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    IronFilm reacted to k-robert in Canon XC10 versus Sony RX10 III. The Canon is underrated!   
    I am afraid, most of us here, has never had an XC10 in their hand.
    But we can still exchange views and ideas, that’s the forum about.
    I don’t buy a camera, like my wife chooses a car.
    -Look honey, I want this one, it has such a nice color :-)
    If a camera’s specifications are not good enough, why should I use time to test it???
    For me the XC10 is a monster, clear mistake from product management.
    Not good for photography.
    No RAW. It could be a firmware update but Canon would for sure not do it.
    The lens is so-so
    Weak continuous shooting
    No IR flash-sync
    No autofocus lamp
    Few manual adjustments, everything is in menus
    No B shutter
    Not good enough for professional video work.
    The lens is so-so…
    There is a On/Off ND-filter, but no control over it.
    There is no powerzoom.
    No XLR
    Strange solution for viewfinder
    The bitrate (305 Mbs) is more a sign of bad codec
    Not interesting for the amateurs either.
    Too expensive, especially with the memory cards.
    Too much data to work with
    Probably very high loss of value.
    Too big and strange ergonomics
    Too weak for the competition :-)
    I doubt, the video file of the XC10 is better than the GH4 with the 14-140 kit lens, and the Panasonic is way better for photography. And, don't forget to check the price.
    That is my view on it :-)
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    IronFilm reacted to Miklos Nemeth in Canon XC10 versus Sony RX10 III. The Canon is underrated!   
    Yea, the A5100 has its limitations, definitely: I use it with an Atomos Ninja2: no overheating, no 30 minute recording limit, it has microphone jack and headset jack. The 1080 image quality (no 60p, unfortunately) is excellent with this combo. The A5100 has brilliant accurate/snappy/shimmer-free a touch to focus function because of the 179 PDAF points at least as great as the 70D/80D dual pixel. It's not 4K, but excellent HD combo. I use a Swivi LCD viewfinder with the A5100, not tiltable, though. I wouldn't say my A5100+Atomos combo is better than XC10; but, the XC10 is better only daylight and all for more than double price (let alone the crazy prices of CFast cards). Andrew recently reviewed the Panasonic GX80 with Blackmagic Video Assist 4K, and I found it quite impressive. If I wanted to upgrade, I'd go in that direction, or something like that. Unless, Canon would be so kind to come out with something reasonable in the meantime. No 1" again for me, please, I don't care if it's Canon/Sony/Panasonic/Nikon.
    Yes, but you, Andrew, evaluated that the AF is pathetic, and MF is very hard to use (unusable). How can you focus this camera then?
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    IronFilm reacted to Django in Canon XC10 versus Sony RX10 III. The Canon is underrated!   
    It's funny I've had the opposite reaction towards this camera. Thought it was interesting on paper (4K, 422, decent codec & canon log under $2K had me sold) but in actual use it was a huge let down. Number one issue the lens and specifically the unusable focus ring. I see MF listed in the cons of the review but it can't be stressed enough how shitty it is. It seems Andrew may overcome this issue because he considers the AF to be ace but it isn't DPAF good either imo, and goofy MF is a deal breaker for me. I was also far from blown away by the IQ, but this type of lens just isn't my cup of tea I'm afraid.. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from sanveer in Future Panasonic ILCs, Bridge, Fixed Lens Cameras etc   
    Agreed, full sized HDMI, internal 10bit 422, GH2 sized multi aspect sensor, & XLR-K2M like audio interface rather than a bulky YAGH
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    IronFilm reacted to Dogtown in sony F3 vs A7s   
    Amook,  If you are going to shoot S Log with the F3 you are going to want to record to an external recorder! You need the 10bit and 422 color space to record the S Log picture, if you use the the internal F3 codec which is a 420 compression, when in the S Log mode you will not be getting all the information ( bits and color information ) you need. There is a lot of information on exposing the F3 when shooting S Log, do a search. Here is a basic explanation of the F3 and S Log by Andy Shipsides of Ablecine.
    And here is another post talking about the F3 and S Log on DVX
    Good luck.
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    IronFilm reacted to SR in If you were to design a Canon 5Dc, what specs would it have?   
    Compressed raw, Sony's sensor and Pentax's price. Of course, none of it will happen.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from jgharding in Panavision DXL revealed, an 8K 60fps RAW cinema camera using RED's codec   
    Bet this will go a long way towards further improving RED's reputation on the high end. 
