with 4K/60p Even the DVX200 only shoots in 8 bit, so it would be surprising to see this get 10 bit, though I hope it does. Someone has to break that barrier in a hybrid cam
  17. On the topic of compressed raw codecs.... What the hell are GoPro doing with CineForm Raw? They just seem to be sat on the codec/patent without ever doing much with it. It's been licensed on a couple of cameras, but could be a real asset to a company like Sony or Canon, as it was patented before REDcode.
  18. If it holds DR across a wider ISO range than the Sony sensor, then yes. Canon have always had lower DR... but better spread. Regardless, if they are hitting 14 stops... that is a significant step up whereas the blog article says there is no improvement
  19. I thought the 1dx ii has significant DR improvements in raw? Any tests yet?
  20. Looks like a great still shooter, nothing much for us video folk though, unsurprisingly
  21. Nice,,,, not a bad price either! There is some kind of video mode at least. If they have somehow snuck in the raw video mode of their big cams, i'm in (yes, very unlikely).
  22. The internet is a big place.... There will always, always be people who would prefer long blogs, in depth forum discussions and a community vibe. You are clearly retaining those type of people, so I would just forget about the Twitter generation and how other sites are moving to that sort of format.... Most people will choose content based on a headline, lead text and photo, but then root into the content of anything that catches the eye... Flipboard is a perfect example of this and their usage stats suggest that people are very interested in content that goes beyond a paragraph.
  23. I would strongly suggest trying to get a hands on with these cameras..... I went from DSLR to FS700/O7Q and the size drove me crazy and I sold it, but some people much prefer it. You might find you want to stay with DSLR, in which case a 1DX-II or the upcoming 5DiV might be better?
  24. Great vids.... Colour and skintones look really nice (though the wedding grade is too magenta for me). What's going on in the first video though? Looks like some really strange jello effect (post production stablisation, maybe?)
  25. Yea mate, propriety storage is such a swindle. I'm rooting for you to get it though as I am really interested to see the combo in talented hands Now you have me starting to thinking about the X5R/Inspire combo again, this opening shot is stunning Here is a more practical 1600ISO test...
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