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  1. It grades really well. First one is an M31 LUT and the second one is a a straight curve in colorista.
  2. Don't you find the huge 7 inch monitor a bit unwieldy to mount with a mirrorless camera like the X-T2? I was looking at the 5" SoundDevices recorder because of this.
  3. I think in a lot of the heavily graded films you cite, the skin tones are kept to an acceptable color while every other color goes nuts. That's the real talent of a world-class colorist.
  4. Ah, I see my sarcasm detector isn't calibrated!
  5. Huh? Tell that to all the Super 16mm filmmakers out there. Jackie with Natalie Portman was shot on 16mm last year buddy. If you have a good story to tell, you could shoot it on any of the cameras spoken about on this forum. Stop rationalizing your own creative deficits.
  6. I've been toying around with the idea of using an FD speedbooster on the GH5 for more organic looking video, and then for my stills camera using a Canon AE-1 film camera. Best of both worlds for stills and video?
  7. Was this a filmmaking or vlogging website? I forget
  8. I absolutely love the Fuji X70 as a travel stills camera. It shoots video but it's nothing I would seriously use for video.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I feel like I've gotta get the flagship though in case a project comes up where I want to rent an external recorder for 4k prores flog. I'm coming from a C100 Mark II for video and 6D for stills.
  10. I'm looking for a new personal camera system that can deliver excellent stills and video in one, so the GH5 isn't for me. If nothing new and notable is introduced at NAB, I think it's the X-T2 for me.
  11. Thanks. I just wanted to verify that manual smooth focus pulls are possible. I want to be able to use a follow focus down the road if need be. I have a Fuji X70 for stills which I love, but the predictive manual focus is an absolute mess.
  12. I've had this happen before with B&H. You'll probably have to give it another week, but if you keep calling their customer service they will send you out a new one.
  13. I'm not talking about the focus ring feel or smoothness - I meant the fact that a fast focus pull will catapult the focus to infinity while a slow, steady turn barely moves it. All the focus-by-wire X lenses do this, right?
  14. Someone remind me not to click on this thread again
  15. I think Jesus would have shot on the Digital Bolex
  16. Do still photographers actually like that? I don't get why they do this. Sounds like a follow focus would be completely unusable.
  17. The one thing holding me back from pulling the trigger on an X-T2 is the predictive focus-by-wire of most of Fuji's lenses where the response isn't linear. Is manual focusing usable at all?
  18. What do I have to do to call myself a storyteller Contaxes look good, what is your set? Did you build it on eBay?
  19. Why do that when you can argue on the internet
  20. The only GH5 video I've seen so far that I've really liked is James Miller's. All that it took was a Zeiss Otus and a 4k external recorder to accomplish a pristine baked-in-LUT downscale of 4k to 1080p. Every other test video simply doesn't have colors I like. The film look isn't there. If you told me all of it was shot with a GH4 I'd believe you.
  21. I'm hoping DJI will put the 1" sensor from the Phantom 4 Pro or the MFT from the Inspire 2 on their osmo gimbal soon.
  22. I've used a GH4 with the speed booster and EF lenses and it's really awkward. You have a tiny camera hanging off a huge front-heavy lens. Hopefully the size increase on the GH5 makes this less cumbersome.
  23. Andrew is in the throes of New Camera Mania (™) and it won't wear off for the GH5 until a new "pretty good" prosumer camera is released that has a lot of shortcomings but produces a decent image.
  24. Thanks man! No I moved to LA and got a full-time job doing the video work for a software company. I don't need a crazy amount of freelance gear anymore - I am looking at a more compact solution that can handle photo and video work in one. Maybe a Fuji X-T2 or something new announced at NAB.
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