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    Damphousse reacted to Chris Oh in GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?   
    Both BHphoto and Digitalrev list the GH5 (no pricing and specs yet)
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    Damphousse reacted to Trek of Joy in Nikon Mystery Solved!   
    Unlike Nikon, Canon has been producing professional video cameras and broadcast lenses for decades, the EOS C line is a natural extension of that lineage. The market is moving from fixed lens camcorders like the legendary EX1 to large sensor ILC camcorders like the FS7 and C100/300. Though on paper it looks like the GH5 could shake up things a bit, and IMO this is why we haven't seen a real AF100 successor. Panasonic is leaving the mid range stuff to Canon and Sony while trying to capture everything below with the GH5's heavy duty spec.
    Nikon has no history in the pro video realm, venturing into pro video would be a big undertaking with lots of R&D. Good cameras by companies with far more experience than Nikon, like the JVC LS300, have been largely ignored in favor of the Canon and Sony's. Its not short sighted or stupid, its just not in their business model. Any mis-step would be very costly. Olympus is in the same boat. So is Fuji. Improving the video in their respective cameras and allowing for better output to external recorders makes more financial sense than producing an entirely new line of cameras.
    Just my opinion.
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    Damphousse reacted to Arikhan in Nikon Mystery Solved!   
    @Mattias Burling
    I think, you are right...Because the DSLR/DSLM filming enthusiasts like many people in this forum are a MINORITY. But all of us think, filming features are the most important for camera manufacturers. I am convinced, this is NOT. It's only the most important thing for dedicated film camera manufacturers. For hybrid/still devices manufacturers, there are much more (economical and strategic) aspects to consider than the expectations of a minority.
    How many normal Joes have the knowledge and hardware possibilities for 4K editing and post production? How many enthusiasts have the budget to handle and store huge RAW or 1DXmk2 files? I think, we underestimate the real existing world out there. Rock solid 1080p with a nice codec and a moderate bitrate (= for "normal" PCs / Mac, round about 50 MB/s) could be better for the future of filming enthusiasts than a handful "freaks" not representing the bright consumer world at all...And that's mass business, big manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc. are interested in...
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Nikon Mystery Solved!   
    I think we are still overestimating the importance of video and definitely of cinema cameras.
    Simple gallup at work. I have about 20 people close to me there. Maybe two of them have an old camcorder and about the same number of Gopros. Zero owns a cinema camera. Every single one of them owns a still camera or even two + a smartphone.
    Only one of them have ever edited a video outside of work. Some have done videos in there spare time for the christmas party at work, so it doesn't count
    And thats where I work. I think it would be even less video at a factory or clothing store.
    If I was Nikon I wouldn't sink a dime in the video business unless I had to. And then the smartphone market would be further up my list.
    And as far as I can tell the biggest market for video among regular people is for blogs/selfies and action cameras. Thats why weird cameras like the Canon X sells really good.
    And Nikon did release three dedicated video cameras just a few weeks ago that suits that segment.
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    Damphousse reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Documentary for TV broadcast with EOS M1   
    The only thing you can do is ask what is acceptable to use (they'll normally have a list of cameras) & rent for this one job, if it pays or gets you more work then consider buying something to keep getting broadcast work. Also, ask if what you're using will be good enough.
    Having worked for the BBC, I know that broadcast standards are pretty high & it is more to do with how they have to deliver the footage. Therefore DSLR footage just isn't going to cut it in most instances, because they have to compress the footage into a deliverable format & in most cases it will fall apart - hence the 100Mbit/s min requirement. The special permission aspect is almost certainly to do with the fact that they'll have to spend extra time/money getting your DSLR footage up to scratch & they really don't like doing this - they'll see it as a waste of time & money, unless your piece is something that is going to get a lot of interest/viewers (ratings, it's all about ratings).
    Don't let something like renting out a camera for a job put you off - this is your break & treat it as such.
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    Damphousse reacted to theSUBVERSIVE in GH5 Prototype   
    I know this is the Internet, but for those that watched the presentation, this is still a product in development and one that isn't final nor they had released the full final specs, so unless Panasonic says so, omission is far from the same as a sure thing that it won't have some feat.
    People need to be patience and wait for the full announcement, just be happy that the internal 10-bit 422 recording is true despite the odds, this camera is still a few months away from shipment.
    That said, it would be wise for Panasonic to at least address the IBIS, so people can either freak out or calm down.
    Don't Panic
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    Damphousse reacted to Phil A in iPhone 7: 4k60p confirmed   
    What I wonder with the expectation regarding 4k60p is, why would anyone shooting with a mobile phone consider that?I'd guess there's really no interest from regular consumers. 1080p gives them 120fps which is "better" slow motion.
    I made a quick check by asking 5 people at work (industrial manufacturing company) if they set their iPhone 6s (we have them as work phones) to 4k30fps. I got a "can Instagram or Facebook show that already?" and everyone stuck with the standard 1080p30fps, actually only one of them didn't have to look into the settings to find out (the others didn't even know there is a setting), he said 4k uses too much memory and he made a concious decision.
    I feel like there's as good as no interest from consumers in 4k60p. Like with the cameras, enthusiasts are a small market wedged between consumers who don't give a f*ck and pros who buy purpose built equipment, so we can't really expect the industry to make us happy.
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    Damphousse reacted to JurijTurnsek in iPhone 7: 4k60p confirmed   
    Bluetooth earphones and wireless charging have both been available for some years now. Go for it, Apple does not exist in a vacuum. Have fun charging you earphones, though.
    The only sensible thing would be to make wireless earphones that can charge and work with a supplied cable when the battery runs out. Cables are only really obtrusive only a fraction of the time (like for exercise).
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    Damphousse reacted to AaronChicago in Film Convert Is Dead!   
    Film grain is best when used after denoising an image. Anytime I use Neat Video to reduce noise I'll add a layer of grain. Otherwise it looks like plastic. Noise/grain at low ISO's are fine but when you get up to 1600 it can look nasty.
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    Damphousse reacted to Inazuma in Film Convert Is Dead!   
    To each their own really. But there are some technical benefits to adding grain, like how it can sometimes help prevent blockiness and banding from youtube/vimeo compression
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    Damphousse reacted to BrorSvensson in Film Convert Is Dead!   
    It also works great with camera like the Sony a7 or the T3i which have issues like moire and aliasing, the grain often helps hide those issues in my experience.
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    Damphousse reacted to liork in GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?   
    GH4 also allows recording 10 bit 4:2:2 from HDMI. It never really got people pointing a real "wow" difference vs the internal 8 bit. So its for Panasonic to show us a real improvement in GH5 picture quality vs the GH4.
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    Damphousse reacted to Leica50mm in Canon C700 at IBC 2016 but no 1D C Mark II. Have they killed it off?   
    I wouldn't mock it too much. Because it might just be killer images wise. Just saying.
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    Damphousse reacted to jcs in All Canon cameras gets Custom C-Log Profile   
    You can't make a real CLog profile, just an S-curve to try to emulate it. I wasn't happy with what it does to colors and messing around in post to look good, so I stopped using it. I tried this back in May on the 1DX II.
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    Damphousse reacted to Jimmy in GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?   
    Exactly.... some people are just looking through their own small window rather than seeing the big picture. 
    They can stuff it full of video features and slap a $4k price on it... people here will rejoice... yet it will fail.
    We are still a small niche.
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    Damphousse reacted to funkyou86 in GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?   
    I'm not a BM guy, so maybe I am wrong, but the product desc. says that even the 4K video assist feeds the SD cards. Hard to say what will be Panasonics move, I guess there will be two slots for SD cards, but let's wait for the confirmation of the quality of 4K video. Andrew, what do you think, is it possible that the GH5 4K will be anything else than 10bit 4:2:2?
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    Damphousse reacted to The Chris in GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?   
    If the GH5 is as loaded as speculated, I bet its closer to $2000.
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    Damphousse reacted to mojo43 in Sony A7SII colors suck!!!   
    Sorry wasn't trying to be mean, but when someone is blaming a product for not being good and it's really due to their lack of knowledge well then let's call a spade a spade. A forum full of knowledgeable people are trying to help and the op is being stubborn in my opinion. This post is almost troll like. Maybe that is why I am caught up wasting time typing this out? Dunno...
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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in Sony A7SII colors suck!!!   
    What was it for?

