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  1. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for me to be more patronizing than this online I wonder
  2. The video explains it was a straight LUT application only with no other grading.
  3. This camera, like most Canon products, is clearly more than the sum of its spec sheet. The image is cinematic as hell.
  4. How are you finding the annoyances like not being able to change the ISO without going into the menus?
  5. Any word on the updated review or what? Are you guys able to tweak the individual picture profiles like they do with the A7S on these smaller cameras? Slog2 PicPro from Kholi modified to CINE4- Black Level: 0 Gamma Slog or CINE4: 2 Black Gamma > Range: Middle , Level: -3 Knee > Mode: Auto , Auto Set > Max Point: 95 , Sensitivity: Mid Colore Mode: Pro Saturation: +8 Color Phase -2 Color Depth > R+1, G-1, B+2,, C-2, M-1, Y-3 Detail > Level, -5 Adjust > Mode; Manual, V/H Balance: -2, B/W Balance Type3, Limit: 0, Crispening:0, hi_light Detail: 0 White balance > Manual > Grid setting B 1 (one to the left)
  6. They are affiliated with or paid by Blackmagic. I've never read a negative thing about any BM cameras from them.
  7. With the amount of rolling shutter the RX100 IV has even in 1080p mode, I don't think you're going to get good results with it strapped go-pro style to someone's head or chest. The lens isn't that wide.
  8. Try not to only post news articles that fit your narrow worldview: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2014/01/02/sony-has-78-chance-to-go-bankrupt-in-two-years-says-macroaxis/
  9. Have you tried shooting any stills? How are they? It's too bad they don't give you RAWs.
  10. The stronger looks in MB Looks have a tendency to stretch 8 bit footage way beyond its limit. Film convert always looks great and is easy to use, but is much more limited as a color grading application.
  11. ​No worries, friend. We'll keep this as evidence for the institutionalization
  12. ​BM Pocket has an incredibly flat log picture style for $1000 now or $500 when it was on sale. Properly graded, it's what gives it such a great film look.
  13. Not interested unless it gets a log picture style. Anyone who is interested in the film look should feel the same.
  14. Did Andrew go off his meds again?
  15. He finally found a camera he liked so he went off to shoot a fulfilling personal project.
  16. What do you guys think will be faster benchmark-wise? The new iMac 5k retina or the top of the line MacBook Pro 15" with discrete GPU?
  17. Fuzzynormal, you should have known better than to try to tell the alcoholics that they don't need alcohol anymore. Just look at the addict-levels of denial and rationalization above. The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  18. ​I think it's part of a uniquely american brand of obnoxious youth culture. Ties in with the selfie narcissism trend.
  19. I had hopes for Stage 32 but around my area it seems dead. Roger Deakins' forum is mind-blowing in that he actually posts and answers questions. http://www.rogerdeakins.com/forum2/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=e5a6fd4a4ca28e73cff07fb978b95f41
  20. It's almost like the choice of hardware takes a backseat to ideas and collaborators among successful filmmakers. Maybe we should start looking for a forum about real filmmaking and not spec comparisons?
  21. Check out NYU SCPS. http://www.scps.nyu.edu
  22. This is sort of a video version of a "goodbye to all that" essay. http://gothamist.com/2014/12/30/the_best_times_people_said_goodbye.php
  23. If only oscar-nominated cinematographers were smart enough to read this eoshd. http://nofilmschool.com/2015/02/which-cameras-were-used-oscar-nominated-films-2015
  24. I started out on a 7D in 2011 and moved to a BMCC EF in 2013, so having a camera with a waveform monitor, XLRs, built-in NDs, even a proper top handle is a complete revelation. The DPAF works better and smoother than I expected but it's a bit of a drag having it restricted to the center of the frame. I would echo what other owners say about it - on paper the camera can't compete specs-wise but the features it offers causes it to "get out of the way" like all good technology. You are free creatively to focus on the moment at hand and get the shot. For awhile I was enjoying doing stills shoots more and I realized that's because all my gear was made for stills. Now that I have a video camera my stress levels have plumetted. Here's a couple shots with a DJi Ronin and a Tokina 11-16 with the DPAF activated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewtis5w1s2pyz66/Lynn B-Roll Misc.mp4?dl=0
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