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  1. I'm considering liquidating all of my Canon gear just to downsize and do things a bit more casually, but the one camera I won't sell is the XC10. It's too useful.
  2. All fuji lenses are focus-by-wire, yes? How is the responsiveness when twisting the focus ring in manual mode?
  3. They're still using off-the-shelf scientific sensors right? I think that's where these problems came from.
  4. Up for sale is a like-new DJI Ronin gimbal. (full-size, not the Ronin-M) Comes with two OEM batteries, original hard case, monitor mount, and an AerialPixels Thumbstick Controller. This gives you an actual tactile joystick and not a virtual button like the DJI thumbstick. https://aerialpixels.com/shop/gimbals/dji-ronin-series/dji-ronin-proportional-thumb-joystick/ Asking $1400 OBO for local pickup in Los Angeles.
  5. If you buy one, be very careful with the installation. It can shear the gold electrical contacts of your camera body right off if you're not careful.
  6. Hi Olik, did you get your section 107 certificate? Any study tips?
  7. How is the focus-by-wire on the Fuji lenses? Is it responsive for manual focusing in video?
  8. Here's kind of a cheesy campaign vid I just shot on the XC10.
  9. If you can't pull back the highlights check your LUT. I've noticed some LUTs will blow them out and there's nothing you can do with the curve to bring it back. When I re-grade the shot from scratch in colorista the highlights look great.
  10. Also just did this corporate video. Stronger LUT applied here -
  11. The C100 is great for sure, but if that had been filmed with an Alexa it would have been many degrees better looking! I use a Manfrotto MVM500A - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/945109-REG/manfrotto_mvm500a_pro_fluid_monopod_with.html It's great but the lack of IS on the Sigma 18-35 made me have to lean on warp stabilizer a bit in this piece. A gimbal would have been great but I'm not sure where I would have set it down on the beach hehe
  12. Thanks man. Yeah we had to go through official channels with the palm beach county film commission and the city of delray beach to get a permit to bring the piano onto the beach. I had suggested the idea to Shuree as a joke and she made it happen. I only shot this with a video monopod but looking back I wish I had used a tripod. The different setups would have taken too long though as the sun was already shifting in the sky significantly. The DPAF works perfectly with the tokina; it is just noisier than some canon lenses. I have the 35 F2 IS yes. Just a fantastic handheld shot-grabber lens. I'm pretty sure I could take only the 35 to a location and do anything I needed with it. edit: it was carried out by two guys that were moving wooden planks 5 feet at a time :-O
  13. I've never tried vintage lenses on my C100 MII but would like to. Right now I use the tokina 11-16, sigma 18-35, canon L zooms, canon 35 / 50 / 85 primes. Here's a piece I shot on the 18-35:
  14. You can definitely match them as long as the XC10 has enough light. Go above 1000 ISO and really discerning clients may notice. Even in great light though, if you pixel peep you can see the XC10 is pulling from a smaller sensor.
  15. I see what you're saying but I still feel like I could pick out an 80D versus a C100 in a blind comparison test 100% of the time. Canon 1080p DSLRs have a softness that is unmistakable at this point.
  16. It definitely improved the focus, both in accuracy and speed.
  17. It works great. Everything operates perfectly.
  18. All of the best filmmakers were left-wing. Close the thread
  19. Get a used Panasonic GH2 and practice your craft until you reach 10,000 hours
  20. Hold out to the fall if you can - they might release the C100 Mark III. Or maybe an FS5 now? I'm very happy with my C100 Mark II though.
  21. It's hard to rig, hard to handhold, and it's hard to change camera settings like ISO and WB in the moment because of the touchscreen menus. The built-in battery is no fun, and neither is the need for IR filters. Beautiful organic image though.
  22. I would like an 18-135 just for the face detection, but I haven't been let down by the 24-105 on the C100MII. Just be sure to enable the in-camera lens distortion correction for the wide end. Here's a horse grooming tools web video I shot on it.
  23. The focus-by-wire was inaccurate and finicky sometimes but I think the recent firmware update has improved that a lot. As long as you shoot within the lens' limits it's a fantastic camera. Don't expect it to be a lowlight monster. I often set the lens to F4 and use it as a 24-70 F4. The stills JPEGs are nothing to write home about, but suitable for social media postings. I use it as a b-cam to my C100 Mark II, but it's more than adequate to be an A-cam on a quick interview too. C-log I think is its biggest selling point.
  24. Yes, all you need to get this look is an FS5 and a EUR 21,500 anamorphic zoom.
  25. Thanks. No, I would just leave the mic on 0db with about +32 on the volume in the XC10. Part of the reason the vocal track sounds good in that video is a solid multi-band compressor applied in Premiere with about +3db treble. Then I also put an EQ on the music taking about -8db out of the 3000 and 7000 bands so the voice cuts through it.
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