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  1. Yep, seems like a skewed, unrealistic test.... I can't imagine it was properly exposed, that would be an equivalent f-stop of f32 on an already dark scene. Seemed to me they have underexposed all the shots and brought the exposure up in post, which would bring noise on even an A7s II. Would be interested to see the originals.
  2. you can, it has raw, mov and mp4 recording options http://www.dji.com/product/zenmuse-x5s/info#specs
  3. You might wanna chat to a native Hawaiian about that.... Surfing is riding a wave on a board... SUP has roots in the original surfing of Hawaiian kings, you must know that, surely? If you are SUPing on a wave, you are surfing in the original sense of the word.
  4. Good review.... It is an issue that the raw recorder is also producing alot of noise, as the Osmo is loud enough already.
  5. Ahh cool.... You might be better off using a similar drone then, rather than the Inspire 1..... Lose a prop on that and it is going down... Lose a prop on an S1000 and you have a fighting chance.
  6. I think it is still a little overpriced, though very unique. Certainly interested to see it on an Osmo. Not sure what your experience with drones is, but the Inspire 1 is a bit of a beast as a starter kit, especially with such a pricey camera attached. You will crash sooner or later, it is inevitable.
  7. Which cinema features? The 1DC has no video centric features. Surely even Canon aren't crazy enough to think people will pay $1000s extra for a c-log enabled 1DX-ii? The 1DC had a hefty price tag, but it was completely unique. Having 4K and clog then just about justified the pricing... But surely not now
  8. The ever so slightly difference is I was clearly speaking hypothetically... yet you were using rumour and hearsay as fact. I'm actually hoping for a 1DC ii with clog and 10bit.... but I won't hold my breath.... maybe nab 2017
  9. Or they could discontinue it and restrict the C range to video centric products .... neither you or I know.... so let's stick to facts
  10. There is zero official word on a 1dc ii.... no point using guesswork as fact
  11. There are not many people I know that shoot with a c100 or c300 that would trade in for DSLR format factor even if they gave 20 stops of DR in compressed raw format. NDs, XLRs etc and a good image are what sells it Also worth noting the $1500 XC10 has c-log.... so it is not strictly a price separator
  12. It could easily be both though, with a few lines of code. We need to keep hammering Canon about this (i've sent about 20 emails now!) As it is also their flagship model, I don't see why it would effect their bottom line either.... It's not like people are suddenly gonna stop buying pro video equipment like the C300 mk II, just because the 1DXII has c-log
  13. Is that negated a bit by the 1D-X having more DR at sensor level, i wonder? It is clearly not getting close to the 1DC in these tests though.... Clog could easily push it well above the 1DC though, that is the sad part.
  14. I don't think there is anything "slight" about the DR difference.... Looks to be an easy 2 stops extra in the highlights on the 1DC.
  15. some great shots there.... DPAF must be really handy for this sort of work.
  16. Nice test..... C-Log is the clear winner here! Canon, sort your shit out.... You have a near perfect camera that just needs a few lines of code. 120fps looks better than I thought it would be after trying the 1080/60p mode of the 1D-C, which is truly dreadful.
  17. If you don't need 4k and HFR I'd look at the blackmagic micro and a speedometer. I enjoyed the fs700/o7q .... but it is a beast of a rig.
  18. Jimmy

    5D mk4 Spec

    What has 14 stops DR? Please don't tell me the Sony
  19. Compared to the likes of the A7s .... the colours are good, just not Canon/Alexa good
  20. What was the moving object.... a tectonic plate? F1.2 on a 50mm is about 2" of focus leeway!
  21. Jimmy

    5D mk4 Spec

    7D was a notoriously difficult port, and the 7DII likely the same... Couple that with low 7DII interest and the dots begin to connect. Now @tugela may well be right that Canon make the port very hard for the 5DIV... that is beyond any educated guess. Anyway... boring as fuck discussion.... If ML happens, i'll be buying one... If it doesn't and there is no c-log... Canon lose out my money.
  22. Jimmy

    5D mk4 Spec

    There was a new nightly build for 5D3 on 16th May 2016... Is that not recent enough? Your guesswork is fine, an educated guess, much like my educated guess that they have limited interest, currently, because they have hit a limit with the current Canon offerings and the demand is pretty low for the likes of the 7DII. The 5D4 will see massive demand and new challenges. Hackers like a challenge. As for the Axiom stuff... none of us know what is going on, if they are paid staff, own a %, ... if it is the "main devs" or just a couple..... or even if, like so many kickstarter projects, the shit has hit the fan and it will never see the light of day.
  23. @DBounce 10 bit? Is that confirmed.... That is equally great news and sad news (as c-log and 10 bit would be perfect!).
  24. Any chance of steering this back onto something that is not tediously boring and will clearly not be resolved? I think we can all agree that DPAF is pretty cool tech, but might not be priority for everyone.
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