    C300 mk1 vs a7S mk2 fit very different niches. 
    LOL! Bet that was hard and took you ages on a long travel all over the internet before you found that ;-) 
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    Damphousse reacted to gt3rs in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    For the MJPEG haters, which one you would pick (codec only)?:
    Canon 4k DCI 4:2:2 500 Mbits All-I 8 bit
    Canon XC10 XF-AVC 4k UHD 4:2:2 300 Mbits All-I 8 bit
    Sony A7 series XAVC S 4k UHD 4:2:0 100 Mbits 8 bit
    Panasonic GH4 4k UHD 4:2:0 100 Mbits LGOP 8 bit
    Nikon 4k UHD 4:2:0 144 Mbits 8 bit
    Today there is no DSLR with a perfect solution in term of codec. Best would be the XF-AVC but right now it needs a fan that is a no go on wheatear sealed body.
    As you can see they are all compromises and I personally would pick the MJPEG over the competition 4:2:0 formats and low bitrate any day.
    To the ones that say that Canon do not innovate, today the 1Dx II is the only DSLR form factor camera that can shoot in 4k DCI 60fps 4:2:2.
    Of course a 5Ds with a 4k full frame sensor with 4k DCI 60fps 4:2:2 500 Mbits XF-AVC with CLOG, Zebra, Peeking etc,. would be the dream  but it will not happen.
    But there is no excuse for no LOG and no Zebra and Peeking.
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    Damphousse reacted to kaylee in Canon 1Dc $4,999   
    a p p l e has a great return policy which their salespeople promote
    "Youve got two weeks to make sure you love it, if you dont no worries just bring it back"
    whether that mac pro was used for "professional" "paid" work or not, believe me, literally no one at the company cares.... i assure you lol 
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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in Canon 1Dc $4,999   
    Every camera (especially with the well under $5K range) has its own little set of niggles. Even the famous and expensive 1D C has ***HEAPS*** of niggles. Even an Arri Alexa has some niggles, that is why they brought out the Amira and then the Alexa Mini. 

