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  1. According to Andrew's review this works, yes.
  2. I would love the second one to be the GX85. The third one has these warmer colors which looks familiar to your 5D MK3 raw footage, so thats my guess.
  3. He is definitely not the only one... count me in. It would be freaking awesome if we could turn this into a collaboration film project, something like a movie produced by EOSHD members. Really, this could be a hit.
  4. Based on your guys highly valuable comments, here is another series. This time i compared STD -5/-5/-5/-5 with STD -5/-5/-5/0 to see how the image looks like with a "neutral" saturation. Lets start with the OOC shots (4K 25p): STD -5/-5/-5/-5 STD -5/-5/-5/0 And here is my grade: STD -5/-5/-5/-5 STD -5/-5/-5/0 My conclusions: I had to lower the saturation by 25% for STD -5/-5/-5/0 to avoid turning my skin orange. After that, both shots look pretty similar. The -5/-5/-5/-5 is a tad darker and the -5/-5/-5/0 offers more detail in the shadows, yet has a bit more noise (although not unpleasing). If wanted i can supply the video files as well.
  5. things are going totally wrong here.. No way that this was his intension!
  6. As bad as this is, in my opinion you should hold a bit back @Ed_David. I get the feeling we get back to medieval age when I read that we should "embarass him" and "destroy his reputation", especially since I get this dejavu with Philip Bloom.
  7. Wow, that facebook post left me speechless.
  8. @Kamil Sarnowski: if i compare my skin right now with your shots, your first one is most accurate, it keeps a good balance between color and saturation. This is my quick grade. It might be a tad on the darkside, but sun was already quite low, shining on me from the side angle.
  9. after running around with the GX80 and the voigtländer 25, i have collected so much material i will be busy with editing it for weeks In my opinion, the GX80 is not too small for it, at least for me. The more I shoot with this combo, the less I get why I ever abandoned it... Std -5/-5/-5/-5 with WB cloudy preset (A3G3) & Tiffen Ultra Contrast. ooc.
  10. This time it is the Panasonic 20mm paired with the obvious tiffen ultra contrast filter.
  11. Kudos to @Inazuma for suggesting the wb adjustment with A3G3 and to @John Matthews for using cloudy and tungsten preset - really works nice for run&gun since it is easy and good! all still ooc since i am not home yet.
  12. Is there any was to have AF and MF at the same time other than switching to MF mode and set the AE/AF lock button to "AF-ON"? Something like S-AF/MF on olympus cams? i would like to use spot AF but this not possible with the above mentioned lock button setup..
  13. Not really @Inazuma. I had the Oly 12mm 2.0 and as soon as you use the clutch focus, the lens will "jump" as soon as you get to one of the distance markers.. at least this lens is even worse for a smooth focus pull.
  14. Yes, i meant EF-mount compatible. As far as i know there is no any other mount for which an AF-compatible focal reducer or adapter exists(?) I know that AF is not comparable to native lenses nor that dual IS works, but i just hate fly by wire lenses, i have never found one that gave me the ability to smoothly do a focus pull as on a manual lens (or on a canon ef lens). Which native m43 lenses have a good manual focus feel according to your opinion?
  15. The only way to get a AF lens that is NOT fly-by-wire on the GX80 would be a Canon EF lens with a focal reducer, that has electronical contacts like the metabones speed booster, right? There is no native m43 lens that is not fly-by-wire and there is no other system with AF lenses that can be adapted on m43, is there?
  16. the image is just spellbinding. wow.
  17. Nice write-up. To be honest, I actually quite like the blown out window arround 0:30 - looks natural to me.
  18. Good to know, will try this as well. I second your findings about KD P400 Ptra including grain at 0 - thats exactly the setting I used for the shots i showed one page before.
  19. jase


    Anyone ever used the Canon EF 28 1.8? I know it gets kinda bad reviews and there is the sigma 30 1.4, but the canon has the much shorter MFD. I was wondering whether the softness of this lens might not work in favor for us video guys.
  20. Will do a comparison this weekend and show you the results. Those shots are not OOC; i applied filmconvert and then adjusted the lows and highs as well as correcting for skin tones, although i am not 100% satisfied with the first shot of my brother... it was just a quick grade which still needs a bit of tweaking. awesome you joined the voigtländer club
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