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    IronFilm reacted to BrooklynDan in Panavision DXL revealed, an 8K 60fps RAW cinema camera using RED's codec   
    I feel like this is really gonna light a fire under Arri's belly. They've had a nonchalant attitude thus far toward their competition and have really been patient and unhurried. It's good to be the king, after all. Panavision was Arri's biggest customer, too. Has been for decades. But now that PV has united with Red, it's gonna give Red a new level of legitimacy in the high-end, and productions that might have gone Alexa on principle before will jump on this. Panavision has many, many big DPs on their side. The success of their business model is due to their skill at cultivating relationships. Those relationships are about to pay off.
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    IronFilm reacted to j.f.r. in sony F3 vs A7s   
    SONY F3 is an amazing camera, this video I edited and worked on was shot on Sony F3, love the image imo much better than consumer cameras, it's a pro camera but obviously older now when compared to other Sony pro cameras
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    IronFilm reacted to jax_rox in sony F3 vs A7s   
    I own both and they both have pretty great images. Image-wise, the colours are not dissimilar.  
    Personally, if I'm looking for something quick, 'more run-n-gunney' the A7s is generally my go-to. It's smaller, lighter, gets onto a gimbal significantly easier, and the XAVC-S is super malleable, despite the fact that it's 8-bit. It also is easier to use - my biggest gripe with Sony professional cameras is their menu systems. The F5/55 is improved in that regard, but the F3 sucks for having to dive into menus to do simple things.
    A7s will give you much better high ISO performance, thought the F3 performs pretty well in low-light as well.
    The F3's internal codec is nice, but it really shines when you pair it with a recorder. Once you do, you'll be very happy, especially in Slog2. The images you can get out of the F3 are amazing. If I'm not using a recorder, or don't want the extra weight, or annoyance - the benefits of the F3 over an A7s are diminished IMO. I own the XLR adapter for the A7s, so XLRs isn't really a plus for the F3 for me. The F3 does have internal ND, which is really nice. A7s is full frame, which is also really nice.
    I have a Shogun Flame which I use to get 10-bit 4:2:2 out of the F3, or 4k out of the A7s. It's a pretty neat setup.
    Keep in mind that you can get away with using a cheap tripod with a small DSLR, but a cheap tripod will struggle to hold something like an F3 with a decent lens on it.
    I've shot commercials for television and cinema, and all sorts of other projects with both of them, and with decent lenses on them, they can both give you pretty incredible images. I don't think you'd be disappointed with either camera. 
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    IronFilm reacted to BenEricson in sony F3 vs A7s   
    I love how the F3 image looks. Seems like it has some magic to it, a bit like the pocket but with less hassle. (Internal ND, XLR audio.)
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    IronFilm reacted to richg101 in sony F3 vs A7s   
    imo the xdcam 35mbs files from the f3 are more 'solid' than the higher mbs xavc-s from the a7s.  colour and motion feel right from the f3 too.  s-log was perfectly implemented within the pmw f3, f35 and f65.  usable dr is more on the f3 from what I've seen too.  Love my F3.
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    IronFilm reacted to John_Harrison in sony F3 vs A7s   
    I worked on a short where A7s and F3 footage was intercut, but I was really surprised to see a noticeable difference in quality between the two. This might have just been the grade, but compared to the F3, a7s skintones looked like plastic and the highlight roll-off was not as nice. That being said, the a7s does have it's advantages. It is better in low light, it can do higher frame rates (I think the F3 does 60i?), and it ways a hell of a lot less. 
    Now this might just be my opinion, but I actually prefer the image coming from the F3 over that of the F5. It just seems more natural and more organic. Obviously it's not 4K Raw, but as a final HD deliverable the F3 spits out some really nice images. I think sony was using some kind of magic in their early sensors because the f3 and F35 seem to shoot more filmic footage than their later cameras. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Justin Bacle in sony F3 vs A7s   
    Very good point. (I would still take the F3 to a skate event ;))
    I would definitively get the F3. This thing is a workhorse and you have everything you'll ever need (except 4k but personally I don't want it).
    SDI, XLRs, Fr**king INTEGRATED ND FILTERS !, Build quality, Adaptability.
    The A7s is  a good camera, sure, but it is a still camera.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from mkabi in Panavision DXL revealed, an 8K 60fps RAW cinema camera using RED's codec   
    Bet this will go a long way towards further improving RED's reputation on the high end. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Geoff CB in Panavision DXL revealed, an 8K 60fps RAW cinema camera using RED's codec   
    Bet this will go a long way towards further improving RED's reputation on the high end. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Liszon in Sony FS700... worthwhile investment in 2016?   
