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  1. I won't shoot furniture with anything less than Cooke glass.
  2. In my experience shooting Wide DR gets noisier and has more artifacts than c-log. I like to grade. When we say expose to the right we're talking about checking your waveform. Look for skin tones halfway up the meter.
  3. Shoot in log and expose to the right. Don't believe the 35% middle grey Canon says in log. Aim for 50-60% with caucasian skin tones. ProRes is nice but it's really not much more detailed than the mp4 or AVCHD if you expose correctly. There are tests around youtube and vimeo outlining this.
  4. What about this? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N2GJCB2/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2Q5O1612Q882F&coliid=IS7RGHI1QXKJQ Rode Videomic on top, lavalier receiver on the side.
  5. I've been having no trouble with the Wasabi batteries from Amazon US. Love the camera so far as well. It just gets the shot you need incredibly easily. Footages matches my C100 MII perfectly as well.
  6. I just took a 6D with the 40mm pancake on a two week trip to europe and it didn't feel heavy at all. If I'm doing serious stills I feel like I want full frame.
  7. I think most pros buy another duplicate raid 5 and back up the first array to that one. When it gets too full offload to WD Red drives stored in different physical locations. Or if you can afford the LTO Tape type stuff go for that.
  8. How many stops is the ND filter? I can't find it in the literature anywhere.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for me to be more patronizing than this online I wonder
  10. The video explains it was a straight LUT application only with no other grading.
  11. This camera, like most Canon products, is clearly more than the sum of its spec sheet. The image is cinematic as hell.
  12. How are you finding the annoyances like not being able to change the ISO without going into the menus?
  13. Any word on the updated review or what? Are you guys able to tweak the individual picture profiles like they do with the A7S on these smaller cameras? Slog2 PicPro from Kholi modified to CINE4- Black Level: 0 Gamma Slog or CINE4: 2 Black Gamma > Range: Middle , Level: -3 Knee > Mode: Auto , Auto Set > Max Point: 95 , Sensitivity: Mid Colore Mode: Pro Saturation: +8 Color Phase -2 Color Depth > R+1, G-1, B+2,, C-2, M-1, Y-3 Detail > Level, -5 Adjust > Mode; Manual, V/H Balance: -2, B/W Balance Type3, Limit: 0, Crispening:0, hi_light Detail: 0 White balance > Manual > Grid setting B 1 (one to the left)
  14. They are affiliated with or paid by Blackmagic. I've never read a negative thing about any BM cameras from them.
  15. With the amount of rolling shutter the RX100 IV has even in 1080p mode, I don't think you're going to get good results with it strapped go-pro style to someone's head or chest. The lens isn't that wide.
  16. Try not to only post news articles that fit your narrow worldview: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2014/01/02/sony-has-78-chance-to-go-bankrupt-in-two-years-says-macroaxis/
  17. Have you tried shooting any stills? How are they? It's too bad they don't give you RAWs.
  18. The stronger looks in MB Looks have a tendency to stretch 8 bit footage way beyond its limit. Film convert always looks great and is easy to use, but is much more limited as a color grading application.
  19. ​No worries, friend. We'll keep this as evidence for the institutionalization
  20. ​BM Pocket has an incredibly flat log picture style for $1000 now or $500 when it was on sale. Properly graded, it's what gives it such a great film look.
  21. Not interested unless it gets a log picture style. Anyone who is interested in the film look should feel the same.
  22. Did Andrew go off his meds again?
  23. He finally found a camera he liked so he went off to shoot a fulfilling personal project.
  24. What do you guys think will be faster benchmark-wise? The new iMac 5k retina or the top of the line MacBook Pro 15" with discrete GPU?
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