    But with an external battery pack (or a pocket full of batteries... I've got 13! So I can go with either option, just internal or external as well) you can go for ages and ages. I did this a couple of weekends ago inside at a Motorsport Expo, using the BMPCC as a quick and dirty run and gun camera on a monopod shooting to Rec709 ProRes LT (as there would be a lot of footage, none of which I'd be editing).
    This shows you can even happily use a BMPCC for one of its most unconventional uses: run and gun!
    If I was doing this outdoors I'd have added a monitor (I've got a Feelworld FW759 now, but hopefully I'll get a nice little 5" or smaller one to add to it instead). 

    The total size and weight would still be smaller than what a naked 1D C would be! And more functional. (1D C monitoring features are shit)
    GoPros have been around for many years longer than a BMPCC, for a long time they were the ONLY option. That is why they were used. 

    GoPros would still be used now for their low cost , their widespread availability, waterproofness, extreme small size, and ease of use. 

    But for when image quality really matters, productions will always be now reaching for a BMPCC/BMMCC over a GoPro.
    In many many cases 4K is not **NEEDED***. 4K is not needed for nearly all of my work. As AaronChicago just mentioned only a few comments before yours, he is really only using his URSA Mini 4.6K as FHD ProRes HQ and not 4K as that is all that is required for his needs. 

    So yes, would be lovely if the BMPCC had 4K! But it absolutely does not have to be a deal breaker requirement for many of us. 

    As for 60p....  that is solved, we have the BMMCC if a person must have that.
    Needs an external recorder however... if BMD had included that inside the design then it would be a lot bigger and no longer Micro, plus the price would leap up. 

    This is however something I'd like to see! Could likely be sub $3K? With a URSA Micro (even a bit smaller than URSA Mini! But please please add internal NDs) design with a 1" (or 4/3") sensor doing 4K that gets recorded internal. 

    NAB 2017? To ship in 2018! Haha
    I dunno, they would sell a **SHITLOAD** of Canon Rebel series DSLRs (and 60D/70D DSLRs too, only one step up) to people who never buy anything more than the kit lens it came with. Maaaybe a 50mm f1.8 and/or a walk around superzoom as well.

    The people who buy L series glass from Canon are a tiny proportion of that. 

    But yes, if you excluded Rebel DSLR buyers from these figures, then I could agree with you.
    5Dmk4 and 5D C having two very different sensors? Doesn't seem like a Canon thing to do! This seems unlikely to me. 
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    Damphousse reacted to Dave Maze in Canon 1Dc $4,999   
    From Adorama: 
    "We believe that in order to have the best possible online shopping experience, our customers should be 100% satisfied with their purchase. So, if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, just go through our easy self-service return process."
    I wasn't 100% satisfied because within that 30 day window the price of the camera went down $3000. That's reason enough according to them to be able to return it. They ran tests on it and responded to me that everything was fine and they clearly saw my usage of it. They still issued the refund. I don't feel like this was a wrong thing at all. Nothing in their return policy does it say "if used on paid work returns aren't allowed". If anything I would think that that's the best way to decide if your "100% satisfied". To use it in paid work environments since that's the way you're gonna be using it if you decide to keep it. 
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    Damphousse reacted to dahlfors in How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"   
    Don't know about you. But if I'd be going through this, having a mob of people going wild with speculations... doing a skype call with such a mob wouldn't really be in my interest.
    Notice how calm the thread starter (and victim of a scam) has been throughout this thread?
    I think it would be great if Ebrahim Sr and Timotheus would have a calm one-on-one call by themselves to try to figure and possibly sort things out. No need to make this into a reality show. If everything said by Timotheus and Ebrahim Sr is true, they're probably both going through some shitty times.
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    Damphousse reacted to Timotheus in How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"   
    Hi all, OP here. Thanks for the support. Healthy scepticism also always welcome, I know that would be my approach as well.
    This thread is not intended to just burn the seller down, I am not a hateful person and believe revenge is a dish best left unserved. Justice and taking responsibility are a different matter though. I am truly, truly baffled by what happened. Can't get my head around the fact anyone would do this for this amount of money. Whether it's junior (ab)using his shared account or if they're both in the know; both bizarre.
    Exactly because (Senior) Ebrahim's contributions have been so valuable for the forum I was hesitant to put this out, but this couldn't stand. Hopefully this gets sorted out.
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