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  1. I started out on a 7D in 2011 and moved to a BMCC EF in 2013, so having a camera with a waveform monitor, XLRs, built-in NDs, even a proper top handle is a complete revelation. The DPAF works better and smoother than I expected but it's a bit of a drag having it restricted to the center of the frame. I would echo what other owners say about it - on paper the camera can't compete specs-wise but the features it offers causes it to "get out of the way" like all good technology. You are free creatively to focus on the moment at hand and get the shot. For awhile I was enjoying doing stills shoots more and I realized that's because all my gear was made for stills. Now that I have a video camera my stress levels have plumetted. Here's a couple shots with a DJi Ronin and a Tokina 11-16 with the DPAF activated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewtis5w1s2pyz66/Lynn B-Roll Misc.mp4?dl=0
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