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  1. Sorry, you are absolutely right. The Ultra.
  2. Hi there, Posting as I received my GH5 yesterday but unsure whether to keep it. I also bought a Metabones Ultra 0.71, which kind of works with my EF 50mm 1.8 but not at all with my Canon zoom lenses. In everybody's experience, do you think Metabones will update the Speedbooster to work with the GH5. I've not used their gear before and don't want to be lumbered with an adaptor, and possibly camera, that I can't use. I know it's impossible to say for sure, but wondering if the EOSHD Hive Mind had any info I'd not been able to find. In the meantime, I'm happy to answer any questions you guys have about the camera. Thanks Rich
  3. The Helix looks like a brilliant, although hardly any in the UK so not had a play with it. Just being able to put it down without a stand is priceless. R
  4. Interesting news and tests regarding GH5 and the Metabones... http://www.newsshooter.com/2017/02/06/panasonic-gh5-more-tests-with-the-metabones-speedbooster-xl-0-64x-and-sigma-18-35mm-f1-8/
  5. Is that right? Fantastic news. Does that work if you are shooting video as well?
  6. Noone, thanks so much. Great reference.
  7. Yeah, apologies. Is that why they vignette on a Speedbooster?
  8. Yuan, thanks for these links. Great lens tests. I'm combing through the rest of the site now to see if he did the Veydras or SLR Magics.
  9. I thought I saw a comment about why I am looking to buy an M43 camera when I'm unsure about the lenses available. The comment seems to have gone but thought I'd clarify anyway. The GH5, for the money, has an incredible feature set for video and is a great lightweight stills camera. I'd like to use it as a B-Cam for video and a second stills camera for the small amount of photographic work I do. I'm sure some of the native lenses are incredible, and thanks to those who are giving me advice in that regard. I think it might be worth investing in one, to begin with. However I have to think about the rest of the gear I use, not much point having fabulous M43 glass gathering dust at home if I'm shooting on an F5 or a C300. Thanks again for the help everyone. Keep it coming. Rich
  10. Jonpais, you are right. I think I am putting too much emphasis on chromatic aberration. I also understand what you are saying about using light small glass without adapters, I am with you 100%. If I was going to ditch my Canon system and go solely over to M43 I would absolutely go native mount, but sadly I'm not in that position and I have to think how the GH5 will fit into my current work and what cameras I'll most likely to be using in the future. As you point out, APS-C is most likely. I also agree with you about matching lenses in post, however, most of my work is edited by others and often they do not have the time or skills to do a proper colour correction pass. Maybe I could sneakily get just one M43 25mm without the bank manager noticing. R Hey Jimmy, I haven't as you've probably guessed. But looking on DXO it scores pretty badly for sharpness and CA. The Sigma M43 30mm 1.4 gets the best marks, and isn't that expensive. R
  11. Thanks. I shall have a read of those. Do you guys look at DXO lens ratings? A video I watched pointed to their website and now I've realised that even the Canon glass I've got isn't all that great. The Sigma 16-35 and 50-100 come out on top for full frame. For me, the 50-100 is a really weird focal length and not something I'd use. For M43 the PanLeica 42.5 gets the highest mark, but it scores really badly on chromatic aberration. Same with the PanLeica 25. Any experience from you guys on this? So my current thinking, which I admit changes almost every 5 minutes, is that I should spend the money on good full frame glass that will have a longer life in terms of what I do and the cameras I mostly use. Obviously, I'll have to sacrifice AF speed and Dual IS. Rich
  12. Thanks Noone for the Kipon info, I will have to check it out. I did a bit more research last night and I'm guessing the Leica lenses are Panasonic's equivalent to Canon's L Series, would you guys agree? Thanks for the video Jonpais, I had watched a few of his videos but not actually seen his one. I presume he's using IBIS but I can't see it stated in the comments. I noticed in the video comments that people mention vignetting if using a lens at 18mm on the Speedbooster. Could someone explain why this would happen, as I thought the whole point of the Speedbooster was that it takes an image from the lens and shrinks it down to M43 size? Why would vignetting appear? Does this mean I couldn't use the Canon 17-40mm? There are three uses for the camera I'm thinking of... If I'm using the GH5 as a B-Roll Camera on a video shoot I'd need to use Canon glass on a Speedbooster to match other cameras. Just shooting video on the GH5, I'd need a good focal range of fast visually matched glass, so all from the same manufacturer most likely. Thirdly, using it as a stills camera I'd like wide aperture zooms with fast AF. Again, thanks for all the comments. Really helping find my way through the rabbit hole I've found myself in. Rich
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied. Really helpful advice and has helped clarify what I'm looking for. I think the jury is still out on whether the Speedbooster will work with the GH5 stabilised sensor. Thpriest, I also use a C100 most of the time. I'm thinking the GH5 would be a good B-Roll cam for doing slow mo which is something I miss at the moment. I love the C100, and I wished Canon would pull their fingers out and catch up spec wise. The SLR Magics are lovely, but I've been thinking that investing in a set that is only M43 might not be the way to go. I guess I want something that's future proof and I can use on Canons and Sony's going forward. Noone, the Kipon looks nifty. Is it a speedbooster/focal reducer or just straight through with no glass in it? So if I'm using my 24-70mm it would be a 48-140mm? Does aperture control work on the camera body. Inazuma, do you have to use the Regain with that massive dongle on the side? That's a bit of a deal killer for me. How does it do with AF? Thanks for the M43 lens recommendations. If I did buy native M43 I'd be after a set from the same manufacturer, fast primes or zooms covering 10mm, 25mm, 40mm and maybe 75mm. Rich
  14. Rich Merritt

    GH5 Lenses

    Hello I'm new to M43, I've been shooting with Canons in various forms for many years and have a solid bunch of L glass. I had a little play with the GH5 at the BSC show today, seems pretty good and I'm almost hitting the 'Pre-Order' button as we speak. My question is (and I apologise as I realise this must of been brought up a zillion times in the forums but I can't find the answer I'm looking for) shall I stick with Canon glass or start to invest in some M43 lenses? This all hinges on whether Metabones have an adapter that'll work with the stabilised sensor of course. I had a little play with the Veydra and SLR Magic primes, both look great. I guess I'm after a set of three or more focal lengths, so not looking for recommendations on vintage or second-hand gear. So, buy some M43 primes or stick with Canon? Love to hear your thoughts and apologies again if I'm repeating previous threads. Rich
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