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  1. Do you know about photographers... aka still shooters? ? Anyway... buzzing for the gh5.... seems absolutely perfect for my needs... bring it on.
  2. The problem is that video people tied themselves into Canon based on the notion that Canon would start adding video features and make video centric DSLRs... Unfortuntly, there was zero evidence of this happening... So they kinda have themselves to blame.
  3. Sign me up If they can get the 10bit 4:2:2 working nicely with P-Log, it will be the game changer we have all craved.
  4. Do you have a source for that info.... The shot in the alleyway is going pretty fast and there is no sign of ghosting. I think it is dual ISO or maybe some trick from the dual pixel tech.
  5. This is why the MJPEG codec makes so much sense.
  6. Without C-log... my interest is low, though the HDR mode looks interesting. Hopefully ML get on it
  7. I guess we will just have to disagree on what is "awful" DR. Anyway... here's hoping the 5div carries over the 13.5 stops of the 1dx ii... that must take canon from awful to average?
  8. Nikon go for highest DR at a base ISO... Canon keep their DR across a much bigger range. Nikon have been well ahead on base ISO, I agree... though the D5 is only 12 stops too and the 1DX ii a healthy 13.5 To say the 1DC is awful is what made me laugh though.
  9. I have no issue with someone saying the Nikon sensor is better... it is saying the Canon is awful and outdated that is laughable. If you can't get your shot with 12 stops, you are not a good photographer that understands light.
  10. Hahahahaha. I can't believe what I read on here at times. Do you solely shoot into the midday sun from inside a cave?
  11. Yea, like all the other camera manufacturers have similar products to the list you just rattled off... that you clearly believe you deserve, at the price you can afford. If Sony, Nikon etc were all making amazing hybrid cameras, I could just about understand the levels of anger you have at Canon... But they aren't. At least Canon have a product that more or less meets your list (1DC).
  12. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    what is so disgusting and cheap about what he wrote? Ebrahim talks positively about cameras he doesn't own.... Tugela, i strongly believe, talks negatively about cameras he doesn't own. Two ends of the same spectrum. I'm not "losing my shit".... I just grow weary of people slating a camera they clearly (again, in my opinion) have never used... I don't even believe they have seen it, judging by the "not a professional build" comments.
  13. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    It's an odd phenomenon of the internet. People fuming about cameras/phones/computers/cars etc etc that they have never even used or seen. anyway, I look forward to any news. It's a form factor that really works for my type of work (that i make money from!)
  14. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    Something can be pro and not a weather sealed beast. Have you actually used one? I have and thought it was well built... I'd happily fly it on my drones.
  15. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    Yea, like the guy who shot "trick shot", DP on House M.D? It's part of the C range, it is a pro tool.
  16. Jimmy

    Canon XC15

    Could be very interesting... really like the former factor... just disliked the lens
  17. It is worth noting the the 1.7 crop on 4k is purely an educated guess from Andrew... people seem to be using it as a stick to beat Canon with already.... seems odd.
  18. Yea, right.... I guess all those guys at the Olympics are just fanboys or paid by Canon?
  19. You realise that the Sony sensors only hit really high DR at very specific ISOs? Canon have always sacrificed peak DR in favour of a more even DR spread across the ISO range. If it is correct that the new Canon sensor is hitting 13.5 stops and maintaining it across a broad ISO range, that is as good as anyone needs (in stills/raw).
  20. It's ridiculous really... A few lines of code. If only Canon would realise that adding C-log to the DSLR range is simply not gonna take away all their CXXX customers. In fact, they will gain a bunch of sales from CXXX users who need a B cam.
  21. Canon almost always have boring specs... They get slated by bloggers, the forums are rife with laughter and scorn. Then the footage comes out and people do a double take. You only need to look to the blog owner here, a self confessed tech/spec head, to see this... He has the 1DC, C500 and XC10. All were mocked and generally considered underwhelming yet the image draws people in. Canon are mugs if they don't put in c-log though... If it doesn't have c-log or ML... count me out.
  22. Possibly an extra 1.5+ stops DR too, if Canon use the new sensor tech. If ML were to unleash 1080/60p, 13.5 stops DR, raw, canon colour and DPAF, i'd be all over it.
  23. Since when did 4k60p become a must have on a DSLR!? This spec chasing will just go on and on and on. Is that the same Canon that ALREADY have a 4K60p camera (1DX-II)? Is that also the same Canon that have the best 4K image quality of any hybrid/dslr (1DC)? Is that the same Canon that "finally jumped into 4K" 3 years ago (1DC)? If it has an image similar to the 1DX-II, it will be a nice camera... 4:2:2 mpeg is actually really nice. Will be interesting to see if ML take a look under the hood.
  24. Probably an after effect of Brexit. Alot of folk were saying that if the £ remained really weak, prices on imported products would rise.
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