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    The voigt is the only lens i regret selling. It is superb.
  2. Well, seems like the Panasonic LX100 is your way to go!
  3. Since RX100 IV and RX10 II should be very similar, this might help:
  4. Thats right. This table sums it up.
  5. I really dont want to chime in into this "Canon looks filmic" blabla, and I dont know what / if you did in post processing, but boy, this image looks so pleasant to me. Had the 35 2.0 myself on the A7s and it is really a nice lens. Andrew doesnt recommend it in his lens guide without a reason. This combo seems to sing!
  6. Great post! Couple of questions: which monopod are you using in that setup? About the invert mode, can you do that while filming or does it go nuts then? E.g. can i start it in inverted mode, hold it out of the window of a car getting the low profile shot, bring it up and invert it back to normal mode while shooting? Or does it look like shit then?
  7. I am also in the market for a compact monopod to mount sth like a Beholder MS1 on it in order to be able to have a lowcost jib. I saw a video here of someone who did it, but cant find it anymore Anyways, any recommendation what kind of monopod i should choose so that it is able to carry a gimbal including my rx100 iv so that it not breaks/bends when using it fully extended?
  8. I think the reason why no one replies is twofold: 1. you seem to know already what you need, so why bothering? 2. there are quite some similiar topics arround from the last days, see: No offense!
  9. After watching a couple of reviews of both the Pilotfly H2 and Beholder M/DS1 - what is it exactly that makes the H2 better other than the increased payload? Am i missing sth?
  10. For an ND you mean? All variable ones i found seem all to have some issues...
  11. Good one. However I have never operated such a thing... Did technology advance in such a way that you basically can throw them in the air and they follow you, maybe based on gps or whatever? I need to research that.
  12. Thanks for all your responses. I think will stick with to my rx100 iv despite not being able to control DoF as much as on APS-C yet alone FF. Instead I am thinking about a small gimbal which should complement walking scenes and hikes. will see
  13. more than one? Would you mind sharing?
  14. Looks good, but stil you got those slight vertical bounces (watch the fence at 1:27)
  15. you can go slow mo at the expense of resolution and stretching video in post, see here.
  16. Good ones! I need to check whether i will have some power on each night, because if not that kind of rules the whole RAW thing out... imagine being not able to free up the cards.. Indeed another factor is that the 5D also takes images, which the BMPCC does not (other than caps). I will for sure bring the RX100 anyway, be it just as backup since it weights nothing. Thats indeed another interesting thought, going down the 4K route. Maybe something like the GH4 or NX1 wouldnt be so bad choices after all.. Seems valid, but for my purposes this is a bit of an overkill, I am doing this just in my spare time, it is not something I make a living of. This. Probably you guys are right. In the end, the primary goal is the trip, not the film. Maybe i need to reconsider...
  17. First of all, i am more of the run&gun lx100 / rx100 type of shooter and i am happy with that. BUT: over the next 5 years i am planning trips that i would call once-in-a-lifetime trips - the first one this year will bring me to Peru, doing a backpacking trip with my brother. Now, my aim is to capture the best quality that i can get without carrying enormous amount of gear. I am a frequent reader here and therefore I regularly see those awesome 5d Mark III Raw clips and now I am asking myself whether I should take this step and invest in something like that, e.g. a 5D Mark II(I) or something like a BMPCC - just in order to be able to capture those moments in the best quality i can get in a decent travelish package. I have no hurry at all in post-processing, at the same time I am not a colorgrading expert. Still, the 5D seems to deliver quite stunning quality without putting as much effort in something like slog2 to get it right. I love my RX100 IV, but I would like to have sth with nice colours, (very) good DR and some nice control over DoF. My aim would to create stuff like this (less the grade, more the overall clip): It should not be a replacement for my RX100 but more a (hopefully) long-term investment that complements it - so a more shallow DoF, better DR, ... - you name it. I know that I need for both the 5D and the BMPCC quite some accessoires, be it tons of batteries or tons of CF cards, but as i said i would treat it as a longterm investment, that gives me a good backup within the next years (well, until the GAS strikes back of course). What do you guys think? Is this just "too much"? Any suggestions or similar situations / way of thinkings?
  18. I dont want to stress the topic, but the video caption clearly says 105mm, whereas later on it is labeled with 315mm - so i assumed that the first shot really was at 105mm. anyways, since IS was not activated, my question is answered.
  19. Well, if i got your video caption right, arround 0:20 you are at 105mm and not at 315mm. However i get it: at 0:20 IS was not activated, right? That makes sense then.
  20. Maybe i overread it, but the shots arround 0:20 are very shaky, like earthquake shaky :D Any idea why is that?
  21. Looking awesome! Which lens did you use?
  22. To be honest, this thingy looks particular awesome. If it would just have a screen or evf... There is not something like a small dedicated evf that you mount on the hotshoe that is fed by hdmi?
  23. Looks great! How close can you get without the diopter?
  24. As promised, nothing special. Still, i am quite pleased with the Sony colors, til yet!
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