    I had a go with your footage - for which I can't thank you enough.
    I am pretty satisfied with what I am seeing here. Well, I only spent a few minutes on it but so far the image feels very similar to my BMPCC.
    That first image with the girl standing in front of the river, I think it's just a matter of a few unfortunate circumstances. When I checked that in 4K the focus seemed off, the highlights were clipping a bit and there's some ghosting around them too. Hard to pull a decent grade on it. Actually it is always hard to work with skin tones if they are in the shadows with a strong back light.
    I found the rest of the shots very agreeable, for example this one I could drag in any directions:

    I intentionally pulled up the luminance on the oranges and yellows, to separate the guy from the background better, but I could have easily made them more contrasty. This one is a good scenario, you have the black asphalt and the blue sky, easy to make the skin tones pop without changing the rest of the shot, unlike the other one with the girl where the colour of the sand/rocks were in a similar range to her skin.
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    IronFilm reacted to BenEricson in Sony FS700... worthwhile investment in 2016?   
    I get what you're saying. The FS700 is really nice to use because of the slow motion, internal ND, XLR, and the 4k. The sony FS7 seems to nail color a lot better and there's some magic cameras like the Sony F3 that just have beautiful color. I use the c300ii at work, the 5D raw for personal stuff, and I just recently picked up a micro cinema camera as well. The only camera I struggle with color wise is the FS700. It doesn't matter how flat the image or how many bits I am supposedly getting...
    The first frame below is 4K FS700, the second is 1080p Black Magic Micro. I just can't get a film look out of the Sony. It always makes skin look too white, and if I warm up the scene, everything gets murky looking.
    I have some 4K footage currently uploading if anyone is interested in grading it, I would love to see your results.
    That being said, the Sony FS700/7Q is not a bad investment. I doubt the value will drop too far below what it is currently. It is probably good for another 4/5 years, which is insane because it's already 4/5 years old.

    Edit: Link to raw footage if anyone wants it. A bunch of 4k/60p in various lighting.
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    IronFilm reacted to AaronChicago in Aputure: the Blackmagic of lighting   
    Ted, any word on availability for the 120t?
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    IronFilm got a reaction from AnthonyWithNoH in 4K 60p C500 Mark II or C300 Mark II Firmware Update   
    You're asking if Canon will release a firmware update which will very significantly increase the video capabilities of one of their products.....  ?? LOL LOL

    We all know the answer to that!!
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    IronFilm reacted to jax_rox in How Do You Record Audio To Your Arri Alexa Mini?   
    You can sync dual system audio using Genlock timecode and/or with a slate.
    I don't know how you'd monitor your internal audio either, unless maybe you use an external monitor or recorder with a headphone jack. Realistically, unmonitorable line-level audio is little more than a good cue/scratch track.
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    IronFilm reacted to Policar in Is the Alexa still king? (Actual question, not an argument)   
    ProRes being edit friendly is key to the Alexa's success on the high end. Look at Sony and Red quickly trying to catch up.
    If you bring in an assistant editor to transcode footage and it takes an extra day to transcode it all, that's $400 at least to hire an ae. Pretty quickly the difference in price between an Amira an F55 become irrelevant. With the Red this is an even slower process.
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    IronFilm reacted to dbp in Is the Alexa still king? (Actual question, not an argument)   
    Always loved this Alexa highlight reel: 
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    IronFilm reacted to M Carter in Matte Box Recommendations?   
    I bought an "indian" one when DSLRs started really taking off, figured I'd eventually replace it. Still use it every week though, guess I got lucky -it was like $250.
    Look for:
    At least two stages & at least one rotates;
    Height adjustable;
    Detachable flags that don't have gaps between the flags and the main hood assembly - and hopefully the front flag stays put when used without the side flags;
    A swing-away front is really handy;
    If you use different sized lenses (DSLR style shooting), I found it's easier to just get screw-on rubber lens hoods to seal the lenses against the matte box opening vs. nun's knickers or swapping out foam donuts. If you use cinema lenses it's not such an issue. (You usually need something though - the first time you get back to your NLE and see the reflections of focus gears in your ND - yeah, that bites!)
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    IronFilm reacted to Zak Forsman in BlackMagic Micro Cinema Update?   
    The Micro, unlike the Pocket, will let you record in "BMD Film" while sending the Rec 709 "Video" signal with increased contrast and saturation over HDMI to your monitor of choice. So no, you do not need a monitor with LUT capabilities.
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